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Champange for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends (Patrick Stump)

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“Dani! Hurry up!” Grace yelled from behind the dressing room door. “The show starts in 10 minutes!”

“I know! I’m almost done!” Dani’s voice answered back.

“Kris…. Are you ready yet?” Grace knocked on the second door, over the sudden screams of the fans.

“Yeah be out in a minute.” He answered, barely audible over the growing screams.

“God! No one else is done and we go on in a few!” Grace exclaimed, making sure they could hear her, as she headed to her own dressing room. She figured she had some time left over, so she turned to her mirror. Her wide grey eyes stared back at her from behind her long raven black hair. Her grey eyes had a tint of a gold as well, but only because she had natural caramel brown eyes.

As she continued to look at herself and fix her hair up in a messy bun, the fans’ screaming got even louder.

What the hell? Grace thought, This is a really small concert….why are they freaking out like this? Her question was answered when four men came running into her dressing room, and slammed the door shut.

“Holy shit.” A man with a black emo hair cut said, breathing heavily. “That was just crazy!”

“That was defiantly a first.” Another man with an afro said.

“Yeah…this is a first for me too. No one has ever barged in like that before.” Grace said while she turned to the door to see who these guys were. They turned to her and she knew exactly who they were. “Wow….Fall Out Boy is in my dressing room.”

Grace’s POV
Why the hell is Fall Out Boy here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a small band gig?

“We are so sorry.” Patrick Stump said, “We had no where to go.”

I laughed. “It’s alright….people get a little excited here.” I looked at Andy and Joe who were still holding the door. “You know you can lock it right?” They laughed at themselves and locked the door. “Here, come and sit down.” I nodded to the sofa against the wall. “Just be thankful that my….” As soon as I was going to mention my band mates, there was a banging against my door.

“Grace! Let us in! There’s a group of crazy fans screaming at our doors!!!” Dani and Kris’s voices shouted through the door. I gave the guys a smirk as I got up to let them in. As soon as the door clicked showing it was unlocked, Dani and Kris came running through and slammed the door shut.

“What the hell is going on?” Kris wiped his forehead.

“They happened.” I smiled, pointing to the guys, who were waving sheepishly.

“What the…” Kris’s eyes grew.

“Oh my god….Is it really…” Dani couldn’t finish her sentence. “I need to sit down.” She said, sitting in my seat in front of the mirror. I continued smiling at the sheer awkwardness hanging in the air.

“What’s so funny?” Patrick said, smiling with me as well.

“Everything!” I giggled. “Why are you here in the first place?”

“We are looking for New Face of Failure.” Pete said, a smirk coming to his face as he stared at Dani, whose eyes grew bigger.

“That’s us!” Kris said excitedly. Both Dani and Kris couldn’t stop fidgeting.

“Are they ok?” Andy asked.

“Yeah. You guys just met two of your biggest fans.” I sighed as I sat down on the stool by my guitar.

“Should we be scared?” Pete laughed.

“You should.” I warned them.

“Hey! We don’t need your sass.” Dani got up and smacked me over my head.

“Owww!” I whined, grabbing my head. The guys just snickered at me. Dani smiled, walked to them, and smacked them all over their heads.

“OWWW!” They whined.

“Oh shut up. Just because your Fall Out Boy, your going to get hit if need be.” Dani said, shaking her finger at them.

“Your not their mother.” I smiled.

“You want another one?” Dani glared at me.

“No ma’am.” I shrunk back.

“Are we going to have to deal with this for the entire year?” Pete asked.

“Shut up!” Patrick punched Pete’s arm.

“Wait WHAT?” It was my turn to be shocked.

“Nothing. Isn’t it time for you guys to go on?” Patrick changed the subject. “Relax, we’ll still be here when you get back.” He smiled. He must have seen the look I gave him.

“Fine. Come on guys.” I mentioned to Dani and Kris, as I grabbed my guitar. Patrick smiled when he saw it. I realized that it was the guitar he co-designed. The Stump-o-matic Gretsch corvette guitar. “You’re a genius with designs.” I smiled back as we left to start the concert.

