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A game of pretend

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My Chem finds out there tour dates, one memeber isnt that happy!!... i totally suck at summarys..:(

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I'm BACK!!!!

Frank's POV...

Sitting here at our record company at a band meeting in confrence room C to be excact, And all i can think about is what Amy said last night, like seriously ruin what excactly??...I would love to know, Cause im totally clueless, Fair enough i was abit of a bully in highschool but if i wasnt i would be the one who got bullied, with the clothes i wore and the music i liked, but hey how did the hell did she know i was like that??I changed alot since highschool and i tend on not changing back to asshole i was back then, even though i was mean to her last night but if you ask me it was her fault i got angry!! How would you like it, if a hot girl kissed a hot girl and then be told to keep quite??..okay now im just rammbling...

"Frank is that okay with you?" Our manager Brian asked.
"yeah, that's grand" I smiled not knowing what i was agree'n to.
"Dude you dont have a clue what's going on, do you?" Ray whispered trying not to laugh.
"Eh nope, you wanna tell me?" I asked.
"Maybe later" Ray laughed.
"So since you's all agreed, break for a month, tour for five month's and then back to the studio, and yes before you ask your aloud to bring your girlfriend's or friends whatever." Brian said writing down in his tour book.
"yeah" They all agreed.
"Wait no, when the fuck did we decicde this?" I asked shouting.
"Eh about 20 minutes ago if you would pay attention, and anyways you agreed so no changing the plan's now" Gerard laughed.
"Fine, im agrre'n with the break and touring, but not the girlfriend shit that aint fair on me and bobby here, we dont have girlfriends" I said folding my arms and giving the guy's the evils.
"Speak for yourself kiddo, im going to ask Lola" Bob smiled taking out his phone.
"Yeah right, your going to ask a girl you met twice to go on tour with you for five months, smart move bob" I laughed.
"Well yeah, i asked her last night did she wanna come on tour with us and she said yes, that it would give us a chance to get to know eachother, so frankie boy it is a smart move" Bob smirked.
"Fine well i'll just find some random chick on the street, and see does she wanna come" I said while getting up.
"Eh not a hope of that frank, you know what happened last time" Brian shouted as i gave him a dirty look.
" Frank you could always ask Lola's friend Amy, see'n as you already seen her half naked, and we see the way you look at her" Mikey laughed nudging bob.
"Oh you totally should her and lola do everything together, and maybe you'l get abit of action this time frankie" Bob laughed.
"Eh nope your grand, il find someone else to bring, and bob what do you mean maybe il you'l get some action, you should know by now im always getting it" I smiled walking out the door and slamming it behind me.

Maybe it would be a good idea to bring Amy on tour with us and get to know her, and she might even tell me why she think's im so horrible, even if mean's pretending to like her....

Hiya guy's, there's another chapter for ye, hope ya like it!! more on the way..

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