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Grace's POV

"GRACE!!! PATRICK!!! COME ON!!! GET UP WE HAVE TO MOVE!!" Someone shook me.

"Ughh...why....jus le meh sleep." I moaned. I was not a morning person.

"How bout missing your first concert of the tour? How does that sound?" I recognized the voice to be Dani.

"Whatever...the concert is tomorrow." I turned to face her.

"They changed's in 4 hours."

I sat up quickly. "Your shitting me..." I yelped as I jumped up. "Patrick, come on get up!!!"

"I am...slowly..." He moaned from the other bed. Dani and I sighed.

"This isn't working....time for plan B" Dani said. "PETE!"

As soon as she called his name, Pete came running into the room and jumped on Patrick.

"HOLY SHIT!" Patrick gasped, as the air escaped his lungs.

"Wake up Trick, the concert is TONIGHT!" Pete continued to jump on the bed.

"Fine, I'm up I'm up!" Patrick pushed Pete off the bed and sat up.

"Where is everyone else?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. "And what time is it?"

"The rest went to get coffee, and it's about 4, but we need to leave as soon as the rest get back, so we can have a sound check and all that good stuff." Dani answered me. There was only one thing that actually registered to me.

"Yay, coffee..." I mumbled as I got up to change and get ready.

About a half hour later, the rest of the gang came back with coffee from Starbucks. By then, Patrick and I were all set and ready to go, and Dani and Pete, well...

"What the hell?!" I heard Dani yell. Patrick and I went to the other room to see Dani and Pete really close together, and Dani had a thing of eyeliner I believe in her hand.

"Umm..." I said.

"You stole my eyeliner." Dani kept glaring up at Pete, on her tippy toes I might add.

"Not stole...borrowed is the more correct term." Pete glared down at her. "Besides I ran out."

"You could've asked damnit." Dani didn't back down. Joe and Andy were holding in laughs, while Kris was glued to the TV.

"Umm...sorry to interupt, but we need to..." I paused looking at Dani and Pete's pants. "Son of a bitch! You both stole my fucking pants!"

"We...borrowed them." They said at the exact same time. I turned to Patrick.

"Can you believe this?!" I asked him.

Patrick's POV

I was trying not to laugh so hard! The look on Grace's face was priceless. She was pissed.

"We need to go now." I snickered as I walked out the door and headed to the parking lot. I could hear all three of them grumbling as we headed to the waiting van. This was too funny. We climbed into the van, and realized how big it was. It had three seats on each side of the van facing each other and two seats with their backs against the driver and passenger seat. It looked like a limo.

"Ok, this is bad ass." I said as I got in. Grace was in one of the two seats behind the passenger seat, I sat next to her, but on the seat on the side, then Pete sat next to me, followed by Dani. Kris, Joe, and Andy sat on the other three seats across from us.

"I'll get the door I guess" Andy sighed as he got up to shut it.

"WAIT!" Laura's rang through the air.

"Shit fuck." I growled. "Shut the door!"

Grace's POV

Andy almost made it, almost. He was about to slam the door when Laura's perfectly manicured hand yanked the door open, and she jumped in, closing the door behind her.

"Wooo...almost didn't make it." She flipped her hair obnoixously and headed towards me. "Excuse me, your in my seat." She said with a snotty tone in her voice.

"Oh really? I'm sorry I didn't see your name here, in fact I was unaware that you would come along." I glared at her. Then I heard growling. A very high pitched squeaky toy growl, coming from her purse. Then a brown rat like dog poked its head and bared its teeth at me. "RAWR!" I growled loudly at it. The dog whined and hid back into the purse. Laura glared at me.

"Hey can you sit down please? I can't leave till you sit." Our driver complained impatiently. Laura whined as she sat down next to me, much to my dissapointment. "Thank you." He said as we now began to head to the concert.

The ride was really quiet, till Pete broke the silence.

"Why are you back again Laura?" He glared at her. Mind you, everyone was glaring at her except Dani and Kris who were clueless to what was going on.

"I wanted to talk to Patty-Cakes." She said simply. Her dog began whining and barking. "No Coco." She talked to the dog, who obviously didn't listen. I began rubbing my temples. This dog was going to drive me crazy.

"If you don't shut that damn rat up, I'm going to chuck it out of the van faster than you can text." I think the dog understood the tone I had, because it then shut up. We finally arrived and we had to run to do a sound check and all that. All of our band's equipment was there, tuned and everything.

"Damn!" Dani said looking over her purple and black bass. "I can definately get used to this."

"Dani! Welcome Home!" I said sliding my guitar over my head.

"Hell yes!!" She yelled as I began to play the intro to Welcome home by Coheed and Cambria. This was Dani and my favorite song to jam out to.
We played it, adding our own twist to it. The stage was huge and we were going to have plenty of room to do tons of things. The sound was fixed and it sounded amazing. Then we switched places with Fall Out Boy and we hung out backstage. Then Laura came and pulled me aside.

"What is it Laura?" I sighed.

"You need to stay away from my Patrick." She growled to me. I laughed.