Patrick’s POV

“You’re a genius with designs.” Grace smiled at me as they left.

“Damn this maybe the best tour we ever have!” Pete sighed.

“It will be if you don’t mess it up…” I smiled and punched his arm again. He gave me his fake hurt puppy look. “Sorry…after 10 years, it doesn’t work anymore.” I said as I stood up. “Come on. Time to start our tour.” We had this plan to get them on our tour, whether they liked it or not. I grabbed the set list on the mirror table thing and tried to find the last song. I laughed when I found it. It was Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying. This was going to be perfect.

The guys and I snuck out of the dressing room and headed to the backstage. We got there and saw them jamming out. Fortunately, we saw their backs to us. They had no idea what was going to happen. The bad part was we didn’t know who was who. Kris was the drummer…easy enough. But Grace and Dani had similar hair styles, in the dark anyways. Who was controlling the lights? The song they were playing was Brick by Boring Brick, by Paramore. This was still the first song, but it was almost over. They had another 5 songs after this one. Then Hand of God came on.

“Been gone more days this year than I have been home, trading friends for trips to the coast. This hotel room feels more like a tomb.” Whoever was singing was amazing. I needed to know who was singing. I tried to look at the guitars, but the stupid light guy of course, shuts the lights really low. Damnit I thought to myself.

“Oh! Has Trick seen something he likes?” Pete asked, winking at me.

“I hear it, but who is it..” I said amazed. I snapped back to reality when I heard the other girl singing Pete’s part.

“SO WHICH IS IT!” That girl had some lungs on her. I’ve never heard someone who could scream Pete’s part like that.

“I so call dibs!” Pete had the same face I did. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Dirty, telling him to start packing.

“Joe, Andy, you guys grab Kris.” I pointed to the drummer.


“Yeah I get screamo girl.” He said excitedly. “And you get lead singer there.” He winked again, as the song ended. 4 more.

The song after Hand of God was Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence and the two after that was The Takeover, The Breaks Over and Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet. Damn the girls had a range. They hit every note flawlessly, and the guitar playing. Damn.

Finally, the last song. I nodded to the guys who smirked, getting ready to put the plan to effect.

“This has been said so many times and I’m not sure it MATTERS!” Both girls sang and the backup screamed. The lead continued singing till the part where Pete’s poem came. Joe and Andy flinched, but Pete put up his hand, showing that he wanted to listen to see how this girl portrayed it.

“From day one I talked about getting out but not forgetting about how all my worst fears are letting out. He said why put a new address on the same old loneliness when breathing just passes the time till we all just get old and die. Now talking is just a waste of breath and LVING’S JUST A WASTE OF DEATH AND WHY PUT A NEW ADDRESS ON THE SAME OLD LONELINESS AND THIS IS YOU AND ME AND ME AND YOU UNTIL WE GOT NOTHING LEFT!” The backup singer screamed. That was our cue.

3rd POV

As Dani finished the poem, a group of guys ran up on stage. Patrick grabbed Grace and put her on his shoulder. Pete did the same thing as he grabbed Dani, both of them being careful of the swinging guitars. Andy and Joe laughed as they grabbed Kris by his arms and legs. Patrick, Andy and Joe ran off stage with the screaming band. Now Pete and Dani were left on stage facing a stunned crowd.

“What the FUCK!?” Dani screamed.

“Hello Albuquerque! Sorry but New Face of Failure has been kidnapped by Fall Out Boy. Our demands are if you want to ever see them again, they’ll be on tour with us!” Pete yelled over the roaring crowd. He then ran, following the rest of his band with their captives.

Grace’s POV

“ What the hell is going on?” I yelled as I lifted my head to see Andy and Joe running with a confused Kris. “Patrick?!” I yelled when I realized that he was running with me on his shoulder. “What the hell!?” He started laughing.

