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The note.

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this is the second part of" you ruin everything" for some reason ficwad would not let me put it all together..:P

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Amy's POV....

The rest of the night we just watched tv, it was around 1am when we all decicded to call it a night. When i woke up the next morning the guys were gone leaving a note..

"Amy + Lola,
Thank's for last night for letting us hang out with ye, havent done it in awhile it was really fun:).hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.
Oh we helped ourselfs to some coffee, hope ya's dont mind.
(To lola, Bobbly want's you to give him a text later.) awh young love. (Amy, Frank said he's truely sorry for what happened last night.) haha what a pansy..:P Anyways, sorry we left without saying goodbye, but had a meeting with our manager.
hope to see ya's soon!!

lots of love,
G,Bob,Mikey,Ray+ Frankie xo

P.S You might need to get more coffee, it's all gone. We all blame Mikey!!
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