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part 2

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Dani's POV

After Patrick went to bed, the pillow fight ended quickly. Pete, Kris, and I were on the couch and Andy and Joe were on the floor. We were laughing and talking about how awesome this night was. As we continued to talk, I noticed Pete look at his cell phone and sigh.

"Sorry's Ashley." Pete said as he walked out the front door. After he closed it, Andy and Joe both sighed sadly.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Him and Ashley have been fighting for a while now." Andy answered. "She's trying to get out and sing again, but she's bad...really she takes her anger and jealousy out on Pete."

"Are you serious? They are married right?" I began feeling my temper go up. "She's jealous that she can't be as successful as her husband so she gets mad at him for being better than her?" I stood up. "That bitch! I don't understand why, how can she do that to him?!"

"Dani sit down." Kris said as he pulled my hand down, pulling me back down on the couch.

"Sorry...he deserves someone better than her..." I said as I calmed myself down.

"Good luck trying to tell him....he's totally in love with her, yet she seems to give a rat's ass about him." Joe said as he gave Kris and I a sad look. "We've been trying to tell him for a while..."

"But he won't hear it." Andy finished.

"That bitch...I'm going to talk to him." I said as I went out the front door.

Pete's POV

"So that's it...your giving up on us because of this tour?" I repeated what Ashley just told me.

"Yes Pete...I can't take it anymore..." Ashley's cold voice sent a chill trough my body. She didn't seem sad at our marriage meant nothing to her. I tried to stop the tears from falling.

"Ashley...please...don't do this to me." I pleaded to her. "I'll do anything just don't leave me." I hated that I was begging her for her to stay when she clearly didn't care.

"Listen Wentz...she told you its over...relax, I'll take care of her..." A man's voice rang through the phone.

"WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?!" I yelled over the phone.

"That doesn't matter Pete...I'm in love with him and I can't be with you anymore...simple as that." Ashley's voice sent another chill.

"Damnit Ashley! What the hell?! Your CHEATING ON ME?!" I punched the side of the van.

"I'll send you the divorce papers when I can." With that, she hung up on me. I clenched my fist and punched the van again...harder, and leaving an even bigger dent than the first one. How the hell could she do this to me?! After everything I've done for her, and she goes on and cheats on me. My heart felt like a million pieces and she was stepping on them more. I yelled in frustration. I felt the tears stream down my face. There was no point on stopping them.

"Pete?" A voice came from behind me. I spun around to see Dani with a scared expression on her face. Her eyes grew bigger when she saw me.

"Do I look that shitty?" I faked smiled, the tears still falling. Dani's face didn't change. She stepped closer and wrapped her arms around me. I tensed up. She felt me because she looked up to me and said,

"You don't need her." She said, tears forming in her eyes now. After she said these words, I felt like she understood me, and I knew I could trust her. But look what happened with trusted her. A voice inside me spat.

As if she heard that voice, she looked back up to me from the hug and said, " can trust me. But if your not ready, I understand." She smiled sadly.

Dani's POV

" can trust me. But if your not ready, I understand." I smiled sadly at him. He looked down on me and hugged me tightly. He began sobbing into my shoulder. If I ever see that bitch Ashley near him ever again, I will rip her throat out...How could she do this to him? He gave her everything she ever wanted and she threw everything back in his face. I felt my tears forming in my eyes as I held Pete. How could she have held so much of him and in a moment's notice, let him fall over the edge. I don't know how long we were out there, but I knew I would never leave his side till he wanted me to go. We held each other for awhile until Pete looked back at me.

"I'm really sorry Dani..." Pete sniffed.

"Why are you sorry?" I asked him. "You just found out that your wife has been cheating on you and didn't care, and you're telling me that you're sorry?" I made sure I mentioned the events gently, but I could feel myself so angry I could laugh. "You really are a strange character Pete." I smiled. That seemed to lighten him up. "Come on...let's go inside and get you to bed." He nodded in agreement and followed me up, back to the apartment.

We walked into the apartment and saw Kris sprawled out on the couch passed out and Andy and Joe sleeping as well.

"Well I guess Kris forfeit his bed." I laughed. Pete and I began laughing when Andy turned to Joe and the two began cuddling in their sleep. "Come on..." I said as I led Pete to me and Kris's room. "Sorry about the mess, I tried to speed clean when I was getting your pillows and sleeping bags." I apologized to him.

Pete's POV

"It's better than my room." I laughed as Dani giggled. I looked around on the walls and realized I couldn't even see the color of the walls. There were so many posters on the walls. Harry Potter, MCR, Panic at the Disco, AFI, and I laughed when I saw how many Fall Out Boy posters that she had.

"It's weird to see so many of your posters up isn't it?" Dani laughed as she got something from her dresser.

