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part 3

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Dani's POV

"So the plan has been put into effect?" I asked Pete who was smiling.

"Yep..." Pete laughed

"And the Monsters were your idea?"

"Actually, no....those were there before we got here." Pete said as he helped me pack my suitcase.

"That bitch hid Monsters from me!" I acted all hurt.

"Awww...." Pete laughed as he put an arm around me. “You poor thing...well your bunking with me and I'm the major Monster drinker, so I has a stash." He winked at me. Oh my god....He was amazing looking...I'm crushing on Pete Wentz.....shit.

"Hey, hands off the sister!" Kris looked at us from his side of the room. Pete laughed and tackled Kris to his bed.

Damn you Kris! I thought to myself as my poor asshole of a brother begged for my help.

"RAPE!" He yelled over our laughter.

"It's not rape if you like it!" Pete pinned him down by now sitting on him.

"Damn..." Kris laughed.

"We heard someone yell rape!" Andy and Joe appeared at the door.

"Yeah...Pete's raping my brother." I laughed.

"Once's not rape if he likes it!" Pete said bouncing a bit on Kris's back as Grace and Patrick came into the room now. "PATRICK!" Pete yelled as he jumped off of Kris and tackled Patrick to the ground.

"HOLY SHIT!" Patrick yelled from under Pete. "PETE! YOU ASSHOLE!"

"Buddy!" Pete seemed really happy to see everyone.

"Hey...what happened last night by the way? With Ashley?" Joe asked. A silence filled the room. He did not just ask right now... I thought to myself. Pete got up and looked at everyone, and did something that I didn't expect. He smiled.

"Oh...we broke up." He laughed as he helped Patrick back up.

"WHAT?" Patrick said. Everyone except me was speechless.

"Heh...yeah...she was cheating on me and she told me she couldn't do it anymore and she is sending the divorce papers when she can." Pete said still smiling.

Pete's POV

I was able to see everyone's expressions when I told them the news. They had mixed emotions. Mostly shock and relief. They never liked Ashley to begin with and they told me many times that I deserved better, but I never believed them. Now that I really saw what Ashley was, and how much these guys really did care, I felt good. I looked at Dani with a big genuine smile on my face. Her shock from the fact that I was able to smile and laugh about what happened last night changed to relief that I was doing so well. It was thanks to her that I was really able to jump back up so quickly. I don't know many people who can do what Dani did for me.

" are you taking it?" Kris asked. "Are you sure you want to still do this?"

"Hell yeah! I'm not going to let Ashley's stupid mistake ruin this tour." I said. I looked at Dani while everyone else began sighing and talking again. I really got to look at her this time. She was about 5'4", had long wavy dark brown hair with side bangs, and her eyes were a hazel, with blue really standing out. She was wearing a simple Alice and Wonderland shirt and a pair of torn up jeans. She was really beautiful. Wait...what the hell are you doing?! a voice inside me yelled. You just found out your getting a divorce and your wife that you trusted has been cheating on you, yet as soon as you really look at this girl, your falling head over heels for her! Shit....this wasn't good. I don't even really know her, much did trust her. With my heart and soul I trusted this girl with my life. Dani, who I knew for less than 24 hours, already had this effect on me. I want to get to know her better. She looked at me and noticed my staring. She and I both blushed slightly.

"DUDE?!" Joe clapped his hands in front of my face. "Did you even hear me?"

"Huh?" I said sheepishly. Dani covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing.

"Come back to earth and let's go. Our flight leaves in 30 minutes."

"Oh ok, come on!" I said, as I grabbed some of the bags. Something told me this was going to be an amazing tour.

Grace's POV

After that little Dani and Pete moment, I knew that they needed to be together. Sure Pete just found out about Ashley's affair, but we had a year to work on it. I went through a checklist in my head. I had my clothes, panda, Ipod, cell phone, charger, laptop, makeup, henna, acoustic guitar(the electric one was still in the van)...

"Oh! Hold on..." I said as I ran to my bedroom one last time and grabbed my sketch book and my pencil case. I ran back to everyone. "Ok I got it." I said as we packed everything into the van. After that, Dani and I walked back up to check that everything was off and locked up.

"Can you believe this is happening to us?" Dani said, as we walked into the kitchen.

