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Stay with me

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Amy is dragged to a concert with her betfriend Lola to see a band she doesnt really like! will that change when she goes?? My chem story.... I suck at summarys..:P

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hey there..:) this is my first story, hope ya like it..


(My Pov)

Beep beep beep......
I turned around and looked at my alarm clock 6.30am already, what i would do for another hour of sleep at times like this i could kill my bestfriend lola, as much as i love the girl, she never knows when to shut up, she had me up till 3 this morning on the phone talking about this guy she she met on the mcr chatroom.I do tell her not to give her cell number or any personal details to guys that she doesnt know cause god knows who they could be or what might happen, but as usual she doesnt listen.
I turn my radio on and soulja boy's turn my swag on comes on, as much as i dont like him,you have to love this song. I hope out of bed,set my clothes out for school and get into the shower...
Oh incase i havent mentioned my name is Amy, im 18 and living in Belliville,New Jersey with my mum Sharon.Im 5ft 3 yeah i know im small, i have short brown hair with a bit of blonde in it,i have 4 tattoo's one on each wrist,one on my side and the other one on my back. I go to Belliville highschool and in two months il be graduating and hopefully going to college to study event management...

I get out of the shower, get dressed,do my hair and then head down stairs to eat something before school.

"hey mom,whats for breaky"?i ask taking a seat at the kitchen table.
"good morning honey,is cereal and coffee okay? its just im running abit late for work" she says handing me a bowl and a cup of coffee.
"yeah thats good mom thanks, is it okay if lola comes over tonight?"i ask filling my bowl with cereal.
"oh i dont know amy, you sould be studying".she says taking a seat and finishing her coffee.
"yeah but we need to study are music together,and her mum is visiting her nans tonight,so she'l be by herself and thats not fair yano" i said in my upset voice that she cant say no to.
"okay dear, but you's better do some study otherwise this will be the last time, now iv got go amy, there's a fiffty on the counter some for your lunch and just incase im not home for dinner get a pizza for you and lola okay, love ya dear" mom said getting her keys and bag and then leaving the house.
"thanks,love ya to" i shouted as the door closed.
I tidied up, got my keys and stuff for school and left. I hoped into my car and poped in avenged sevenfold and headed down the road to school.

15 minutes later.......

I pulled up at the school parking lot, and got out my car and headed into the school where i met up with lola and my other friends becky and lisa. We where the four girls that got on with everybody and they got on with us, yeah we didnt like some people like the jocks or the cheerleaders but to survive in this school you were nice weather you liked them or not.
"hey Amy over here!" Lola waved standing by our lockers, lucky enough our lockers where beside eachothers.
"Hey girlies, whats happening?" i asked while opening my locker and putting my books in.
"nothing much,just hanging" they all said together.
"Eh becky i got a text from steven last night,asking me did you like him?" i said to her smiling.
"really? or are you taking the piss again?" she asked looking kinda confused.
"no seriously,look!" i said showing her the text.
" Oh my god,and what did you say, i hope you said yes Amz!!" she said pushing me against the locker.Just then the bell for class went.
"dont worry becks i said yes, c'mon lola we have chemistry,cya laters" i said grabbing lola and waving to becky and lisa who headed towards the gym.
"so Amz you do much this morning?"lola asked as we walked into chem class.
"eh hoped out of bed turned my swag on,got a shower,dreesed,had food and now im here"i laughed taking my seat.
"You where listening to that station to? did you hear about the my chem compition, you had to answer this question to win vip tickets to there concert here next month?" she said getting all excicted.
Lola is obsessed with MyChemicalRomance,she listens to nothing but them,she always wears there band T's and what not, their all she talks about,she cant go a day without metoning them, sometimes i worry about her.As for me im more a greenday and avenged sevenfold girl,yeah il listen to mcr when there on but i dont own a cd or anything like Lola.
"eh nope i didnt, but let me guess you enetered it yeah?" i asked taking notes of the board.
" you know me to well,yeah and if i win im bringing you and then you will like them as much as i do" she said all happy and scribbling in her notebook.
"Oh by the way your coming over to mine tonight okays,and You dont have to that Lo,bring someone that likes them more than i do" i said passing her my notes.
"awh coolies. NO your coming weather you like it or not end of" she said with a bit of anger in her voice.

The rest of the school day went by really slow, as soon as the clock hit 3.30pm Lola and i headed for my house....

okay guys thats my first chapter hope ya like it, sorry if its bad the next one will be a little more excicting.

R&R plez....

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