"Nah...I have all these posters in my room..."I said as she went through another dresser.

"Someone has some band pride." She said as she handed me a pair of pajamas.

"No more like something to look at and say to myself that this wasn't a dream and it really happened." I told her.

"That's a good way to put it." She put a thought into it. "Well get dressed in here and I'll get us something to drink and eat...I don't know about you, but I'm starving."

"Yeah I'm actually..." I said as my stomach growled in agreement.

"Ok...I have the perfect thing for nights like this." She smiled as she walked out with what I assumed was her pj's and closed the door.

Something about her made me feel great. She barely knew me and I barely knew her, but yet I was able to let her in and she didn't run off. She stayed with me and took care of me. I began to get changed into a large AFI shirt and a pair of Nightmare Before Christmas pants. I think these were Kris's. I sat down on a blue bed, which was the furthest from the bedroom door. The purple one I assumed was Dani's...don't ask me how I knew, I just did. I was now alone with my thoughts. From the time I was hugging Dani to when I sat down, I haven't thought about Ashley. I thought about how shitty she treated me and yet, I begged her to stay with me. Being with Dani for just the few minutes that we have been talking, I realized that what Dani said downstairs was true. I didn't need Ashley. She wanted to be with some other guy, so who gives a hell...she was divorcing me, so I was free again. Something I knew would be a good thing. But even though I knew this was for the better, it still hurt like hell. I still blamed myself for letting it get this bad. Before I knew it, the tears were falling again. Of course with my luck, Dani walked in again.

"Here I brought extremely chessy nachos and two mountain dew...." She stopped in mid sentence. She put the food and drink on her bed and sat next to me. "It's okay...just let it out." She put her arms around me again holding the mess that I was and I just cried till I couldn't cry anymore.

"Why the hell...why would she do this?" I sobbed. "Was I bad husband?" Dani shook her head.

"No she was the shitty wife. You did everything for her and more than any husband would, yet she was the one who ruined it, not you..." She said, I could hear the anger rise up in her voice. "You can't blame yourself...did you have the affair?"

"No..." I answered back.

"Then quit it..." She told me sternly. She then smiled. "Don't worry...this isn't how I usually am...I won't be scolding you like I have been today...I just get really overprotective over the people I care about. Ask Kris and Grace...they know." She sat up and went to her bed and passed me a mountain dew and a bowl of nachos.

"This is the strangest comfort food..." I said.

Dani laughed. "You were expecting chocolate, ice cream, all that jazz...well this stuff is better than that, and better movie food." She sat down next to me and turned the TV on to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. "This is how you heal broken hearts."

"How old are you?" I asked as stuffed my face with the delicious nachos.

"21...Me and Kris are twins." She looked at me and laughed through her mountain dew.

"What's so funny?" I asked, laughing a little myself.

"You have cheese all over your face hun." She grabbed a napkin from next to her and handed it to me. I laughed as I wiped my face.

"Is it gone?" I asked. She laughed as she grabbed another one.

" it is." She snickered as she wiped the far side of my cheek.

"How the hell did I do that?" I laughed.

"How should I know?" She laughed again at me. We continued to talk like this for what seemed like forever. I really enjoyed having her company and the weird thing was that even though my marriage with Ashley was over, I felt so much better after talking to Dani. She was able to do something that only one person that I knew could do. Read me and understand me. Patrick was the only one who could do that and because of that, he was like a brother to me and one of my closest friends. True he would be up with me and we would be doing the same thing as me and Dani were doing, but I didn't want to wake him up with my problems. Dani was able to heal me faster than anyone else has. And she was amazing for that.

"Oh shit." She whined.

"What?" I asked.

"I told Grace I would take off the henna on my back so she can do another one." She said as she got up.

"Henna?" I asked as I got up and followed her to her bathroom sink. I saw her back and her right arm due to her spaghetti tank top. There was an amazing design connecting from the back of her neck and it flowed down her back and her right arm.

"Its this plant dye that stains your skin and looks like a real tattoo." She said as she walked to her bathroom mirror and opened the medicine cabinet to get rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls. "It can stay on for months, but comes off easily with rubbing alcohol or baby oil."

"Thats an amazing design!" I said. "Who did it?"

"Grace...we do this stuff together. I do her designs and she does mine."

"I want to see your designs." I said.

"Hmmm...I think that can be arranged." She thought about it as she began rubbing the henna off with ease. "I think I put the design on her right arm...yeah we can go see it, after I get this off."

"Yay!" I said.

Dani's POV

"Yay!" Pete said excitedly.

