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Today is the day!

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Concert time!!

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A couple of weeks later......

So the last couple of weeks have been crazy.My mom has kept me in lock up mode in the house to study, so it ment i couldnt go anywhere with my friends untill after graduating which i dont think is fair, but then again i would proberly thank my mom for doing it.Lola has been calling none stop,she won the vip tickets to the MCR concert tomorrow, which she's totally excicted about hearing them and meeting them, me on the other hand it wouldnt bother me if i was sick and couldnt go or the show got cancelled. Im even suprised my mom is letting me, she thinks their my favourite band and its a good graduation present, thanks alot mom,but i have to give her some credit as she brought me to get a tattoo two days for her graduation present i got two black stars on my foot a big one and a small one,that iv wanted to get for along time.

Ring ring ring.....Looked at my phone and Lola flashed up on the screen.
"heya Lo, whats up?"i said sitting on my desk chair.
"hiya Amz,nothing really, just wanted to know wether your all set for tomorrow night? i cant wait im so excicted!" she squealed.
"oh yeah im super duper excicted" i said laughing.
"i know you dont wanna go, but il love ya forever if you go, and your my bestie i wouldnt want to share this experience with anyone else"she said in a her sad voice.
" i know thats why im going,so here's the plan! il drive us since your car is in the garage il pick you up round 6.30pm, the concert starts at 8 right? and i know how you like to be early for things like this so yeah is that okay with you?" i asked
"yeah concerts at 8 and doors open at 7pm,so what you wearing?she asked all excicted again.
"eh i think im going to go with emmmmm my balck tshirt the i wish i were a ghost one, ripped jeans and a pair of cons. you?" i asked taking out my outfit.
"thats hot! im wearin my mychem shirt,pink skinny jeans and a pair of flats, what ya think?"she asked.
"yeah thats cool, right im off to bed Lo its like 1 in the morning and need my rest for tomorrow night, so il send ya a text before i leave to pick you up to make sure your ready okay?" i said.
"yeah thats cool,il chat to ya tomorrow night night chick"she said
"night hun"i said and with that i hung up the phone.
I went and got changed into my pjs and brushed my teeth and then hoped into bed.

The next day.....

I sat in the sitting room watching cribs on mtv, when i noticed it was 5pm, so i went up stairs took a shower and started getting ready.
Knock knock..
"come in" i shouted while straightning my hair.
"hey darling,just wanted to let you know im headin back to work and becareful tonight,no alcohol or drugs missy otherwise il ground you for the rest of your life"she lauged.
" dont worry mom i wont touch any of that stuff untill after my graduation" i laughed.
"im being serious amy!"she kinda half shouted.
"mom im messing jeez take a chill pill" i said finishing of my hair.
"okay dear,i better go il see ya tomorrow,since your staying in Lola's yeah"she asked while giving me a hug goodbye.
"yeah tomorrow,bye mom love ya"i said.
"goodbye dear, have fun, love ya to"she said walking out the door.

Before i knew it was 6.15pm so i grabbed my keys, locked the house and into my car and headed towards lo's house.when i got there i beeped so she would come out, she did 5 minutes later looking angry.

"hey Lo you okay?" i asked as she was getting into the car.
"eh nope,what happened to you texting me before you left?"she asked putting her seatbelt on.
"oh im so sorry, i was running a bit late and then my mom gave me the whole no drinking and no drugs thing"i laugh pulling of and making our way to the concert hall.
"its okay i forgive you,i didnt have to time to put eyeliner or lipstick on,have you got any?oh hi by the way"she laughed.
"thanks,eh there sould be some in my bag,have a look"i said puling into a parking lot.
"thanks doll,i cant belive were here, c'mon lets try get in early"she said stepping out of the car,but by the looks of things that wasnt going to happen the que was mental,there was no way of us getting in early,if they couldnt.
"i doubt thats going to happen lo,but ya can try" i laughed locking my car and walking with her.
"vips remember"she smiled taking the tickets out of her bag, and handing me one as we walked up to a sidedoor with a bodyguard outside.
"sorry girls,all fans and people here for the concert has to que and use the main door sorry"the man dressed in all black said.
"eh we have vip tickets"Lo said showing the man the ticket.
"oh sorry miss,come this way and il find gina so she can take you around"he smiled while opening the door and letting us in.
When we got in we found this gina lady who was taking us to some room, i wasnt really listening to be honest i was looking around me to see what wa going on.
"so girls, you wanna meet the band"she asked walking up to a white door.
"yeah"Lola said screamming a little.
"okay then,their just in here"she said opening the door to five men sitting about watching tv.
"hey guys,these are the two compettion winners" she said and then she left.
"hey congrats on winning the compettion,im bob"this lad with gingery,blonde hair said shaking both our hands.
"hey"me and lo said together.
"hey im mikey,so whats your names?" a tall guy with glasses said shaking our hands.
"im Lola Summers"lola smiled
"and im Amy philips" i said, as he nodded and took a seat.
"nice to meet you, im gerard and thats ray"a guy with long black hair said and pointing to the guy with the fro,who was on his cell.
"and im frank"a small guy with tattoos said pulling me and lola into a hug.
"go girls we dont really have time to hang right now sorry, but we will after the show, any song requests?"gerard asked.
"eh could you play lady of sorrows"Lola asked blushing abit.
"of course cutie,and what about you Amy any requests?"bob said giving lola a smile.
"eh nope im good thanks"i said feeling really akward,i didnt realy know the names to their songs and i just couldnt ask Lo that would be way to embarassing.
"you sure?"ray asked looking a bit shocked.
"eh i think she's just shy,but she really likes the song demolition lovers"Lo said putting a hand on my shoulder,at times like this i thank god she's my best friend.
"eh okay,we will play them so,well you guys better be heading for your seats if you wanna see us play"gerard said while him and the rest of the guys got up.
"thanks,see you guys after the show"both me and Lo said while leaving.
"laters"the guys all shouted.

we made our to our seats which were in the front row,and took our seat. I said thanks to lo for saving my but back there and she laughed.We waited for about ten minutes when the lights went dark and a drum beat start playing.
"Hello,belliville, new jersey"gerard shouted and the lights flashed back on and the crowd began to scream.
"oh its so good to be home"gerard sighed and laughed and the whole arena screamed.
"okay were going to start our show with our lady of sorrows,this goes out to two very special people,who we just met,so i wanna see you all jump and if you know the words please do sing along"he siad jumping as the music started.
Lola nudgged me and smiled, i dont think iv seen her this happy for along time.
After two hours of the band playing their hearts out they finished up there set with demolition lovers and like before the deadacated the song to two people meaning me and Lola i think. When the crowd started to clear lola and I made our way back stage to hang with the band,oh how this is going to be fun.......

there's my second chapter hope ya like it.
R&R pretty plese and tell me what ya think...

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