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part 4

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Grace's POV

"I'm hungry..." Pete whined.

"There's a pizza place down the street. Why don't we walk there?" Dani pointed out.

"Yeah..that sounds fun!" Joe jumped up.

"You guys go ahead. I'm too tired." I said from my spot on the bed closest to the closet and the bathroom.

"That makes two of you." Andy snickered at the sleeping Patrick on the opposite bed.

"Aww..." I laughed. "You guys go ahead, just bring back some so we can eat later."

"If your sure..." Dani said as they made their way to the door.

"Yeah I'm fine...I'll probably go to the hot tub and relax." I smiled.

"Ok, then." Dani said. "Remember we have our cells and what not."

"Ok mom." I rolled my eyes. I was rewarded with a pillow to the face. They left leaving me and a sleeping Patrick alone. When I knew they were gone, I walked over to Patrick and gently shook him. "Patrick? Hey, Patrick."

"Yeah?" He murmured.

"I'm going to the're coming." I told him. Before he could tell me no, I went to grab my bathing suit and headed into the bathroom. I stripped down and put on my bathing suit which was a black bikini with little red stars everywhere. I didn't like it much so I took a long black shirt and a pair of swim trunks with me and put them on. I looked into the mirror and looked at my eyes. Should I just leave my contacts in? I wondered to myself. I decided to leave them in because Patrick was coming. I would just keep my eyes closed under water, if I even went under. I walked out of the bathroom and to where Patrick was. I laughed. He was in his swim trucks and a blue shirt. He had his awesome I love Bingo hat on, but he was asleep again. "Patrick..." I poked his face. "Patrick, come on, I know your awake." He smiled, his eyes still closed.

"Have fun making me." He laughed.

"Ok" I said as I grabbed his hat and ran to the opposite side of the room by the door.

"HEY!" He sat up.

"Come and get it!" I waved his hat and put it on my head, running out of the room. He began running close behind me. We laughed as we took off, passing tons of people who just gave us strange looks. I finally made it to the pool with Patrick following right behind me. I ran to the deep end of the pool.

"Haha!!" I yelled as I put my hands in the air. "I win!!" I unfortunately wasn't watching Patrick who came up behind me and picked me up bridal style and jumped into the pool with me.

"PATRICK YOU ASSHOLE!" I gasped when I came back up to the surface.

"WOOO!" Patrick yelled. "Holy s-s-shit! Its colder than I thought!" He half laughed and gasped when he came up after me. He swam toward me and took the soaked hat and put it back on his head. "And I'll take this back." He smiled. I splashed him and swam, quickly, to the hot tub. I jumped out and landed in the hot water.

"Ahhh...that's better." I sighed as Patrick joined me. "You jerk." I playfully glared at him. He gave me this cute innocent look.

"You started it." He said. "So why did you want me to come down here?"

"Because I felt like having someone else with me." I said simply.

"Ok...where did the others go?" He asked.

"They went to eat...they are going to bring us some pizza when they come back."

"I'll believe it when I see it." He laughed. "I bet they will eat it before we even see the box."

"Dani will make sure they don't." I laughed as well.

"Alright...20 questions!" Patrick said randomly.

Patrick's POV

"Alright...20 questions." I said randomly. Hey I wanted to get to know her.

"Ok, ask away." She smiled.

"What’s your favorite animal?" I asked.

"Pandas. They are so fluffy and cute!" She smiled. "Your's?"

"Pandas as well." I said sheepishly.

"We have that in common." She laughed. "Next question?"

"Favorite food."

"Sushi and twizzlers and you?"

"These pumpkin squares my mom makes and Black licorice."

" licorice?! Those remind me of my grandfather." She made a cute funny face. I laughed.

"Don't knock them till you try them." I told her.

"I have...but I do like black adder tea..." She said. "It's black licorice tea, and its really good, but the actual stuff, you couldn't pay me to eat it again. I'll stick to my normal red licorice."

"I have never actually tried red..." I laughed when I saw her eyes grow big.

"You've never...thats..." She stuttered. "I have to get you to try it!"

“Ok,” I laughed. “How did New Face of Failure come about?”

She laughed. “We all knew each other from middle school and actually got together then.”
“Gotcha, those types of bands are the best.” I laughed. "Next question...why do you wear contacts?" Her eyes got big.

"How do you know?" She snapped a bit.

"I wear them too." I shrugged. "I can tell that you have brown eyes." She looked down at the water and went silent. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

She sighed. "Do you promise that whatever I tell you, you'll never repeat to anyone ever?"

"Yeah...thats what I'm here for." I promised.

She sighed again, took her contacts out, and looked back up at me. She had the most beautiful brown eyes. Even though it was dark out and very little light was coming from the hot tub and the pool, I could see her eyes. After I saw them, she put the contacts back, which still made her eyes beautiful, but dull in comparison to what I just saw.

"Wow. Why would you hide those eyes?" I asked. I blushed when I realized what I said. She blushed too.

“Because no one knows about my glasses, which I hate.”

“Oh. Glasses aren’t that bad. You need to show me yours. Now how about some family history?”

"I'm a runaway. Well kind of." She looked right into my eyes. "My mother knew I was going to leave but I left a little earlier than she anticipated."


"My asshole of a father. My mom only married him because she was pregnant with me. She was going to be a musician you know." She smiled sadly. She wanted to continue as soon as I was born, but my father wanted to do what he wanted, he told her no, and he was going to do what he wanted."

"Why didn't she leave him?" I asked.

"Heh...she was 16, her parents kicked her out, and she didn't even have a job." Tears began forming in her eyes. "She couldn't leave if she wanted to. But when my father was out, which was most of the time, she taught me how to play the guitar, piano, and how to sing. Then he found out and he got drunk and hit me. I left that night." She wiped her eyes, but her voice was still strong.

