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Hey guys,

Sorry it's been awhile since iv updated :(.. iv been trying to focus on my college work and on top of that, having to move house haha.. so hope you's can forgive me, here's a couple of chapter's to keep ya going for awhile..=]

Oh and also, Thanks to everyone who rated and reviewed the story, your opinions help loads..:)
So keep them coming!!.....

One last thing, I seen MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE on the 16th of feb in dublin at the O2, the show was amazing best concert of my life=](still sad Bob wasn't there though:( oh frank looked really hott:P)...have a new band interset thanks to mcr and there The Blackout they were on tour with MCR and there really good, so if u haven't heard them look them up on youtube their pretty cool..:P

Thanks for reading:)
xoxo Amy
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