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Hope Isn't Lost.

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Hazel is still having some... bad luck.

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A/n: 'Sup, mofos? I'm back. Long story, short, I was having family issues and escaped to my dad's house, leaving everything I owned at my mother's house. Conflict sucks. I will be updating a lot soon. And I have some new stories for you all. Be prepared.

It had been four days since Cole had kidnapped me. Gerard still could not find out where I was.

As for me, I had been beaten and broken. Along with my two fingers, My ankle or the lower area of my left leg had been snapped. Cole had punched me in the face several times. My nose was probably broken. My eyes were so swollen, I could barely keep them open. Even in the dim light of the small room, I could see bruises starting to form on my arms.

I leaned against the brick wall, I had just been hit repeatedly. Blood was flowing from my nose and into my mouth. It mixed with the blood that was seeping out of my busted lips. I spat on the ground and looked up at Cole and Nelly.

“It’s all most over for you, mortal.” Cole sneered.

“Soon, we will be ready to tell Gerard where you are, so he can watch you die.” She let out a shrill cackle.

“You-” I coughed slightly on my blood. “You won’t get away with anything.”

They merely laughed at my remark and slammed the door shut.

‘Gerard?’ I called in my mind.

‘How badly hurt are you?’

‘I think my lip is busted open, and my nose is bloody.’

He let out a growl. ‘I’m coming to get you.’

‘How?’ I was shocked, it was the first time he had said anything like that.

‘I found out where you are. Just during that last beating of yours.’

‘Where well the hell am I?’

‘You are in an old, abandoned house about forty-five minutes away from my house. Cole must have covered the smell of your blood, he didn’t do a very good job at it. It’s wearing off. We are getting in the cars now. We will be there soon, I promise.’

‘Hurry.’ I told him.

The door came flying open.

“Hazel, my dear.” Cole grinned, slowing making his way towards me. “Did you have a lovely beating.”

“It was fucking great. Get the hell away from me, you ass hat.” I glared at him, wanting him to get closer to me.

“Do you talk to Gerard like that?” He asked, sounding angered. He was next to me instantly, pulling back my hair and staring me in the face.

“Why would I?” I growled. I used my unchained hand to slowly reach into the pocket of his jacket. I felt what I was aiming for, and slowly pulled it out.

“You know?” He turned my head to the side, exposing my neck. “With you all chained up like this, I could easily turn you into a vampire."

I held my breath. The warning Gerard had given me bussed around in my head.

“But, why would I do that?” He let go of me. I automatically let out a sigh of relief. “I want to kill you, not make you immortal.”

“I will get out of here without you killing me.” I whispered to him harshly. “I promise you that.”

“You are silly, girl!” He let out a laugh that sent shivers up and down my spine. “That Gerard, always telling his lies.”

“Gerard is not a liar, you scum!” I swung my fist at him, only to have the chain stop me a few inches away from his face.

“Oh, the things that you don’t know.” He grinned.

“The only liar here is you.”

“Time will tell, dear.” He pushed my head out of his hands then, walked out of the room, shutting the door behing me.

I didn’t respond to him, I drew my attention to the object I was gripping in my hand.
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