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part 5

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Grace's POV

I heard Patrick growl after a girl's voice came from behind us. We turned to see a girl, who looked to be about 23, with dark brown hair, bright blue eyes. She was about 5'0" and wearing a bright pink shirt with a pair of blue jeans.

"OH MY GOD PATRICK IT'S SOO GOOD TO SEE YOU!" She went for a hug, then she noticed me. "Who are you?" She looked at me up and down.

"I'm Grace." I stuck out my hand to show peace. She looked at my hand like it was diseased.

"Pleasure." She ignored my hand, stuck her nose up, and turned back to Patrick. "So how have you been honey bear?" She said in a sickly sweet voice.

"Don't call me that, Laura." Oh so her name is Laura. "I thought I told you that I never want to see you again." Oh god...ex-girlfriend...damn unwanted drama. Patrick looked pissed. He was pretty scary looking.

"Oh I know you couldn't stand to live without me." She flung her hair dramatically. Is this girl for real?!

"Umm...I'm pretty sure that if he told you that he never wanted to see you again, he could live without you." I laughed a bit.

"Shut it bitch, your not in this." She tried to scare me with her glare.

" want me to be?" I threatened as I began heading closer to her, getting in her face.

"Grace, calm down and let's go." Patrick pulled me back, knowing I was about to punch the bitch in the face. Laura didn't like the fact that Patrick had his towel around me and his arms around my waist, even though it was to only hold me back.

"Why are you with my man?" She snapped.

I broke out of Patrick's hold and went back in her face. "One. He doesn't belong to anyone. Two, I'm on tour with him if it's any of your band is with them so you can stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT!" I was only 5'4" but I still towered over her, even in her damn heels! I turned around and went back to Patrick who had looked like he was holding in a laugh. I turned back to her and flipped her off, grabbed Patrick's hand and we began to run, laughing. We got back to the room to see everyone in pj's and sitting around the TV with a couple boxes of pizza and soda, and beer.

"Where have you two been?!" Dani scolded us.

"Oh you know, smoking pot, killing innocent children." I said simply.

"I WANT POT!" Joe screamed excited.

"Sorry Joe...we smoked it all." I laughed as I got a pillow to my face.

"Well hurry and get ready, we are going to have a horror movie marathon!" Dani said excitedly.

"Shit." I muttered under my breath. I did not like scary movies at all. I could watch the real paranormal shows on the discovery channel and the travel channel, but stuff like Saw and Chucky, oh hell no. " am I supposed to get ready when you all are in here?"

"Use our room." Andy said as he shoved a piece of pizza into his mouth. I sighed as I went to grab my bag when I realized that I never let go of Patrick's hand. We both blushed, but strangely, we didn't let go.

"Come on, I see we aren't wanted anymore." I said as I grabbed my bag with my free hand and with my other in Patrick's, and we walked out of the room and into the next one.

"Umm...why did you bring me?" He asked, stuttering a bit.

"Because I want to know who the hell was the bitch we ran into." I said as I locked the door to the room. "And the fact that you might want to get ready in a room without the people. You want the shower first?" I sat on the bed. I was pretty much dry by now.

"No, you can go first." He said as he laid on the other bed.

"Aww. Thank you, don't worry, I don't take long." I said as I got up and went to the bathroom. "So who was she?" I asked over the running water and through the bathroom door.

"She was an ex-girlfriend, from a few years ago." He started. "She seemed nice at first, very confident. But then she began to change. As the band got more famous, her ego grew 10 times more. I took her on tours and she treated the fans like shit. Like she was above them and thats not how we are. She was beginning to give the band a bad name, and she would be really clingy."

"Oh god...sounds like hell." I said as I rinsed out the shampoo. I heard him laugh.

"Yeah. So then one day, I come to break up with her, and she was with some guy, typical bimbo move, and I simply told her that I never wanted to see her again. Yet no matter how much I try to get away from her, she still follows me, wanting to get back with me."

"Oh...she reached stalker status." I said as I came out in my pjs and my hair in a towel, with my swimsuit in my hands. "Your turn."

"Nah...I'm too tired." He yawned.

"Ha no, your taking a shower, now." I said as I grabbed his hands and tried to lift him up. He completely relaxed, making it harder to lift him. "Come on Pat..." I whined. "Thats not fair!" He looked at me and smiled. I almost melted there. His smile was to die for. When he smiled, he had this look that made him look like he was mischivious. It looked, well, sexy. Oh god...I snapped out of it. "Patty...come on!!" I pulled harder, finally making him sit up. I pulled him up and made him stand up, and then I pushed him into the bathroom and shut the door. He was laughing the entire time I was moving him. When the bathroom door was shut, the shower began and I began brushing my hair. After that, I laid down on one of the beds, and relaxed. Tonight was fun. I finally was able to tell someone about my history and that person happened to be Patrick Stump. Wow. I've known him personally for only about a day. Yet, I really liked him. His greenish blue eyes, his smile, his hair, the way he laughed and giggled. Everything about him was making me crazy. This was going way too fast. Remember, love lockdown. "Keep your love lockdown, your love locked down." I began humming as I closed my eyes. Besides, he was like 25, and I was 18. BIG age difference. This fucking sucked.

Patrick's POV

I stood in the shower, wondering what the hell I was feeling. I really liked Grace, like LIKE like her. She was beautiful. She was funny and she is nothing like Laura. Her eyes were amazing. They were wide, full of life and joy, something that not a lot of people have. Trade baby blues for wide eyed browns. That phrase never seemed clearer than they did now. I finished up and put on a pair of boxers with a black t-shirt and left my clothes there. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Grace, sleeping soundly on the bed. She was wearing a pair of fluffy white pajama pants, with poka dots, and a shirt that said 'Quiet is the new Loud'. I laughed. I thought her hair was naturally straight, but it was extremely curly. I left the room quietly and went to where the others were.

"Umm...we are one down." I said.

"Damn, you wore her out didn't you." Pete winked. I punched him in the arm.

"No, she passed out while I was in the shower, dumb ass." I said. "So, I take it that the only other place to sleep is in the other room anyways," I pointed out Kris, Dani, and Andy who were passed out on one bed. Dani and Kris were lying normally and Andy was sleeping side ways on the foot of the bed. Joe was passed out too, next to Pete who was eating the rest of the pizza and watching Saw 3.

"Pretty much. So anyways, you totally like her." Pete said, reading my face.

"Who?" I asked trying to play stupid.

"Grace. You totally like her." Pete said with a smirk. "I saw the way you two were holding hands, and the way you two talk to each other. You both like each other."

"But isn't it too fast?" I said. "We just met less than a day ago."

"If it's meant to be then it's meant to be." Pete shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, I guess, so what about you and Dani?" I read his face. "I mean I know you just found out about Ashley, but something about Dani, has you in a happier mood than usual."

"Yeah I guess I do." He said outright. "I really like her"

"This tour is going to be fun. Two members from Fall Out Boy falling in love with another two members from another band that they are on tour with, plus a crazy stalker ex-girlfriend coming to every one of our concerts. Not much drama at all." I saw Pete's eyes grow.

"Laura's back?!"

"Yep..." I said.

"Shit." He sighed.

"Grace almost punched her in the face tonight when they met...pretty funny actually." I laughed as I remembered the almost fight. "She told Laura to stick that in her juice box and suck it."

Pete began to laugh. "Your going to have fun this tour. Now get your ass to bed."

"Fine." I laughed as I left to the next room. I closed the door and got into bed. He was right...this was going to be an interesting tour. I got under the covers and fell asleep.
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