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It's only us, it's only me

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Frank was sweating, and that was before Mr Way even turned up to take detention.

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Frank had been feeling sick all the way through his last class of the day, he wanted to just get out of school, get away from his grinning English teahcer and have to get that tricky subkect off his mind altogether. He left for his English room after the final school bell went off, dreading every step and counting everyone who went along the same corridor, eager to see if anyone was going to detention too. The cold corridors did nothing to comfort Frank as he made his painfully long way to his yet more painful detention period.

Frank took his normal seat for English near the back at the window, relieved if only the slightest bit, that the teahcer wasn't there yet. He was more interested who esle would be there though, so he wouldn't have to spend 3 hours with his self professed 'biggest fan'. Frank was especailly wound up this time from the comment Gerard dropped just before he left English earlier that day, accompained by that wink. It creeped him out, even made him shiver.
Gerard was up to something. Extra work perhaps? Even more excruciating tasks lined up? Perhpas some heavy admin work or a complimentary essay. The ideas in Frank's mind were endless.

He was sweating 10 minutes into his so far silent detention. Nobody else had turned up. Yep, it looked like he was the only one there. Gerard knew the time, he knew where he was meant to be but he wanted to make Frank that little worked up by time he turned up. As each mintue went by, Frank got more and more agitated.

At last, Gerard calmy strode into the dark room, holdall around one shoulder that contained dreadful things, neatly arranged into an innocent facade. Frank looked up, afraid to catch Gerard's attention at first. As much as his once occassional fantasies excited and thrilled him, the thought of being in a one to one situation scared him deeply.

"Hello Frankie." Gerard called out, not even bothering to look up from sorting out his bag that he dumped on his desk.
"Hi." Frank murmured. Again, 'Frankie'...

"Well... Sit at the front, won't you? It's terribly hard to hear your voice from back there."

Frank didn't move at first, unsure if Gerard was being totall serious. His sing-song tone was not uncommonly used but this time it sounded less held back, giving an even more obscure effect.

"Frank! Get over here, now." Gerard demanded once more, barking the order though with a soft edge to it, still rooting around in his holdall. Frank got up promptly, cradling his pencil case in his arms as he dragged his heavy schoolbag to a desk in the center of the front row. He took his seat, unsure of what Gerard wanted him to do next, waiting with his hands clutching his knees to stop him bouncing his foot - a bad habit he carried from an early age.

"Good boy." Gerard muttered, pulling out a thick wad of pages from his bag, giving them a quick glance before slamming them down in front of Frank. It was a mix of old physics, trigonometry and of course, english sheets. Frank's eyes grew wide as he took in the sheer amount of paper he'd been given.

Gerard slinked up to Frank's desk, grinning, as Frank leafed through the pages, a look of utter disbelief in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" Gerard go hold of either side of Frank's desk, leaning over dangerously close, so close he could smell the faint scent of him, as if he were trying to interrogate Frank. Gerard rocked himself forward, he would have nudged Frank's head if he hadn't subtly got out the way with a slight gesture. "A little much?" Gerard laughed, stepping back only to stop himself going too far on the boy too early. He wanted to watch him work away for a while before the real fun started. he had it all planned, he had fantasied so long and tonight was not going to go wrong, not a single hitch. Every inch less between them excited Gerard that bit further, made him that little bit more viciously frenzied.

Gerard was hopeless really, he could feel that familiar bulge letting itself be noticed in his pants, sqeezing his work suit that little bit tighter. It was painfully obvious too as he stepped away and he didn't hide it either - Gerard wanted Frank to see it along with his smug smile.

The date was perfect, the timings were perfect, hell, he picked that very date as it was faculty meeting out of the school. He was going to be the only other person in the building apart from Frank after school finished. Mr Way had even been trusted with the electrics key and keys to lock up afterwards. Too perfect really. Sickly sweet.

Frank took a deep sigh, watching Gerard cautiously before he took out a pencil to get started. It was bad enough having detention, bad enough it being hosted by Mr Way alone but worse still was the sheer amount of work he was going to have to do. The dodgy lighting combined with the Winter darkness outside didn't help either, it kept making him think it was really late. Frank kept a steady eye on Gerard, especially with his odd behaviour that was unnerving him further. His almost popped out thier sockets when he had seen Mr Way back off with what could have been nothing else but a hard-on. Frank shook his head, shrugging the possible meanings out of his head, telling himself it wasn't for any devious reasons. He knew different but really, he was in such a state of trust and denial. He had to trust Gerard, going back to hating him would make life all that bit more complicated again.

Gerard watched him eagerly, standing right in front of Frank as he worked, his eyes were blazing with joyous glee knowing how fun it was going to be. After twnety minutes Frank allowed himself to stop, dropping his pencil in defeat, turning the paper over. It wasn't easy work either, the three subjects mixed in was both confusing and tiring. It hurt the eyes to sweep over the vast amounts of numbers and letters, it was hard to take it all in.

