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A Lesson You Deserve

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The real fun starts here, well, for Gerard at least. Everyone please note the warnings on the whole of this story before reading unprepared :3

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Sorry for the lack up updates, shits being going down including some ivycutters cutting out internet cable. Good one guys, good one.

In the short break Frank had after Gerard making another threatening speech that would likely be lived up to, he simply took some breaths in the hope to somewhat calm himself down, or at least draw some cool air into his lungs. He was still shocked too, though he knew what had to be coming next. Frank wasn't sure what he dreaded most: knowing he couldn't stop it or the fact he was going to be violated further in the first place. Just the thought of that intimate skin on skin contact once more would have been enough to make young Frank gag. All that trust he had been forced to believe, was it all just leading up to this? All along, Gerard had intended to do this?
Frank's mind was already to tired to process much anymore, he wished he could just shut down, black out, even just not be awake when the inevitable was brought upon him. Once more he wanted to try and beg, the words getting stuck in his now tainted, dry throat.

"Mister... Gerard..." Frank started, knowing he would likely only prolong the time between his lying on the desk and being fucked up the ass.
"Mister Way!" The teacher fiercely corrected.
"Mister Way, please, don't do this. I'll do anything, I won't call the cops if you stop, I mean it." Frank was ashamed by the fact he had already resulted to begging, usually he would've been able to fight off anyone doing, or attempting to do suc hthings but he had been put so quickly into the situation and his hands were tightly secured. It seemed words were his only hope but lies still managed to fly out his mouth. He would have every intention of fighting, as soon as a chance opened up.
"Don't say that, do you think I'm fucking stupid? I know what you'll do as soon as I leave you alone for two minutes and let me tell you, that won't be happening for a long time. That's right, I'm gonna extend this detention." Gerard meant it too, he had dabbled in the idea all day of taking Frank out of the school with him, most likely take him back to his house or maybe some obscure forest. He was almost certain he wanted to go ahead with it now and wasn't afriad to hint, or pretty much say that he intended to do that. That meant too that he could use him more 'thuroughly' and more privately. The pros esaily outweighed any cons. In fact to Gerard there were no cons anymore. His mind was set and he didn't give any thoughts about ethics or morals, those went out the window long before he realised his attraction.

"What?!" Frank almost jolted in a half-hearted attempt to stand up, suprised himself he could still be shocked by any news. "What do you mean...?"
"Ah, you'll have to find out later Frankie ~ Until then, we have a lot of learning to do." The older man snickered, enjoying the inkeep with his very much educational-theme that he knew made his favourite student cringe with every reference and connotation.

Frank gritted his teeth, unable to predict what exactly the mans next moves would be. His only guide was hearing Gerard rustle around in that sick holdall once more. Even the sound filled his still thundering heart with a horrible, sick nausea. He had to get out.
Time was passing them by so slowly as well, the only indicator was the distinctive clock a few feet away, ticking as loud as it was seemed slow. There had to be some way, some way he could get out of more of the torture and humiliation, there had to be a way he could fight. Frank groaned in anguish as he picked up on the sweat forming on his brow, aware of how dirty he felt in so many other ways.

Sweat, semen and tears, was that all he would produce, all three entriely involntarily. Frank was set on making one of those blood, and definately not his own. He wasn't going to let it happen, not on his life would he be raped. As soon as a chance arose, Frank knew he would at least inflict some damamge on the inhuman beast that had him in his greedy grasp.
"What will I have to do?" Frank muttered, reluctant still to try negotiating over soemthing he wasn' tafraid of doing.
"Still wanting to get out of it, hm?" Gerard piped up from rooting around in what must've been a very heavy bag. "I'm afraid nothing else will cut it until I get what I want, make you cry more like a bitch and love it buy the end of it. Becuase I'll be all you know."
"M-Mister Way, I'm begging-"
"Shut up, Iero. You have no say in this matter." Gerard harshly interrupted, backing up his fierce determination with an agitatied jab to the boys rib, the first real show of cracks on the otherwise deathly composed exterior. Apart form that, things were going swimmingly for Gerard, needless to say why.

He had all the time in the world too and sat there, rummaging and thinking through what he's want to do before he would take Frank home to a much more private environment. He had to save something for later, right? What would the fun in doing it all, there and then and exhaust his little prize all the way through in one shot? Nah, drawing it out later would be so much more fun. That way Gerard would have time to think it all and spend less tim in the classroom, but that meant straying from his original ideas a little. He was stuck between rope or doping him...
Frank payed attention to the silence behind him, gathereing up all the courage he could. If he didn't take action there was gonna be no way of getting out of anything any worse. He had to at least try, even if his hands were tied he should be able to at least get a fair distance away, especially since he used to be a pretty good sprinter. There was no way he could reach his maximum speed though if his jeans were still at his ankles though. At first Frank simply wriggled his legs, which got them a fair bit higher though it would almost make it harder for him to run the way he had them.