“We’ll explain once we get to the hideout.” He laughed as we were outside, approaching a van. When we got there Patrick put me down and opened the side door, letting me in first.

“Oh so my kidnapper is a gentleman?” I raised my eyebrows, as Joe and Andy arrived with Kris. Patrick just laughed some more as he helped get Kris in.

“Where’s Dani?” I asked as we all settled down in. My question was answered by Dani’s screams and Pete’s yelps of pain. “Oh shit…He picked her up didn’t he?” I snickered at the guys faces. Sure enough, Pete came out with Dani on his shoulder, wincing in pain as she punched his back.

When he got to the van, Dani flew into the open van door landing next to Kris. She glared at Pete, who rubbed his back as he got into the driver’s seat, and began driving.

“Damn you hurt!” Pete whined.

“I don’t like to be picked up.” She growled. “So what the hell is up?”

“Well, if you haven’t guessed yet, we are being kidnapped.” I said matter-of-factly, while Patrick, who was sitting next to me, smirked.

“Shit.” Joe said looking at his phone. I bent over Patrick to look at Joe’s phone. Joe stared at me as he quickly hid the phone away.

“What?” I said innocently.

“We have no where to take the hostages.” Joe laughed.

“Wait what?” Patrick said, trying to look at the phone now.

“Dirty sent me a text that the hotel made a mistake and the room is already booked.” Joe sighed.

“So you don’t have anywhere to sleep let alone put your hostages?” Dani giggled from the middle row of seats.

“Pretty much. And at 12:00 in the morning, I doubt anywhere else would still take us in.” Joe sighed.

“I know a place!” Kris said. “The 5 star Hotel De La Dani, Grace and I!”

“Are you sure?” Andy asked.

“Yeah. We’ve been able to shove 12 people in there and sleep comfortably.” I assured them.

“But it’s messy!” Dani complained.

“As messy as the van?” Pete laughed as he turned on the light revealing the devastation on the ground of the van.

“Eep!” Dani laughed in mock disgust. We all laughed.

“Hey…” I said as I picked up a yellow circular container. “This looks like the cupcake container on that you tube video.” I looked at it, just about to open it.

“Umm…” Patrick scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “That’s because it is.”

“Oh…” I dropped it back on the floor. Everyone began laughing except for Patrick. I’ve never seen anyone so red. It was kinda cute.

The rest of the drive was fun. With the constant comparing of the van to Kris’s room, some bonding was already happening. Kris, Andy, and Joe were all laughing and seemed to be friends for years. Pete and Dani were bickering like an old married couple, but they were still enjoying it. They looked so cute!

I wasn’t in a talking mood. I was exhausted from the concert and I knew I was going to doze off. I noticed Patrick staring at me as I tried to get into a comfortable spot. Not a what-the-hell look, he was just looking and smiling. I found my spot and I soon fell asleep.

Patrick’s POV

This maybe the best tour ever. The band clicked so well with New Face of Failure. You would’ve thought we’ve known each other for years. I looked at Grace who was trying to go to sleep. I smiled at her. She finally found a spot and fell asleep.

I understood how she felt. After a concert, I was always extremely tired.

“Here, it’s on the right.” Dani said pointing to an apartment complex. Pete made a sharp turn, and we all were forced to the right. I then felt a head on my left shoulder.

“Damn can you turn anymore Pete?” Andy said. I looked at my shoulder and saw Grace, still sleeping, on my shoulder. I felt myself go red. Joe looked at me and Grace and winked.

“So Dani, what do you do in the band?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“I play the bass and back up vocals, but sometimes me and Grace switch.” She smiled at me.

“So who was who tonight?”

“I was backup.” She said. “Grace was lead.”

“You guys were amazing though!” Pete said as he followed Dani’s movements to the parking spot.

“Thanks, and seriously sorry about the mess.” Dani said. She began to get out of the van, and was going to open the seats to so Joe, Grace and I could get out, when she saw Grace. “Damnit.” She sighed.