Gerard pretty much leaped at this chance, drawing close yet again. This time he walked around to the side of the desk and parked himself in the middle of Frank's way, sitting on top of the work Frank had only just stopped doing. He smiled and let out an odd, high giggle as Frank did nothing to stop him. Gerard held onto the sides tightly, so very tempted to reach out and touch the fifteen, (or was it sixteen, even seventeen now?) year old's cheek.

"Frankie, you can stop working now. There's other things you can be doing instead." Gerard caluclulated that just about everyone should be out of the school building by then.
Frank looked up to meet Gerard's acid-sweet expression, his smile gleaming and his eyes were just as enthusiatic. The scary thing was though that it looked more evil than comical or welcoming. This was working Frank up, he was starting to panic a little, though sat tight in his seat, afraid that it was all in his head yet again.

"What do I have to do then?" Frank stared up, now scared to break thier stares.
"Just wait, I'll get you something to do." Gerard got up quickly to retreive his large holdall, dumping it on the desk beside them before taking up his seat again, closer this time. Gerard dragged the desk over to himself as well so he could reach into it easily. It did not contain any schoolwork whatsoever, only instruments to experiment and play with. Play makes it sound too innocent though. More like torture.

Gerard smiled innocently and got closer than any teacher should, shuffling so close to Frank he practically had his hip to Frank's shoulder. He absentmindedly patted Frank's hair, feeling his slight trembling echoing through his fingertips. It filled Gerard with such delight that Frank was staying put, being such a good boy. Way truly had him it seemed. Frank was really scared now, this was nothing normal in any way. He was still to scared to do anything though. It would prove not just embarassing if he forced Mr Way away to find it wasn't anything as disgustingly fucked up as he thought.

Gerard suddenly swung a leg over the table, almost straddling Frank and stopping Frank's head from turning away by holding him firmly in place. Frank squirmed angrily, cussing and clawing out but Gerard held him still.
"Mister Way! G-get off me!! You freak!" Frank yelled, kicking wildly in his desparate attempts to get away.
"Oh shhh Frankie, what're you on about? Nothing wrong with this." Gerard grinned from ear to ear, removing a hand to test how Frank might react. As anticipated he started trying to shove Gerard away, to no previal of course. Gerard undid the zipper on his trousers, not caring if he was subtle or not anymore, this was the start of a long long detention for the both of them.

Frank shut up as soon as he noticed what Gerard was doing, froze up as one of his deepest, most pondered upon, thought about fears were realised right in front of him. Gerard pulled up one of his legs, then the other to kneel on the desk, undoing his button now, holding Frank down with one hand still.

"What... What... Mister Way...!" Frank stuttered, desparately trying to get away from the terrifying teacher who was seemingly undresing right in his lap. He was petrified though, stuck where he was, struggling to give motion to his lifeless limbs. Gerard pulled down his undone trousers just enough so it bore his bulging boxer shorts right in Frank's face. How Frank stared as well, pained tears welling up. He was too scared to move, bewitched and terrified, half calculating what to do, half dormant and completely shut down from the sudden shock of what was happening to him.

Gerard whined prematurely, just looking down at Frank in such a state was making him go wild. He had waited so long for that day, fantasised but never had he really understood how good it would feel just to sit there, crotch mere inches from the sweet boy. Gerard increased the force he was using on his hand, pushing Frank up to touch the material of his boxer shorts with his nose. The boy flailed hopelessly, protesting madly and fiercly trying to fight the older man off but to no previal. Gerard worked a finger into Frank's mouth, jamming it between his jaws and working another in to tease out his dry tongue. Gerard pulled at Frank's hair, dragging Frank's tongue across his boxers a few times until he rook out his fingers, now wet and indented from sharp teeth.

Frank screamed with all the air his lungs could suck in as he felt Gerard undo the smaller buttons on the front of his underwear, the warm skin burning away at his innocence as it made contact with his cheek and nose. "Fuck! Help! Get off me!" Frank sobbed through angry outbursts as he was pushed harder onto one of the few adults he was supposed to trust.
Though opening his mouth only left him more vulnerable, Frank only yelled louder and with more desparation as Gerard forced Frank's head onto his cock, jolted out of frozen fear and cast into an inferno of all out terror.

"Open wide, Frankie. Suck on it!" Gerard moaned, using all his weight against him, tipping Frank's head up, holding him still at long last so his lips were just touching the tip of his cock, hauling him up as he was so short. Gerard smiled down at Frank, sweat gathering on both of thier brows, sharing a sickly moment of silent pleas before thrusting himself into Frank's mouth. Frank flinched as he felt two strong hands pull down his jaw and gave in, letting himself be violated, seeing no other option. Tears streamed down his face as he heard his teacher moan in between wild curses and angry remarks, thowing his head back and jerking his hips forward in awkward, uncontrolled actions. Gerard tried best not to let too much sound escape his pained lips but it was getting too much, the boy's mouth was so small it seemed and it felt so good to fill it.