"What's that you're doing, Frankie?" Gerard asked, his voice still coming from deep inside his toy box.
"Cold..." Frank murmured, praying Gerard didn't notice what he was attempting.
"Ugh... I can't have you fucking frozen up. Disgusting..." Without so much of more of a sound, Gerard yanked up Frank's pants carelessly, to the boys suprise, even if he had pulled them up painfully high. Though he was relieved, he was more angered by the fact Gerard was trying already to objectify him, make him feel worthless. It didn't matter, he was on the way out already.

Well there was no way Frank would let that happen, that idiot pretty much just enabled him to get away, even if for just precious seconds, or long enough to make a call. Just anything to get away for a moment would feel like a victory. Just to piss him off even, at least.
He was pretty much ready to go, and he barely took another breath before he forced himself up, pushing away form the desk. Staggering for only a fraction of a second Frank started to run, despite his hands still being cuffed behind him. He had to go, he had to try something and it seemed the only thing he could realistically try.
From behind him he heard a clatter and Gerard cursing wildly as he slid off a desk he had been perching on.

"Oh no you don't!" Gerard barely whispered as his victim made his undeniably fast way out the room. Mr Way took off after him, shocked by this display of independance and fight that was still evident. His target's speed was suprising and even a moments pause would prove devastating for his plan for the evening to be successful. Gerard couldn't let him get away, that simply wasn't an option.
Frank took flight down the wide main hallway, adrenaline already kicking in as he heard Gerard's thundering footsteps sound further away, bit by bit. The school was more than eerie, with most of the lights turned off. Only the small dim, ceiling ones were lit up but it was just enough to be able to understand where one was. His balance was awful though, he had to keep going in such a way to keep his jeans up and compensate for his handcuffs. Even then, he was confident he was outpacing the teacher, though he had no intention of looking back. The only sounds audible were the boy's fast footstpes and the teachers equally crazed ones hot on his heels as he tried to keep up. The odd curse here and there burst out but the main focus was each other observing the others' position through sound and sight.
"I swear to God, Iero, when I get you, your ass is mine!!" Mr Way yelled, furious for his embarassing failure in keeping his captive, well, captive. There were only a few doors that Gerard had locked up as well, and he only prayed that Frank kept running in a straight line so he would have some comfort knowing he would be in control soon again.

Frank didn't even notice his smile as he was too busy trying to pick out a route that would either have places for him to hide along or be long enough to tire the both of them out. There were just too many paths he could take, though he had no idea which could be locked.
"You're not getting me, you fucking pervert!" Frank screeched in reply, having calculated that the best route would be to go through the cafetiera since he knew there would be at least another hallway to run through or an opportunity to stall, have access to some decent hiding places and, though he doubted he could use them, he knew there were phones in the kitchen area.

He burst through the doors, snaking his way around the long tables and attached stools, panicing. He had no idea what he wanted to do and he had only seconds to make a move. Frank stopped in the middle of the large hall, which took time enough to cross due to the sheer number of table to make his way around. Frank stretched his arms out behind him, hoping to break the chain linking his wrists against a pillar but he froze in his tracks as he heard a different, far more menacing sound approaching.
Laughter, muffled, sinister laughter. And Frank's stomach dropped. It meant that whatever was going on, he was not in a good position. Crap.

"Crap." Frank uttered, turning away form the door he entered from and to the one leading to the secondary main hallway. He staggered for a second, regainsing his precarious balance and danced between the chairs in a desparate attempt to get out of the room. It was hard enough being chased, hard enough in next to darkeness but Gerard's confidence was the killing blow. Gerard was evidently no longer running, and it became more clear as the cafeteria doors swung open lazily as he entered that he was in no rush anymore. Frank had just trapped himself.
In a final effort to get away, Frank smashed into the doors on the other side of the room, almost crunpling to the floor when he did so. They were fucking locked. The only other exit was through the same doors Gerard had entered. Screwed, screwed, screwed....
"Hurt yourself there?" Gerard called, leaning on the doors with all his weight as if the boy would try and approach him and yank them open. Frank stared over at Gerard, petrified.