I just laughed at him as I wiped the last of the henna off. "Okay...come on." I led him to Grace's bedroom. We opened the door and we began to laugh. We covered our mouths when we saw the way Patrick and Grace were sleeping. Patrick was on his back with his right hand behind his head, his hat covering his face, and Grace was sleeping on his chest, and Patrick's left hand was holding her there. We walked out for a moment and looked at each other. "Umm..." I blushed.

"Why are you blushing? It's not like we walked in on them doing something." Pete kept snickering. I smacked his arm.

"Don't even put that image in my head!" I said, shaking my head, but still snickering.

"Ehh...they look cute together anyways...I've never seen Trick so talkative to a girl before." Pete shrugged while he opened the door again and looked at the two.

"Yeah...I guess..." I said looking at them as well. "Hey we should set them up during the tour..." I laughed quietly. Pete was quiet for a minute then a smile appeared on his face.

"Yeah...we should." He smiled at me. Being this close to him and his amazing smile made my heart stop. He then entered the room and looked at Grace's right arm to see the design I made. Dude! What are you thinking?! He just found out his wife has been cheating on him and you're going head over heels for him! He doesn't even feel that way for you! I thought to myself. But he was amazing looking and he along with the rest of Fall Out Boy weren't just celebrities. They were human. They hurt, laugh, cry, everything.

"You need to do one of these for me...both of you!" Pete said as he came back out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"Sure." I said, snapping back into the real world. Damn you real world...

Grace's POV

I woke up to Dani knocking on my door.

"" She said excitedly.

"Damnit...fine...I'm coming Dani." I yawned as I went to get up. I was stopped by something wrapped around my waist. I looked to see an arm. I turned to see a sleeping Patrick in my bed. I felt my face go red. He was sleeping so soundly. His hat was still on his head, but barely. He looked so peaceful, every once in a while his lips twitched. I giggled. I really took a good look at him. His strawberry blonde hair was all messed up but it fit his face so well. He was, in my opinion, the best looking in Fall Out Boy, no offense to the rest of the band, but something about him was all...awwww...about him. He was my favorite out of FOB, Dani was a huge fan of Pete...even though she doesn't get starstruck as much as the next fan, and Kris...well...his favorite FOB members were Joe and Andy. We never thought in a million years that we would be 'kidnapped' by Fall Out Boy, let alone having them at our apartment. My thoughts were interrupted by Dani knocking and opening the door.

"Where is my food?" Dani looked at me ignoring the position I was in. "Your supposed to get up!"

"Hem..." I pointed to Patrick's arm. Dani just sighed and helped me lift his arm high enough so I could get through and stick a pillow in my place. Once the pillow was in place, Patrick snuggled with it even more.

"Aww..." Dani cooed as I pushed her out of my room.

"Leave him alone..." I giggled as I closed my door quietly.

"But..." Dani protested.

"But nothing..." I got past her and made my way to the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the things I needed to make breakfast. I grabbed my ipod and it's speakers from the other counter and put it on shuffle. It's a good thing that the living room was by the front door and the kitchen was at the very end of the hallway. I have no idea why they did it that way, they just did. Kinda nice though. I could go back here and never be found...if I wanted too.

"I'm going to go to my bedroom ok?" She told me as she headed back.

"That's fine" I said as I turned my Ipod on. The first song was We are so Starving, by Panic at the Disco. How ironic. I laughed as I began singing along.

"Oh, how it's been so long, we're so sorry we've been gone, we were busy writing songs for you." I sang as the put the coffee up and started the coffee pot.

The next song played. Hotel California by the Eagles. This song I just listened to. I didn't like this song for singing, just jamming. I swayed as I started cooking eggs and bacon. Listening to this song and cooking reminded me of my mom. She always listened to them and we have awesome memories. I was just learning how to play the guitar and my mom had me in the kitchen with my acoustic and had me play as she cooked. She was the one who taught me how to play and sing. She wanted to be a musician but she got married to my father and had me. She taught me everything she knew. I was 10 when I was able to play the solo in the song. I loved it. Soon the smell of bacon became overpowering and went through the entire apartment. Soon that smell was mixed with the smell of coffee. I was in my zone. Then the next song came on. My theme song...well one of them.

Anything but Ordinary by Avril Lavigne. I sang, of course on the top of my lungs, thinking no one could hear me. I finished as I heard people clapping behind me. I turned to see everyone up and standing there, watching me. I felt myself go red. Dani had the biggest grin on her face.

"Dani?” I glared at her.

"Sorry, but we smelled coffee and bacon." Pete shrugged.

"You guys suck." I said as I passed out the plates. "Here Kris...your waffles."

"Thanks Grace." Kris smiled as he took the plate.

"And Andy..." I passed him a plate of waffles.

"How'd you know?" Andy asked.