Frank's writhing calmed as he shakily accepted his fate. There was no way to ignore it, no way to escape from it, physically and in his head. Every inch of his body seemed to burn painully from shame, horror and disgust. It was painful and degrading on so many levels though he had no idea of what was to come from the tormented teacher. Gerard's plans were firmly rooted in his head, as firm as they had been that morning when he packed the bag. As firm as they had been days ago, months ago when they first spawned. Gerard had the stage directions for his final act thuroughly thought out, he knew where he'd take the boy next and what they'd do, and with what. It was crucial he remembered it, through the instense pleasure of it all, besides, it's not the type of thing he'd get to do again. Unless he ... No Gerard had to focus. Directions, ready. Go.

Gerard was just there, that familiar though amplified feeling building up inside until he could take it no more, letting out a gutteral growl as he came in his mouth with an unexpected force. Frank yelped, a muffled cry only just escaping his frozen lips as Gerard's load hit the back of the throat, setting off his delicate gag-reflex off once more. Tears streamed yet again as he felt it trickle down like acid, suprised and disappointed that he wasn't sick from it. He felt he was at his limit already. So early. They had only just started.

Frank's jaw didn't snap shut when Gerard pulled out, it merely hung open in shock and from a dull ache. Frank could barely see Gerard properly from the chair, unable to move or wipe his eyes. There was nothing he could do but try to beg with his thoughts and devastated facial expression. Mr Way beamed down, fully expecting such a response from the young boy and didn't bother doing up his trousers again, they were going to have to come off anyway a little later. He reached into the bag by his side and pulled out a long, ribbed, yellow-ish object. It was about ten, eleven inches long and solid in Gerard's firm hold. Frank's eyes suddenly grew wide once more, snapped back into reality as he realised that Gerard wasn't quite finished with him.

It was a vibrator. Frank tried to think of a repsonse but by time he had started to kick and fight once more, his head had been slammed down hard onto the desk, the chair swept away from underneath him so he was leaning over it and in a very, very vulnerable position. That, obviously, being the point.
"Get off me! Stop! What're.." Frank screamed, unable to twist his head around to see fully what was going on. Gerard held his head firmly down on the desk, facing out the windows and the dark outside. Gerard took Frank's wrists and to stop him in his flailing simply, lovingly, pressed his hips into the boys ass to remind him who had the control. Frank shut up as soon as Gerard did so, closing his eyes in a desparate attempt to try and stop himself anticipating waht would happen next. He knew what he was going to get and for him, he'd rather not know how close Gerard was to doing it. It would still hurt the same, still no doubt make him want to throw up and scream.

Gerard secured Frank's hands behind his back with what felt like handcuffs. How'd he get a hold of them? It must've been, the way they clicked and slid into a lock around the boys slim wrist was unlike anything he had known, it was unmistakable. Frank's short, wild pants got faster as Gerard gently ptried the boys legs open with soft, light hands. He was practically salivating now. It was all going to plan, so smoothly. With a quick movement, Mr Way shoved down Frank's jeans at which he started to kick out again, cursing wildly as if brought back to reality.
"No, God, Mister Way.... Stop! I'll do aynthing just..." Frank was sobbing onto the dirty desk, grinding his forehead against it in anguish and torment as Gerard ignored his pleas, yanking down his underwear with an almost robotic movement.
"I'll make you love it, Frankie. You have to. After all, I'm your teacher." A sly grin crept once more onto Gerard's face as he applied some scented lubrication to the phallic object in his right hand. "I'll make you cling to me, I'll destroy you inside but leave your pretty face intact." Gerard was almost talking to himself, the words tripping off his tongue with a deadly poetic impact. Frank didn't want to listen but there was no noise in the room apart from his breaths and the older man's quiet words.
"Now, take a little breaht after three, Frankie."
"No!" Frank screeched, struggling against the desk, flailing wildly in panic.
"Three...." Gerard traced a finger down Frank's bear back and ass, using a hand to hold one leg to the side so he had a better acess and angle. Frank couldn't get him off, he was suprisingly strong.
"Two..." Frank screamed out in horror as Gerard plunged the vibrator right up in him without even finishing his countdown. He only got about an inch in, only the very tip had slid in but it was still so painful to be violated so suddenly. "Oh, and I might lie to you too." Gerard added as an afterthought, struggling to stop himself plunging it further in. No, he had to stay composed and go slower, let him feel every inch.
"Fuck! Fuck -" Frank's screams continued and only heightened as Gerard silently pushed the device in further, antagonisingly slow. Tears were already staining the desk from his humiliation, his fear and pain. He couldn't take much more of it, it felt so far up inside him yet he knew without looking it wasn't over yet. "Ah, please..." Frank wept, still trying to stop reducing himself further into an even worse mess than he already was.