"It'll take me some time to get over there," Gerard picked up two stacked 'caution - wet floor' signs that were huddled up to a vending machine nearby. "So why don't you try and hide?" Without removing his eyes from Frank's, Gerard slid the signs between the door handles to jam them shut, then reached his hand into his trouser pocket. "Oh, it looks like I have the keys anyway." Grinning, he locked himself in the room with Frank and secured the keys in his pocket once more. "I'll count to twenty, if you want." He said teasingly, his voice soft all of a sudden. Mr Way stood at the door and, like a child covered his eyes with his hands, fully knowing that Frank would indeed play along with his little game.
Without a moments further pause, Frank darted away form the door and straight towards the kitchen where there would be the most cover. Without even running much further Frank was panting and desparately trying to control himself in the hope to hide better. He told himself that maybe, just maybe Gerard wouldn't find him. That was, once he found somewhere to hide in the first place.

He was off, towards the kitchen area, dodging the obstacles, careful to tread as quietly as he could. Frank was thanking the darkness in the vast hall by time he got into the very corners of the kitchens, finding it hard himself to locate any suitable hiding space. There was thankfully a cupboard in the corner and after Frank turned around to open it he found it to have no shelves either, it was perfect, though he would have to kneel to fit right. Frank got inside, opting to face away form the door after sliding it shut behind him. It would be too hard to turn around and it calmed him down as well not having to face the door when it was surely to be opened. Frank was counting his own breahts as he waited and it seemed to take far longer than seconds for Gerard to start pacing once more. He shuddered when he heard that taunting voice call out a it got closer. It was as if Gerard already knew where Frank was hidden.

"You little shit, I heard you from where I stood. I didn't even need to look, it was so loud." Gerard was getting closer at an alarming rate and it was clear why. Frank held his breath, eyes staring wide into the darkness, pulse thundering in his ears. Gerard footsteps stopped only meters away from where Frank sat. At least that was one good sign, at least Frank could tell he wasn't directly outside his door, his last defense. "Come out Frank, I know where you are. I'll only make it worse if I have to drag you out." Gerard coaxed, slowly and incredibly quietly shuffling over to stand at the door he saw Frank retreat into. He was certain Frank hadn't heard him and decided to listen to him for a few moments. Though he was making light of the situation Gerard was still furious, he was still on top of things. He couldn't let such things happen, not at school, no by accident. Maybe once or twice somewhere he knew Frank couldn't escape for the fun of the chase but definately not before he truly had him.

Gerard knelt down, face barely inches away from the door, a grin sliding onto his face once more as he drank in Frank's furiously terrified breath. "Fine, but you make it all too difficult for yourself." One last whimper and Gerard slowly took back the door to reveal the quaking boy before him and happily, joyously, he was facing away from him. Frank's heart skipped more than a beat when that heavy hand fell upon his shoulder and was close to convulsing with fear when Gerard managed to pull him out of the cupboard, unable to fight back for the position he was trapped in.
"Don't touch me!" Frank screamed though acting the entire opposite of defiant. He kicked out but the teacher wordlessly pulled him out by the ankles, watching as the boys shirt rode up from the slippery tiles. "Ah!" Gerard wrenched down Frank's jeans and underwear once more, tempted to take him on the cafeteria floor but he had much more elaborate and humiliating plans than that.

Gerard took no time in picking Frank up with a freakish strength considering his build and age. He gripped the boys waist and hoisted him up to sit on a shoulder in a fireman's lift. Frank screamed further like a child, taking his chance as he faced the opposite direction Gerard was, beating his back repeatedly with his fists, the force only increased by the fact they were chained so tightly. "Don't even dare -" Gerard barely raised his voice and merely dug his jagged nails into some of the boys exposed flesh, though he allwoed Frank to squirm in his tight hold. It felt so fucking good, enhanced by the thoughts that told him he couldn't escape this time.

And squirm Frank did as Gerard made his way out of the room, only pausing a moment to unlock the door Frank had smacked his head against only minutes ago. He was helpless and had to keep moving, he wasn't going to settle in the position and not in the state he was in. The motion was deceptively calming as well as the world bobbed along slowly and suddenly it clicked where they were heading. It was the same route Frank took everyday, indeed often with Gerard close by though it didn't seem as sick them, it was simply a coincidence that Frank's locker was near the teachers lounge, it was a coincidence that Gerard drove past Frank's house every morning.
"Wh- Where are you taking me?" Frank nervously piped up.
"You'll see." Gerard answered, pretty much confirming Frank's theory.