"How old were you?"

"16...I'm 18 now." She smiled.

"Are you serious? Did you stay with Dani and Kris?"

"Ha...they don’t even know about my problems and in fact don’t even know that I was supporting myself all through high school." She leaned her head back and dipped her hair into the water. “I lived in one of those model homes across town."

" did you keep that quiet?"

“Never mentioned anything about it. I always went over to Kris and Dani’s house. They came over to my house once, to meet my folks and that was it. They still don’t know. Take this to your grave." She laughed.

"No you know, you can come to me for anything okay?" I laughed at her pun while fixing my hat.

"Same here, so anymore questions?"

"Umm...Let me think...No...I don't think so."

"You don't want to know why I don't want the others to know about my secret?" She suggested.

"Well I kinda figured that if this leaked out, you wouldn't have a band anymore." I told her.

"Well then." She laughed. "So...any dark sinister secrets you want me to know? It's only fair."

"Yeah...actually I do." I said. I knew I could trust her with this.

"So...what's yours?"

"I'm thinking about..."


Grace's POV

"PATTY!!!!!!" A voice interupted Patrick and a wave of ice cold water from the pool hit us.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Patrick and I both screamed as we jumped out of the hot tub. Pete's face popped up from the pool facing us with an innocent smile.

"What?" Pete laughed as he climbed into the hot tub and was followed by the rest of the gang.

"Asshole." Patrick glared as we all got into the hot tub, except for Dani who had a cup of something and was sitting at one of the tables.

"So what were you two talking about?" Pete looked at Patrick and I suspiously.

"Pandas and black licorice." Patrick said.

"YOU LIKE BLACK LICORICE?!" Joe looked at me. "You seriously found someone else who likes it?" Joe then turned to Patrick.

"Heh...I don't...I only like the tea." I said, raising my hands up to fix my hair into a makeshift ponytail.

" close Trick." Pete winked obnoxiously. Patrick turned red.

"What?" I said as Dani got up and walked towards the hot tub with her drink. She walked, balancing on the small wall separating the pool and hot tub, behind Pete. Pete looked up to get a face full of ice cold water.

"HOLY SHIT FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed as Dani ran away, laughing. We all began laughing at Pete who jumped out of the pool and ran after Dani. He was way faster than her and caught her, picking her up bridal style.

"PETE PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN!" Dani screamed as Pete grinned evilly, heading to the pool. "PETE I SWEAR TO GOD!"

He walked to the very edge and looked down on her. "I will put you down if you say that you are sorry and that I can beat your ass at the bass and out scream you."

"He did not..." I said. Dani was really good at the bass and had an amazing screamo voice. Dani's eyes grew big.

"I won't." She said after a bit of thought. "Besides, I know you won't do it."

"Why don't you think I won't?" Pete raised his eyebrows.

"I'm in normal clothes and I have my phone and Ipod with me." She smiled.

"This is true." He thought about it and then flipped her over his shoulder and began digging through her pockets.

"RAPE!" She screamed, laughing.

"I thought we already had this conversation...Grace, come get this." Pete mentioned to me. I got out and got the ipod and cell phone and put it on the table where Dani first sat when they got here.

"Ok so now that is taken care of, I can now freely throw you in if you don't say what I want you to say." Pete said flipping Dani back to bridal style.

"Grace! Kris! Help me!" Dani looked over to us. Kris was sleeping and I didn't want to get out again.

"But it's too cold." I whined. "Just agree with the jerk and be done with it."

"NEVER!" She yelled. With that. Pete threw her into the pool. Dani's scream and splash woke Kris up. We were all laughing until Kris mentioned crucial information.

"You guys know she can't swim right?" Kris said, wide eyed. Then we all looked into the pool to see Dani sitting at the bottom.

"Oh shit." Then Pete dived in after her and after a few seconds, they both emerged from the water, and went to the side of the pool. Dani was gasping as well as Pete.

"That is fucking cold..." They both said. We laughed as we got out of the hot tub and got them towels and helped them out of the pool.

"Why didn't you tell anyone that you can't swim?" Pete said as he wrapped his towel around himself.

"Because I didn't believe that you would be a dick and throw me in." Dani growled. "Shit...I don't even have a fucking towel."

"Here Dani." I handed her my towel.

"Thanks." She took the towel along with her phone and ipod and kicked Pete in the butt.

"OW!" He whined.

"An apology would be nice." She glared at him as everyone else began heading out. Dani and Pete led the way, both arguing and laughing now, followed by Kris, Joe, and Andy, then Patrick and behind him, was me. It was freezing balls out and I gave up my towel to Dani.

Patrick's POV

We were walking back when I noticed Grace wasn't with the group. I turned to see her with her arms crossed and walking slowly. I stopped and waited for her. When she caught up, she was shivering.

"Do you want my towel?" I asked her.

"N-n-no." Her teeth chattered. "I don't want you to get c-cold."

"Well you are and I don't want you to get sick." I said. "Here." I spread the towel around us both. It was a huge towel and we both fit perfectly.

"Thanks." She looked at me. I felt my cheeks go pink. Her's did the same. We walked slowly down the hallways through the hotel in silence. Not an uncomfortable silence, just silence. As we walked, our strides were different and one of us would split, stretching the towel a bit, then would close back up again.

"Is it just me, or does this seem a bit longer to get back?" She laughed as we continued to walk slowly.

"Well we were running last time..."

"Oh yeah..."

"Oh my GOD!! PATRICK!!" A shrill voice came from behind us. "Is that you?"

"Fuck my life." I growled under my breath. What the hell is she doing here?
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