"I'm wondering that myself..." I answered her, as I shut and locked the balcony sliding glass door in my room. "I'm going to miss this, yet at the same time, I'm glad we are leaving."

We locked everything up and left, locking the front door. This was the last time we would see this apartment for a year. We walked down the stairs and to the van where everyone was waiting outside the van.

"Umm....see here's the thing....we have no clue how to get to the airport. So one of you is going to have to drive." Pete shrugged.

I sighed. "Dani..."

"What? No way José`" She looked at me. "You my dear need to never get to practice."

"You suck Dani..." I sighed. I had my drivers license, but I didn't have a car to learn in. Don't ask me how I passed the driving part of the test, I just did.

"You still love me! Relax, I'll sit in the front with you and tell you where to go." She said as Pete passed me the keys. "And think of it this way, if we all die, we'll just haunt your ass."

"Lovely..." I glared at Dani as I got in the drivers side. I didn't mind driving, but still, I had 6 loud obnoxious people in the back, and I didn't do well with other people. Andy, Joe, Kris sat in the very back of the van. Patrick sat behind me and Pete was behind Dani in the middle row. I turned on the radio and plugged in my Ipod. Purple Rain by Prince came on.

"Hells yeah!" Patrick jumped up and down in his seat. I just laughed as I turned the song up. Patrick began jamming.

"Dude...and I thought I had the issues.." Pete said after the song ended, as he braided the back of Dani's head. From what I could tell.

"I really hope your not dissing on Prince." I growled from the wheel, not taking my eyes off the road. "Prince is amazing."

"Thank you! I've been trying to tell them that for years now." Patrick laughed from behind me.

"MY TURN!!!!" Pete yelled. Don't ask me how he did it, but he managed to take off his seat belt and get into the front and on Dani's lap without making me swerve. He took the ipod and went through it. Dani was struggling to get Pete into a more comfortable position for her, but the attempt failed. "You have some random shit in here." He looked at me.

"I believe that the more random the Ipod, the more of a chance that the owner having a unique personality. If you have the same genre to the entire Ipod, you can't tell who that person really is other than that they really like only one type of music." I said smiling.

"Nice thought." I heard Andy from the back.

"Thanks, now please put something on so I don't kill you for jumping around in a moving vehicle." I smirked at Pete, who saluted me and went back to looking.

"WOOOO!!! YOU HAVE THIS SONG!!!!!" Pete yelled in my ear. He pressed play and then a familiar nasally voice came on.

"Oh shit." Kris whined from the back.

“ Boy, don't try to front, I know just what you are. You say I'm crazy, I got your crazy. You're nothin' but a womanizer" Dani, Pete, Patrick and I sang. I could barely hear Joe, Andy, and Kris complaining. I laughed at the pain that was Britney Spears.

"Lollipop, must mistake me, you're a sucker. To think that I would be a victim not another. Say it, play it how you wanna, but no way I'm ever gonna fall for you, never you, baby. Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer.” I stopped singing and the song and said, "That's enough of Britney now sorry guys...I can only take so much of her in one sitting."

"Awww! But I was jamming!!!!!" Dani whined.

"You don't even like Britney..." I laughed.

"True that." Dani laughed as she slapped Pete's hand away from her hair.

Other than Pete pulling at Dani's hair the car ride went smoothly. I was getting better at driving, but I definitely needed some more practice. The plane ride however...not so much. First, we got lost in the airport itself....the Albuquerque airport was really confusing, especially the fact that,

1: Not one of us have ever been in here.

2:The crazy fans that recognized all of us and we ended up being chased around the airport.

We finally found the plane and got on. You would have thought that the group was a bunch of 3 year olds. Well at least the boys were. What was it about planes that got boys hyper? Even Patrick was hyper! We sat in the back so they could be a little louder and waste their energy. Dani and I sat together, while Patrick and Pete sat on the other side of the plane, and Kris, Andy and Joe were in the middle. After the plane took off, the stewardess or whatever you call them began passing the peanuts out and began to take drink orders.

"I'll have a coke please." Dani said to the stewardess.

"Me too." I said. The stewardess smiled at us and went to the front to get our orders. Once she was gone I turned to Dani.