Gerard rounded one last corner and headed toward the small block of lockers beside the entrance to the lounge. Frank was held in suspense as he took in the familiar scene, albeit from a different angle and in such darkness. There were far less lights down the short hallway, only one tiny ceiling light illuminated the dead end.
"That's right Frank, your locker." Gerard whispered, standing right in front of it, increasing his hold on Frank although he was squirming less.
"Why're we here, how, how do you even know...?" With another small smirk, Gerard gripped Frank tighter, rubbing a finger down Frank's bare leg "Fuck..."
"That would ruin the surprise though, wouldn't it?" Gerard leaned over to the right, removing a hand from Frank's body and allowing it to lean on his neck further to tinker the the lock, spinning the dial with a professional precision.

All of a sudden Frank's back hit the cold tiles, as if he had slipped from Gerard's hands. It left him stunned before he made any attempt to sit back up again. The locker door was thrown open, Frank flinched from the clamor of metal and was winded when Gerard all but stamped a foot on his chest. A single, pathetic breath wheezed out of Frank and black dots danced around his field of vision for precious moments where he thought he could pass out. Gerard was having another internal debate as he slowly increased the pressure on Frank's ribcage. Perhaps if he did it just enough he would have the time to go back to the English room...
One last from Frank and he lay limp on the tiles. Gerard cautiously bent over to check his breathing to find he was surely out for the count. Like a rag doll, Gerard picked him off the floor once more and carelessly stuffed him into the bottom section of the locker as fast as he could. Just for the satisfaction, Gerard spun the locks dial before making his way through the hallways once more to where it had all started. He didn't have to go as fast as he did, there was no way Frank could escape but he couldn't help but worry.

It was like resurfacing form the water, the disorientation Frank felt when he suddenly awoke in the pitch black locker. Jerking upwards, he hit his head off the metal and the clanging sound told him exactly where he was. It was tiny, there was almost no room to move and his shoulders were crushed inwards and tight spaces definitely weren't Frank's forte. He could almost feel his hot breath form around him, the space felt like it was constricting and contracting in on him. Despite his reaction that lead him to feel light headed he knew he would much rather remain in that dusty cell for suffocating days than have to face 'him' again.

Fortune obviously wasn't on Frank's side that day though as indicated by those slow but clearly not calm footsteps drawing near once more. Between his frenzied panting Frank managed a sigh, one that indicated a part of him resigning and he resorted to banging his head on the side of the locker. He wished he could knock himself out, or even die at this point so he was at last useless, expired completely, to Gerd.
"Don't go hurting yourself Frankie, I'm gonna be the cause for all of your pain from now on, in fact, all of your feelings." In that one moment Frank had an idea, one blindingly obvious even. Gerard certainly didn't know how Frank was in the locker, and though he didn't know what would happen to him if Gerard thought he had fainted, maybe it could buy him some time before the inevitable was to happen.
"What do you think of that idea Frankie?" Gerard asked, louder this time. When he got no reply he cursed and walked right up to the metal door. "Answer me, you useless, insolent, futile..." Continuing to insult him, Frank lay still and did his best to make his breaths slower and let his eyes flutter shut. He flinched on the click of the lock and had to stop a whimper when he heard Gerard fling open the door he had leant on. In true corpse style Frank half fell out of the locker to the cold floor, embracing the pain that could put him over the edge.

"What's this?!" Gerard knelt over Frank, observing the boys sleeping state. Had the fucker managed to knock himself out with that blow to the locker's side? Way couldn't possibly do anything to Frank while he was passed out, there would be no fun, no reaction. No warmth around his skin that told him this child was his. Still, Gerard was unsure of what to do. "Wake up now or you're gonna really suffer here, kid!" He warned, hoping to appeal to Frank's subconcious. Gerard was more than displeased to see Frank still lay there.

"I said wake up you less than worthless shit!" Unable to hold back his anger any longer Gerard struck Frank's side with a fist. Intrigued to see some sort of cough in reply Gerard let out a low laugh. "Oh, don't you think I didn't see that." Fully alight with a pulsating rage Gerard picked Frank up by the collar and slammed his back into another locker. Frank coughed wildly and his eyes sprung open. He knew he was fucked and simply flinched in fear.

