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What Happens After Class

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A very short Frerard series. About 3 parts. Frank's teacher is a bad, bad man. Expect smutty school behavior. That is all class. Another A/U version to be posted

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(This will be removed from each part once it is done and dusted. Now get back to work. You are reading the perverted version - more xplicit and less 2 way lovin' but still extra tasty.)

Frank stared out the windows, mulling various thoughts over in his head. Not a single thought about the work he was supposed to be doing, but technically still to do with school. It was his teacher, and he was terrified of him but at the same time utterly intrigued by. Mr Way was his classes English teahcer and he struck fear into every pupils heart for his strange outburts between joyous praise. Way was fair, very fair and a good teacher too and most people soon got used to him but it was clear to see many were on edge still as to wheather he'd have another outburts in class. He was only about 29 but knew his opinions and was not afraid to exercise them and he even made it out like he was a god.

"Now, my lovely new class, we're going to write and essay on Romeo and Juliet. Here's the question. I expect it in for this Friday." Gerard handed out the papers to his suddenly let down class and the Frank of eight months ago sighed unhappily, uttering an "Oh God, here we go."
"Ah, you can just call me Mr Way, Frank Iero." Gerard appraoched him, grinnig from ear to ear. From that moment on, Frank got tamer and tamer in English thanks to the new teacher. Tamer until he becmae the polar opposite, quiet and unsure of himself despite all the praise. Gewrard just confused him, in too many ways to mention.

For someone so detested, Frank could not get him off his mind. Even after all the warnings and detentions Mr Way had given him, Frank could never stop pondering over him. And Frank found he was more interesed in Mr Way than he cared to admit. It was wrong, so wrong to even think about liking a teacher, so Frank dealt with English lessons by staring out the window, praying he'd not get accused of doing something wrong, where he'd have to stay after school. Frank dreaded the day he'd have to face Mr Way in detention totally alone. His eyes all over him, making Frank feel even more dirty and insignificant. Sure Frank once or twice thought a little too fondly of Way, but ultimately, it seemed to him that it was just a trust gone too far.

After all, Frank was the only one in class that Mr Way would ever single out anymore. Frank knew Way didn't hate him, he had been told so much that he was being cared for, a sort of 'tough-love' if you like, and he knew that behind all of Gerard's quiet jeers and snarls at him, Frank was his star pupil, day in, day out. Which was odd, seeing as he didn't try too hard in English. Still, it was always nice to get consistent A's for once.

No matter how hard Frank would try to hide, those hazel eyes would always lock onto his before that sweet, toxic voice beckoned him to the front for some demonstration.

"Frank, how about you read us out your poetry?"
"Frank Iero! Detention! Don't you ever do that again, you hear me?"

Unluckily for Frank, he was staring out the window on the wrong day, and Gerard Way proudly awarded him a 3 hour detention. Gerard knew exactly what he was going to do after school, and incidentally, knew exactly how many people would be in school 2 hours after it's closure. Two.
Gerard had longed for that day for so as long as he set his heart on that Frank Iero, and it was not going to be ruined by people walking in.

Frank felt a shiver down his spine as Gerard loomed over him after he told him his punishment.
"Three hours, Mr Way?" Frank pretended to be looking at his teahcer's face out of respect. He was worried as to what might happen later but something inside him was happy to have hopefully some nicer attention too. It was rewarding when Gerard treated him more equally. It was something to work for. A tiny flame of hope that burned in the pitch black doubt. But Frank was still intimidated by the fact that Gerard would focus in on him so often.

"Yes, and if you argue I can extend it to however long I wish. M'kay?" Gerard nodded happily.
"But I have to go home early and -"
Gerard laughed softly, a genuine smile spreading across his pale features. Frank stared up. It was a kind laugh, a happy one for once.
"Don't worry Frank. You'll get home. Now, get to your work before I make an extension." He spoke patronisingly and sweetly, tapping the dest with his palm before going to observe the rest of his class.

Frank cautiously peered at his tehacer as he leant on the edge of his desk at the front. His dark hair pushed out of his face and trimmed just so it wouldn't touch his shoulder. Those rich eyes slid to meet Frank's, catching them for a long suspended moment. Gerard didn't have his head turned to face Frank, his eyes just sstared at him. Gerard dark eyebrows lowered, making Frank unable to look away or even pretend he hadn't been looking in the first place. This was one of those moments where... where he'd just look and... Draw Frank in.

Gerard broke off cruelly and went back to looking over an old paper, tutting to himself.
"Oh dear Frank, are you that desparate for another half hour or are you just basking in my glory?" He chuckled, grinning. The words he spoke radiated the opposite feelings the stares did.

"No! I'm fine sir." Frank muttered, startled by Gerard's sudden change in tone. That smug smile of his enraged Frank, so badly. That little smile was the one that got him every time. Gerard knew it did and no matter how badly it pissed Frank off, he couldn't help but mirror it back as he turned to look out the window once more.

Before class drew to a close, Gerard ambled his way back to Frank's desk. Everyone knew where he was headed long before he got there though.
Gerard tried to think up some suitable words to put in before Frank left and ended up standing by his desk. His position was unquestioned as he stood there, motionless, one hand on Frank's desk as he leant and stared into the boy's frightened eyes. Frank was tiny. Tiny was good.

Frank didn't even look up as Gerard stood there in his little pose, hand resting on his hip, biting his lip, unalbe to hold back his desires for much longer. Frank was so very submissive. Gerard had him trained so well too. Groomed even in some aspects.

"See you after school, Frankie-boy." Frank's head snapped up at the odd name-calling and the loud school bell went off, signalling a change in classes. Frank stared at Gerard, not even moving to pack up his schoolwork and caught a sly, cheeky little wink from him. Gerard waved and turned around to leave the classroom as well.
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