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You ruin everything

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Amy's POV....

He kissed me?!...Frank Iero kissed me, what the fuck?.He just can't kiss me and think i forgive him it doesn't work like that!! Im begining to hate this guy more, every minute im near him..

"Earth to hayley"Frank waved his hand in front of my face.
"What?" I shouted making myself jump a little.
"Sorry, just wanted to know you coming back out to the guy's?" He asked making his way to the door.
"I'll be out in a minute"I said putting more clothes on.
"Frank wait, i need to ask ya something"I said as he turned around.
"What now?" He asked a little annoyed.
"eh could you not tell anyone about this please"I said tying up my hair.
"Right whatever, you seriously think i would tell anyone about this? I have a rep when it comes to girl's and i don't want to ruin it"He laughed.
"You know what frank? your nothing but an asshole, walking around with your head up your ass thinking your god's gift, seriously your not and i think it's time you knew that"I half laughed half shouted.
"I don't walk around like im god's gift, it's not my fault girl's throw themselves at me 24/7, and don't say it's just cause im in a band,it was the same in highschool couldnt keep there hand's off me"He smirked.
"yeah, your still the fucking same as you were in highschool an ignorent prick, who ruin's-" I cryed.
"Ruin's what amy?" He shouted.
"Nevermind just leave me alone"I said making my way to the door.
"No, not untill you tell me"He shouted standins infront of the door so i couldn't get out.
"Frank their's nothing to tell, please just let it drop, im sorry i said all that i was just angry and started to make up shit, can we just leave it at that?"I said wiping my eye's as he stepped away from the door to let me pass.

When i walked back in to the living room Lola and guy's were clued to the tv, well that's untill i sat down and they all stared at me.
"amy you okay?" Lo asked.
"Yeah, we heard alot of shouting" Bob said looking concerned.
"Everything's good, i kinda walked in on amy while see was getting changed and we a little argument but it's okay now"Frank said giving me a smile and taking a seat on the floor.
"Seriously? frank you really have bad timing" Mikey laughed.
"Tell me about"Frank said pulling out his phone.

The rest of the night we just watched tv, it was around 1am when we all decicded to call it a night. When i woke up the next morning the guys were gone leaving a note..
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