"I was gonna go easier on you Frank, but now I see I have no choice." Gerard drew in close and virtually spat the words into Frank's wide eyes, "Someone's gonna get a punishment exercise." Frank grit his teeth as the words hit him and knew exactly what kind of exercise Mr Way planned and it made death seem that little bit more inviting. "I'm not even gonna use any gadgets or good old fashioned rope on you, son. You're learning the hard, sea-dog way." With a free hand Gerard opened Frank's locker door wider. He knew just the way to make the occasion more personal. Way produced the key to his handcuffs and tilted the lifeless Frank. who simply observed and undid the handcuffs behind him. Frank was so tempted to break out once more but knew better already, which was shameful but only wise it seemed. "Hands together, in front." Gerard demanded. When Frank just stared dumbly back he stamped on his foot until Gerard got what he wanted. He put on the handcuffs once more.

With an exceptional speed, Gerard turned Frank around so his face was pressed to more cold metal then pulled his body away, commanding by tugging at Frank's long hair. Frank kept his eyes shut tight still. "Arms out." Frank stretched out his arms and cried out when Gerard thrust him forward so his fists lay against the inside of yet another locker. Frank only had to open his eyes to realize it was his own once more. Frank leaned his weight on his hands and was surprised he was allowed to do so as he hung his head down. He heard Gerard undressing and let out a premature groan, pressing his face into one of his arms. Then Way yanked down the boy's pants and boxers once more with a deathly quietness. The only thing that Frank could hear, the sound that consumed his thoughts and ears were the rough pants of an animal as it poised itself behind him.

The screaming began half a minute later when Gerard pushed his fully erect cock up against Frank's entrance. They continued as increased in volume as Gerard roughly stuffed himself in, millimeter by millimeter, not the slightest drop of lubrication to be found anywhere. With a small chuckled Gerard knew thought that there would be two things that could help with that. Frank was practically foaming at the mouth as Gerard was only about halfway in, dots returned to his vision, dancing across the wall as he ripped up his vocal chords. Screeches went on and Frank could only let himself be taken, drowning in pain, confusion and a sense of shame. It was incredible, it was nothing like e had experienced previously, awful, unnatural. He nearly collapsed when he felt something happen, perhaps he had been torn inside by that disgusting girth that dominated his mind and body, dictated his every movement and sound, down to the tiniest of twitches.

"Scream if you want it harder Frankie." Gerard barely managed to choke out the words, it wasn't just hurting Frank. It was dreadful, far too tight to bear almost up until he felt a trickle of blood make it's way down his shaft. This allowed him to take one almighty thrust until his full length was up inside Frank and finally gave Gerard some pleasure that wasn't simply from the satisfaction of dominating him. Frank replied with an almost girlish squeal, the height of his voice that must somehow be reserved for when he experienced only the most brutal pain.

The second of the natural lubrications was delivered not long after that as Gerard let out a long, low groan. Frank bucked his hips forward as he felt another disgusting payload of cum travel inside. Writhing, Frank yelled out his outrage and disagreement to this even more alien feeling. Stained on the inside, that's what it was like to Frank. Burning into his already aching skin, a mark that Frank would feel forever. Scorched into him, the mark of a pathetic whore.
"Your turn, bitch." Gerard moaned out the words and clamped a hands around Frank's own hard cock. Thrusting once more he angled upward and made sure to grind into Frank's prostate. This wasn't ending without his disgusting shot in the back of his own locker. "Come on...!" Gerard growled, pumping off Frank with a fierce brutality that matched him fucking the boy up the ass. He didn't care what he had to do, that skank was cumming, all for him. Frank staggered momentarily. "Yes!" Gerard screamed, he knew Frank was getting closer.

Their screams both got louder and soon Gerard was laughing to himself. Sure enough, Frank came and Gerard removed his hand once he felt it dribbling onto his fingers. Not even allowing Frank to calm his breaths he gave one last thrust upwards and withdrew from him, as if Frank were contaminated with some sort of vile disease. Casually, though still reeling from the rush and pleasure he at last obtained, Gerard re-dressed and watched as Frank sank to the floor, worn out. Reaching into his holdall, Gerard produced a length of rope and tied Frank's ankles together.

"It's time I took you someplace special." Gerard murmured, finishing the knot and lifting up Frank once more. He made his way to one of the exits he deemed 'safe', slow due to the burden of the boy and the holdall. Gerard had even parked his friend's van he had rented for the week in a spot in behind the school. A dark, commercial cleaning van, and Frank would never be found to be in it. Nobody would even have suspicions. So very perfect. it would compensate for the little hiccoughs earlier. Quickly, Gerard headed outside and crossed a small lawn to the van. Careless he opened the back door and threw Frank inside, shutting the doors calmly but speedily before he got any smart-assed lip about it. Though he doubted Frank had any ass left to give.

It was satisfying to leave school knowing you had taught at least one pupil something.
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