He choked out a twitsted sigh when finally Gerard stopped pushing though he could feel him still holding onto it with a hand that seemed to shake slightly. Frank's eyes slid shut, only to be bolted wide open once more when Gerard pressed the button on the end to turn it on. It wasn't pleasureable in any way, surely. He was being violated forcefully and painfully, even the vibrator's buzzing seemed violent, almost making Frank's teeth chatter.
Frank wailed uncontrollably, the new sensation though interesting was dominatingly alien, sending his legs into spasms.
Gerard simply laughed at the reaction and let the boy lean back for a second though sure to keep a firm grasp on him. He slammed Frank back forward, setting off yet more cursing intermingled with cries and sobbing. It didn't take much brains to notice that Frank's cock was, oddly, hardened by this treatment. It was clear that slamming him forward had it trapped between his stomach and the desk in yet more pleasureable pain.
"Why Frank, if you hate it so much, why's your little dick getting so hard over it?" Gerard chided, starting to move the vibrator up and down a little.
Frank growled in reply, unable to open his mouth to make anything resemblign any kind of answer or comeback. He wasn't enjoying it, he really wasn't Frank ignored the fact the vibrations actually felt better than they had five minutes ago. Frank refused to admit to himelf of the situation was pleasureable, that would be the end for him if he just gave in. Like filthy whore.

"Hm?" Gerard pushed in one last time, as deep as he could go and angling up so he should hit the boys prostate.
"Ah!" Frank yelled at this unexpected sensation, another spasm jolting down his spine. He felt like he was about to come, and it made him more than ashamed and frustrated. "No I don't!" Frank denied, gritting his teeth hard to try and divert his thoughts away form the impending orgasm being brought on by Gerard simply leaving the vibrator snug on his prostate. Frank let out whimpers, gently sobbing as he felt his body react to this, moaning half in involunary pleasure and half in complete shame. Gerard easily picked up on this, knew just what that moan signified, just what it meant with the boys now shaking, quiverying, energy-drained legs simply hanging limp like that.
Frank was left shuddering as Gerard slowly drew the vibrator out of his body after what seemed like hours instead of the minutes it really took. Frank stared wide-eyed out of the classroom windows, his ribs aching from the way he had collapsed on the desk. He was petrified into that position though, the only thing he was sure of was that staying still would perhaps be rewarded with a little less pain instead of futile efforts to hurt of break free.

"You're tired out, Frankie?" Gerard asked, putting on an almost childish tone, echoeing innocence, "But honey, we've only just begun!" Gerard put the vibrator back in the bag, not caring to wipe it beforehand and stroked down Frank's back and bare ass yet again.
Frankie. He hated being called that by him. He had no right, he was just taking him for his own. He wasn't ever going to accept it, Frank vowed it to himself. He was never going to give himself to this man, this pervert. This sick, twisted freak. No matter what his body did, Frank refused to give in. "Why aren't you replying anymore? Did I wash out all that shit in your throat or something? Reply, Iero!" Gerard dug his nails into Frank's flesh in anger.

"Just stop, leave me alone..." Frank whimpered, still shell-shocked at what he had gone through so far. There was more? How could there be... Oh god... Of dear God no, he didn't mean that... Frank groaned, tucking his head further back into his body in an attempt to hide at the thought of what more Mr Way had planned. It was all so sick, he had obivously had this thought out for a while. Just the way he airily handed out that detetion, it wan't unlike Mr Way but it was getting ridiculous. He'd once been given a detention for sneezing and Frank was barely given any work to do after school either. It was almost worse that way, Frank had to make sure to keep his eyes on the work he'd been given and was even unsure about drawing on it.

Gerard let out a snort, a silent 'as if' almost.
"You've got a ways to go yet, and we're not even past the halfway mark. Not even out of point-zero-zero-one of this is over yet, so you better stay focussed. You know how I like my students: responsive, polite and obedient otherwise... Well..." Gerard trailed off as if continuing the little comparison in his head, already back to virtually licking his lips at those thoughts again, despite the real-deal being presented in front of him. It was all he had wanted for so long, and he was finally in his possesion. He was tempted, sorely tempted now to take it further after he was done in that classroom. They'd both have to wait though to fine out plans for 'later on' as Mr Way had a very fickle mind, though when decisions were made they were kept strictly kept to.

Though in that moment, with the young lad spread right in front of him, Gerard knew what was going to happen next and the element of suprise was still of use, to some extent, thanks to what he had packed in that holdall with him.
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