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Forgive me now?

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Amy's pov..

2 weeks after graduation....
Im so happy right mow,just after Graduating from high school,me and Lola moved into to our own appartment,and now just waiting to hear from some colleges.So let me fill you in on what happen over the last couple of weeks,remember that mcr concert we went to and Lola gave the band her number well yeah,gerard was texting her to see when it was cool to meet up and she said after graduation,so then bob texted her last night asking the same, so she told him that they could come over tonight and hang out watching dvds and stuff.Well i guess i could say im a bit excicted, but not as excicted as Lola,im kinda beginning to like some of there songs because living with Lola thats all she listen's to and wont let me put anything else in the stereo. oh other stuff that happened,remeber our friend becky? well she is now a cheerleader and wont talk to us and she's dating Ryan who's a jock and the most popular guy in the school. I heard the other day she was pregnant,I wonder if its true?.its now 7.30pm the guys are suppose to be here at 8pm,so better get ready.

"Amy the guys are here"Lola shouted down the hall.
"il be out in a minute,just getting dressed"i shouted back,hearing a few giggles.
"need a hand?" a male voice asked,wasnt sure which one of them it was.
"no im good,but thanks for the offer" i laughed walking into the sitting room while puttin on my hoodie.
"your welcome,anytime"frank smiled,then sticking his tounge out.
"hey"I said giving a wave.
"hey" they all repilied.
"so whats the plans for tonight then?"bob asked taking a seat on the couch beside Lola,who was blushing.
"how about we watch a movie and eat junk?"lola asked.
"yeah that sounds good,what we watching?"mikey asked getting up from the floor and sitting on a arm chair.
"whatever we dont mind,you's pick the dvds there in the cabinet under the tv"i said pointing towards the telly.
"cool"ray and gerard said walking towards the cabinet and opening it to look inside.
"okay while you's pick a movie, il get some snacks" i said walking towards the kitchen.
When i came back out they were all arguing wether to watch Harry Potter or paranormal activity.
"amy which one do you wanna watch?"ray asked holding up the two dvds.
" eh i dont mind really,but i havent seen paranormal activity yet,so that one maybe" i said putting the snacks down on the coffee table.
"okay paranormal activity wins" ray shouted with excictment.
"oh man i wanted to watch harry potter"mikey said abit dissapointed,and we all laughed.

Lola put on the dvd and then took a seat on the couch between bob and gerard, mikey and ray were on the two are chairs,which left me and frank sitting on cushions on the floor.Half way through the film i decicded i didnt like it cause it kept making me jump which caused frank to laugh at me,the bit came up where the girl got pulled down the stairs i jumped a little and accidently put my hand on franks.
"sorry"i whispered moving my hand away.
"its okay"he whispered and then smiled.
Just when i was thinking this film couldnt get worse the girl threw her boyfriends body at the camera making me junp and spilling my drink all over frank,which caused him to shout a little,when the rest of the guys noticed they all laughed.

"shit frank,im so sorry come with me and il get ya towel" i said getting up a little embarressed.
"its okay amy,it was an accident dont worry"he said following me into the kitchen and taking a seat.
"i know,but still im sorry"i appoligised handin him a towel.
"seriously its okay"he said trying to dry his jeans,and it wasnt going very well.
"eh if you wanna change,i have a pair of by brothers old basket ball shorts and a jersey"i asked walking towards my room.
"yeah if thats okay"he laughed.
"its no bother,just have to find them first"i laughed opening my closet and looking through it for them.
"aha found them"i shouted as i turned to see frank only standing there in his boxers,which caused me to stare abit,he looked hot without clothes.
"eh amy you okay"he asked,blushing abit.
"yeah sorry,here ya go,they should fit"i said handing them to him so he could put them on.
"perfect"he laughed.
We went back into the sitting room where the other guys were wactching harry potter,Mikey looked so happy bless.Me and frank took are seats on the floor to watch the movie.I looked over at frank and he was looking at his phone laughing,then i looked at bob who was putting his cell in his pocket and him and Lola had evil smirks on their faces i guessed bob must have texted frank.we were sitting there happily watching the film and all of a sudden im soaked,i looked over and frank was laughing holding a empty glass.

"whoops"frank laughed.
"whoops?frank im soaked thanks to you"i said a bit angry getting up of the floor.
"awh frankie you hear that?she's wet beacause of you"gerard laughed causing everyone else to laugh to.
"your so dirty minded yano, and i didnt mean it in that way! im going to get changed" i said smiling at gerard and walking down the hall into my bedroom.
I took of my wet clothes and threw them in my wash basket and put a pair of pj shorts on i was about to put on my top,when i heard a knock and frank was standing in my room smirking.
"now were even"he laughed as i quickly put on my top.
"how are we even?it only got abit of your top and jeans,you soaked me"i said angrly brushing my hair.
"yeah,but u seen me in my boxers,so were even"he smiled.
"well i didnt want to see you in boxers,you could have waited untill i got out of the room to get changed"i said walking up to him.
"i dont see why your complaining,you blushed as soon as you saw me"he laughed getting closer to me.
"no i didnt,get over yourself frankie boy"i said giving him evils
"okay whatever missy"he said nearly closing the gap between us winking at me.
"well i still dont forgive you,for soaking me"i said smiling,as he closed the gap btween us placing his lips on mine for a few seconds.
"will you forgive me now?"he asked smiling,as i stood there in shock.


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