"Dude...I think Pete has a thing for you..." I winked at her. She laughed, causing her to almost spit out her coke.

" think? He just found out about the bitch, yet you think he has already moved on?" Dani gave me a skeptical look. "Please." Just then a peanut flew and hit Dani on the side of her head. She turned to the direction the peanut came from and a grinning Pete shook his peanut bag at her. "Shut up" She snapped.

"You only say that cause you know it's true!" I laughed at her as she returned fire at Pete, ducked, and the peanut hit Patrick who was staring out the window. Patrick looked at Dani with a what-the-fuck look that made me and Dani both bust out laughing. With the epic peanut battle between them, I had Dani move to the window so I could go to the restroom and put on some more eyeliner. She didn't reply, just laughed as her peanut hit Pete right between the eyes. It's a good thing that the restroom was in the back with us...less walking.

I went into the restroom and closed the door. I had one more reason to come in here other than my eyeliner. I forgot to change my contacts last night. I have those 30 day wear...I could even sleep with them on, and that was a good thing. I took out my new contact case and threw away the ones I had on. I looked into the mirror before I put them on. I had my caramel brown eyes staring back at me. I loved my eyes, especially the way that they could change the tint of brown. Sometimes they would turn dark chocolate brown, or into a light brown that looked almost gold. I was a runaway. Simple enough. Dani and Kris never knew, even though I’ve known them since middle school. God forbid if they found out.

I sighed as I put on my contacts, dulling the brown with a silver grey, and headed back out. I walked to my seat, well the seat that was once mine. Pete looked up to me grinning.

"Hi!" He tried to look innocent.

"Hey." I looked at Dani who just shrugged her shoulders. Then I noticed the coke in their hands. "First you steal my friend, then my seat, and now my coke? You will pay Wentz." I pretended to glare at him. He looked at Dani who looked at me and I winked at her. "'s on." I said as I walked to Pete's old seat next to Patrick.


"I just did!" I stuck my tongue out at him and hugged on Patrick's arm. Pete just flipped me the bird and received a smack on the back of the head by Dani. "HAHA!!! you got the abusive one!" I laughed as I let go of Patrick. I sat back in the seat and sighed.

"How the hell can you deal with him on an entire tour?" I asked Patrick who laughed.

"You get used to him...besides..." He and I looked over at Pete who waved my coke around a bit and then chugged it, rubbing it in my face. "You end up still loving him in the end."

"Heh...he's an ass." I glared at Pete. Patrick giggled. I looked at his bright eyes, which were green at the moment. Damnit! Stop! You barely know him other than what a typical fan girl knows. He put his hand on my head and messed my hair up. "Hey!" He just smiled at me.

Patrick's POV

"Hey!" Grace whined after I messed up her hair. I don't know why I did it. Her hair was a raven black, choppy layers, and flipped out. She didn't have it in a messy bun like she did last night. It looked really soft and I just messed it up. I smiled at her, looking into her eyes. She pouted. I could tell she had contacts in, and they were colored. From the goldish brown tint in the grey, I knew she had brown eyes. Either color, there was one thing in common. They were beautiful. Then she grabbed my hat and placed it on her head.

"Hey!" I went to grab it back. She held on to the hat. To be honest, she looked really good with it.

" lost your hat till I think that you deserve it back" She smiled evilly. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. Then the drinks that me and Pete ordered came. I took my coke and Grace took whatever Pete ordered. I honestly had no idea what he got, but it looked like coke.

"Hey Pete!" Grace yelled as she showed off Pete's drink. She then chugged it, then almost spit it back out. "What the hell?!"

"Sorry...I wanted cold coffee!" Pete laughed at her. "Then I had your coke and now I feel better."

"See? He's an asshole." Grace pouted. She looked cute when she was mad.

We finally landed in Vegas and we headed to our way to the hotel. We went to the Fairfield Inn, which was about 2 blocks from the Vegas Strip. We got a cheap hotel, and only booked two rooms, both of them double guest rooms. We knew that we would be bunking with one another, so it didn't really matter. We brought our stuff up to our rooms which were on the second floor, right next to each other. We picked which room we wanted and put our stuff away. By the time we were done, it was about 7 at night. We all ended up in New Face of Failure's room, tired from the long ass day.
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