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Feeling akward..

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(Amy's pov..)

After the show....

So Lola and I made are way back stage to the room we where in before the concert, so we could hang with the band.We knocked a couple of times but there was no answer so we deciceded to go look for that Gina girl,she kinda knew about everything that was going on round here.We bumped into her as we were walking down the hall.

"hello lola and amy,you looking for the band?"she asked taking a drink out of her cup.
"yeah, but we cant seem to find them,are they gone"Lola asked.
"no their in there bus they told me to take you's there when i found you's"she said walking out a door that lead to a big black and silver bus.
"guys,there girls are here"she shouted knocking on the door and then opening it.
"go on in,il see ya's later have fun"she smiled and walked away.
"thanks,laters"Lola and i shouted while walking into the bus.

The bus was a bit messy it had clothes hanging everywhere,bits of paper on the floor,a couple of unwashed dishes lying about, i thought to myself is this how all rockstars live,like in their own filt?.I so wouldnt be able to do that im a bit of clean freak,I dont really like messes like thesse.When we reached what i think was the sitting area we found the band drinking coffee and watching some tv.

"hey guys,you like the show?"gerard asked,clearing some clothes of the couch to make room for Lola and I to sit.
"yeah it was awesome,you guys have so much energy its unreal"Lola laughed taking a seat and i took the one next to her.
"yeah it was really good" i said half smiling,okay i kinda lyed,i didnt think it was brillant but i didnt think it was horrible either,just put it this was i seen better shows.
"thanks,glad you's liked it"mikey said with a smile.
"So do you guys play any instruments or sing?"ray asked putting his guitar on its stand.
"eh i sing a little,its amy that plays the instruments"Lola laughed hitting me.
"awh really,what you play"frank asked with a smile.
"eh guitar and drums"i blushed. stupid heat in here making me blush.
"oh my really? a chick playing drumms that must be hot?"bob said kinda looking to the side as if was imagining it.
"eh i suppose"i laughed.

When i looked over at Lola her and gerard were having their own little conversation,it looked to be ineterseting as they both laughed. As for i just sat there taking in the surroundings,when someone poked me.
"oh sorry,whats up?"i asked shaking my head and turning to face frank.
"eh i was asking what songs you play on guitar?" he asked letting out a little laugh.
"eh mostly avenged sevenfold, just finished listening to the black flag album so going to learn some of there songs" i smiled.
"thats cool, i love black flag i know must of there songs on guitar already,if your lucky i might teach some"he grinned.
"thanks i guess"i said staring at the ceiling.
"hey, you okay? its just you seem a little distant like you did during the concert?" he said putting a hand on my arm.
" yeah just, im going outside for a fag ok"i said getting up, feeling a little akward, i looked over at Lola and i think she knew by the look on my face i didnt want to be here anymore.Just then her phone rang,it was her mom to say we had to be getting home now cause it was getting late.
"sorry guys,but that was my mom she said we had to go sorry"Lola sighed
"awh that sucks,maybe we could hang out soon,well thats if you's want"gerard asked
"yeah we would love that,here's my cell number,give my a ring or a text whenever"Lola smiled handing gerard a piece of paper with her number on it.
"thanks,will do"he said while giving Lola a hug.
We took some photo's and said our goodbye's and me and lola made our way of the bus and to my car,we got in and made our way back to Lola's house.

"that was awesome, i cant belive they want to hang with us"Lola screamed.
"yeah it was alright,oh either can i"i said pulling into lola's driveway.
"thanks again for coming amz it ment alot"she said getting out of the car and hugging me.
"no prblem Lo"i said hugging her back.
We went into her house and told her perants about the concert and headed to bed as both of us were totally wrecked,we wernt long in bed when we fell asleep.

Franks pov.....
we were all getting ready to head to the bunks and get some sleep it had been along day,thank god tomorrow is our last concert of the tour, so we can go home,sleep in our own beds,had proper food i couldnt wait, and the best part was being in our home town so we dont need to travel more to get home.They only reason we were staying on the bus was,were really lazy and if we were to go back home we would probarly be late for the show's and all our stuff is on the bus so we didnt see the point.I went out to the sitting area to get my cell,the only one still up was Gee sitting at the table reading a hellboy comic.

"hey gee"i said taking a seat across from him.
"hi frankie,whats up"he said leaving down his comic.
"nothing just about to head to bed,you?"i smiled.
"finishing my comic and then doing the same"he laughed a little.
"So those girls were nice"he smiled.
"eh yeah thank god they wer'nt crazy like the last ones,who stole some of our clothes"i laughed rememberin the day,it was crazy.
"they were crazy"gee laughed to.
"hey did ya notice that amy girl seem really distant or something?"i asked.
"yeah i did actually,even during the show, i said it to her friend lola when we were talking and she said that amy was just really shy round people she only met and that she didnt really know who we were"he sighed.
"what you mean she didnt know who we were?why did she come to the concert then?" i asked a little bit angry.
"well see lola said that she entered the compettion and told amy that if she won she was bringing her so that she would see how good we were and that she might open her mind and listen to different bands other than greenday and A7X."gee smilied.
"so she doesnt like our music,but lola dragged her here so that she would and now we dont know if she likes us or not" i asked a bit confused.
"frankie i dont know,when we decide to hang out with them we'l know"he said getting up and leaving towards the bunk area.
"well it better be soon"i said not happy.
"whatever frankie,im going to bed,promise you wont be up trying to figure whatever this is out all night, i know how stuff like this gets to you."he said turning around to face me.
"dont worry i wont loose sleep over it" i laughed.
"okay then,night frakie"he said while closing the door of the bunk area.
"night gee" i half shouted so i wouldnt wake the rest of the guys.

I lied though, i will more than likely be up all night trying to figure out why she doesnt listen to us if her best friend does....

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