“What?” I asked trying to move.

“She’s going to be a bitch to move now.” She laughed as she helped me lift her head so I could move again. I was able to get my seatbelt undone and move an inch when Grace, who was still sleeping, grabbed my arm and snuggled with it.

“Umm…Grace?” I said as I felt myself blush. I heard everyone else giggling as they got out themselves. “Grace? Grace?” I gently shook her.

“Hmmm?” Grace mumbled.

“We’re here.” I tried to move my arm. She let go. I turned to the others, but they were gone. Damn them! I thought.

“Are we?” She opened her eyes and yawned. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Inside.” Her eyes opened wider. She jumped up right away.

“For how long?” She asked as she stumbled out of the van.

“For a while.” I smiled as I closed the van up.

“I’m so sorry!” She was still stumbling. “You’re probably exhausted.”

“Relax, and I’m not as much as you are.” I tried to help her stand up straight.

“Sorry, I probably look like a drunk huh…” She giggled a bit. She did seem drunk and I laughed a bit.

“A little.” I laughed.

“That helps.” She giggled back, as she began walking up the stairs. I followed her closely so she didn’t fall down.

We finally made it up and the door was left open for us. Grace walked in, mumbled goodnight to everyone and went to her room at the end of the small hallway.

“Damn…took you two awhile.” Andy said from the floor of the small living room.

3rd POV

“She’s fun when she’s tired.” Dani laughed as she came out from another bedroom, with three sleeping bags, followed by Kris who had 4 pillows.

“Yeah.” Patrick laughed as he yawned, and he headed for the couch.

“Sorry Trick…” Pete smiled as he jumped onto the couch. “You’re stuck with Grace.” He winked. Andy and Joe just shrugged their shoulders and took the sleeping bags and pillows and set them up on the floor. The floor was small so even if it wasn’t messy, there would be no room for three people.

“Will she mind?” Patrick asked Dani. He was blushing.

“Nah…she’s pretty used to it.” Dani smiled at Patrick gently.

“But I still don’t know.”

Dani sighed and walked past Patrick and down the hallway to Grace’s room.

“You don’t need to wake her up.” Patrick said as he followed Dani. Dani just ignored him.

“Grace…Grace!” Dani shook her.

“What?” Grace moaned. She went to sleep fast. Patrick thought to himself.

“Patrick needs to sleep in here. Can he?” Dani asked.

“Yea…jus leve meh alo.” Grace moaned again, scooting over enough to let him in.

“There’s your answer.” Dani patted his back.

“Thanks.” He said sheepishly, as he followed Dani back to the living room.

“So?” Pete asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Shush…it’s taken care of.” Dani rolled her eyes.

“Well then here…You may need this.” Pete threw a silver wrapper at Patrick. Patrick was about to catch it when Dani went ninja and caught it.

“What the HELL!?” Dani looked at it as well as everyone else.

Everyone began laughing their asses off except for Kris, who was smart and kept his mouth shut.

“You’re an asshole!” Dani whacked Pete in the face with his own pillow. Her face was all red as she threw away the condom. Everyone was laughing now, even Dani.

“Well…goodnight.” Patrick said as he headed to Grace’s bedroom.

“Goodnight Patrick.” Dani waved, as she turned back to Pete. “As for you…” She smirked evilly.

“Oh shit…” Pete yelped as Dani began beating him with his pillow, beginning a huge pillow fight with everyone. Patrick laughed as he headed to Grace’s room.

The room was small, but cozy. The light shining from her sliding glass door gave Patrick enough light to see where he was going. Grace was still on the side closest to the balcony window, and Patrick laid down next to her. He got comfortable and realized that it wasn’t as awkward as he though it was going to be. He put his hands behind his head and relaxed. The room was really nice. She had tons of posters up. Harry Potter, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Panic at the Disco. Patrick smirked.

Suddenly, the day's events hit him like a rock. He no longer could keep his eyes open. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.
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