"I live with the two biggest FOB fans ever...I think I know to much about you guys." I laughed at both Kris and Dani who's faces turned a bright red. "Come on proud of your obsessions." I smirked, knowing I got them. "Anyways, what's the plan?" I asked as I fixed myself a cup of coffee.

"Well, we are going to start the tour today, well head to the town and our next concert isn't till Friday." Joe said sipping his coffee. "Good coffee."

"Thanks...but it's Saturday." I said, confused. It was really soon.

"Yeah...we are going to Vegas first." Patrick said as he drank his coffee. I almost spit my coffee out.

"VEGAS?!" I practically screamed.

"Yeah." Joe laughed. "We'll have a hotel room and then after that concert, we are on tour guys have your own as well."

"HOLY SHIT!" Dani, Kris, and I screamed.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Pete raised his eyebrows. "I mean we did kidnap them..."

"This is true..." Andy thought. "Alright. Dani, Pete, Kris and Joe in bus one. Patrick, Grace, and I have bus two." He said.

"That works." Pete clapped his hands together. "Alright...we have to get ready." And with that, he chugged the rest of his coffee and headed out. "Dani, I'll help you guys pack. Andy, Joe you guys get cleaning duty. Patrick help Grace." With that, everyone left the kitchen except Patrick and I.

"'d you sleep?" He asked me as he came into the kitchen and sat next to me on the counter.

"Good...cozy." I felt myself blush. He smirked. I then remembered something in the fridge. I got up and quickly walked to it and grabbed two cans out of it.

"isn't it a bit early to start drinking?" He smiled.

"Its 5 o' clock somewhere" I smiled back at him as I passed him one of the cans. "Here. But don't tell anyone."

"Why?" He looked at the Monster.

"Because if they knew, we would only have one sip." I laughed.

"But I'm not a fan of Monsters very much." He looked at me.

"Did you have a brown can...Monster Java?" I asked as I had him follow me to my bedroom.

"'d you know?"

"I've been living on monsters most of my life and the only one that I hate is Monster java...tastes like shit." He laughed at me. "What? They do! But my favorite are these...Monster Assaults." I opened my can quietly. Patrick looked at me strange. "They can hear one of these from a mile away."

"I doubt that." He smiled at me.

" your can, and get ready to hide it." I warned him. He opened it like any person would. He waited.

"See? No one." Right as he said it, I grabbed his can and hid it with mine under the bed just in time before Dani, Kris, and Pete came running into the bedroom.

"I heard a Monster being opened." Kris said looking at Patrick and me suspiciously.

"I think your guys drank the last one last week." I reminded them.

"Are you sure? I could've sworn.." Dani's eyes went around the room.

"Yes Dani...there are no more Monsters." I assured them. "Go finish packing, and we can go pick some up on the way."

"Fine..." They sighed as they went back to packing, closing my door behind them. Me and Patrick looked at each other and began cracking up.

"I didn't think you were serious!" He said through his laughter.

"When I say something, I mean it." I laughed with him as I got our cans back out. "Here."

"I'm not sure." He took it.

"I promise it's good." I said as I took a huge gulp.

"Fine." He gave up and took a drink. He looked at it and smiled at me. "That is really good!"

"Told you." I smiled as I grabbed my suitcase from the closet and put it on the bed next to Patrick. He took another gulp and burped. He turned red. I laughed. "Don't worry, they do that, it's normal." I said as I took a gulp, and of course I let out a burp. I felt myself turn red as well. We looked at each other and began cracking up again. This time, we couldn't stop. We just kept laughing and laughing till we were crying. Patrick was on the bed, leaning over and laughing. I tried to get up but ended falling and holding myself up on his shoulder.

"This is why you can't have coffee and a Monster within the same hour." Dani said from the doorway.

"Uh oh....I in trouble." I laughed.

"Dani help us! We can't stop!" Patrick was still laughing as hard as I was.

"You really want to stop?" Dani said. We nodded, still laughing. "Fine...DEAD KITTENS!" She said. We immedently stopped laughing.

"Awww....that's not a nice image." I said.

"Got you to stop didn't it?" Dani laughed at us. "Hurry up and pack."

"Fine." I said as I began throwing my clothes into my suitcase. I didn't own much so everything was able to fit. I packed my makeup and hair things as well as my henna set. "How long are we going to be gone?" I asked Patrick.

"For almost a year. If you need anything else, we can buy it out on the road."

"Ok then..." I stood up trying to think of what else I could take. "OH!" I ran to the side of my bed and grabbed my red and black panda. "I can't leave him here." Patrick just looked at me and the panda.

"You like pandas too?" He asked me.

"Yeah..." I knew he liked them too. "I know you do...I saw the pictures...pandamonium." I giggled.

He did that cute habit of biting his lip. Oh my god....he was soooooo cute. Oh god....I’m I crushing on Patrick Stump?
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