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How can i look at him, Knowing what he did!!

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Lola really want's amy to go on tour with them.

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Amy's POV.....

I was sitting in the leaving room eating my captain crunch while watching tv, when i heard Lola scream from the kitchen. I ran in to see what was going on when i got there, Lo was looking into an empty coffee jar.

"Lo, what the fuck?" I laughed.
"Did you drink all my coffee?" She shouted, turning around to face me.
"Eh nope i didnt drink all OUR coffee, according to the note on the table mikey way did" I laughed picking up the note abd showing it to her.
"Oh when i get my hand's on mikey way, He's a dead man.I'm so upset right now i'll just have to settle with tea, you want some?" She asked putting on the kettle.
"Yea would love some, thanks" I smiled taking a seat at the table as she handed me my tea.
"Soooo, what's the story with you and bob?" I asked.
"I dont know Amz but i really like him and he seem's to like me. last night the two of us stayed up for hours talking about random stuff, and he asked me to go on tour with him and the band" She smiled like a six year old who just got candy.
"Oh my god really? that's so cool, what did you say?" I asked all excicted to hear her answer.
"Eh i said yes, that it would give us a chance to know eachother" She said, picking up our cups and putting them into the sink.
"I'm pure excicted for you Lo, im going to be alone for like months, im going to have to find a temporary house mate" I said pretending to cry.
"Hopefully you wont have to be alone, Bob's trying to get a pass for you to, so i dont have to leave ya behind." She laughed.
" Eh no it's okay i dont mind staying by myself seriously, a guy that i used to work withis looking for a place to stay while his flat gets repaired, so i could let him stay here." I smiled.
"Look Amz, i know you dont really like Frank after what he did but that was year's ago and dont worry im not asking you to be best friends with the guy or anything, but please for me if Bob get's you a pass will you please even think about it?" She begged.
"Right fine, I'll think about it but dont expect me to be full of joy the whole time, having to look at him everyday knowing what he did, is going to put me in a pissy mood" I cried.
"I know doll, but if Frank iero know's what's good for him he'l leave you alone." She said hugging me.
"IL try and let it go, it's the past right/" I smiled whiping away my tears.
"That's the spirit, If you decide to come on this tour with me, just try and not to think about it, this tour is all about enjoying yourself." She smiled walking out of the kitchen.

I know for a fact i wont be able to forget about it and enjoy myself, nobody could. The next time i see Frank iero before the tour will be to soon, i thought to myself. But hey when im ever going to get the chance to go on tour with a famous rock band.


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