"YOUR Patrick? Last time I checked, one;" I counted my finger. "Patrick is not an object and he doesn't belong to anyone, and two, you don't scare me. Hell your little rat is far more terrifying than you." I began to walk away.

"You better stay away from him or I'll..." Laura threatened.

"You'll what?" I laughed again. "Tell Patrick, who clearly is not interested in you and tell him to be on your side? Oh wait! Don't tell me you’re going to spray me with that Hollister perfume! Oh god the HORROR!" I mocked.

Patrick's POV

"The sound is great!" Pete pointed a thumbs up as we wrapped up and the two fans who were already here. They looked kinda bored, but excited to be here.

"Hey you two...come and hang out with us, it's not like anyone else is coming right now." I said as I helped them up. "What are your names?"

The blonde short haired girl who looked like she was about to pass out, managed to say "Britney." The other girl who was just standing there said "Leah."

"Nice to meet you two, come on back and meet New Face of Failure." I said as we walked backstage to join the rest of the group. Grace was missing, but Dani and Kris were there. "Hey guys! Here are the earliest fans here, Leah and Britney."

"Hi!" Leah shook hands with them. "It’s nice to meet you and I'm glad you guys are here!" Britney on the other hand was a bit busy with Pete, who gave Dani a help-me look. Dani was pissed.

Dani's POV

That bitch! I put on my best fake smile and walked up to Pete and put my arm around his waist. "Sorry, he's with me." I glared at this bimbo who stepped back.

"Oh you two are dating?" She asked skeptically. Pete looked at me and smirked, putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Yep, we are."

"What happened with Simpson?" She kept digging in.

"We broke up." Pete said simply.

"And you chose her?" She shook her head. "You could do so much better."

"That's it you fucking bitch." I went to punch her when Pete picked me up and held me back.

"Um...ok Britney, we need to go now." Leah whined as she tugged on Britney's arm. They left quickly and headed back to the growing crowd in the pit.

“Calm down honey.” Pete snickered.

“You owe me…” I growled. He didn’t put me down though. “Pete?”

“Yes Sugar?” He was having to much fun.

“Your going to get your butt kicked by your ‘girlfriend’ if you don’t put me down right now…”

“Oh sorry.” He said as he put me back down.

“What’s going on over here?” Grace laughed as she came back from her talk with Laura.

Grace’s POV

I came back to a weird picture. Pete had this smirk on his face while he was once again holding Dani, who was a little ticked, while Patrick, Joe, and Andy were all trying not to laugh.

“What’s going on here?” I laughed. Dani was about to explain, but I held up my hand. “Never mind, something tells me I don’t want to.”

“Good choice.” Kris even laughed.

“Fall Out Boy, your on in an hour.” Some random employee came backstage.
“Wait…I thought we were going first…” Dani said.

“Shit…well there goes the surprise.” Pete whined.

“What?” I asked now.

“You aren’t opening for us, we are opening for you.” Patrick smiled. We all got quiet. “Those people out there, they’re here for you.”

“HOLY CRAP!!!!!” Dani and I screamed and began jumping around like happy little school girls. Dani gave Pete a huge hug as well as I did to Patrick. Joe, Andy, and Kris gave each other a high five.

“Why are you doing this for us?” I asked. “Seriously…what did we do to deserve to even be here?”

“That is for us to know and you to find out.” Andy winked.

“I want to know though!!” I pouted. Patrick then leaned down to my ear and whispered:

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain later.”

“Hey! Don’t tell her! You do, I’ll steal all your hats!” Pete warned him.

“You do, then I get your hoodies!” I retorted.

“NOOO!” Pete ran to his dressing room.

“Anyways, speaking of hats, can I borrow one Patrick?” I asked.

“Hmm…yeah I don’t see why not.” Patrick ruffled my hair again.

“YAY!” I said excitedly as Patrick showed me to his own dressing room. When we got there, he showed me his hats and then he grabbed his Ipod and began scrolling through it. I found a black beanie and put it on.

“What are you looking for?” I asked trying to peak over his shoulder.

“A song…” He laughed.

“I know that much smartass…” I thumped his head. “I mean what song?”

“I have no clue…I don’t know what song yet.” He laughed again.

“Well if you don’t pick one soon, I’m going to make you sing Barbie Girl.” I laughed, trying to grab his Ipod but he pulled it away quickly.

“Ok, I found one now!” He giggled as he put one earphone into his ear and left the other one hanging.

“YAY!” I said as I sat down on the little couch by the wall. He just smiled as he passed me an acoustic guitar. I looked at him strange.

“You need to practice too.” He said. “You know how to play Caught Up by Usher?”

“Yeah, actually.” I smiled. I quickly made sure the tuning was right and I began playing.

“I'm the kind of brotha who been doin' it my way gettin' my way for years in my career and every lover in and out my life I've hit, love and left the tears without a care.” Patrick began singing. I like my Usher, but I will never hear this song the same way again. Patrick’s voice fit it so much better than Usher even did it. “Until I met this girl who turned the tables around, she caught me by surprise.” He looked at me right as he sang those words. He also gave me this cute little smirk. I felt my face go red. Shit I thought to myself, as I hid my face behind my hair and continued to try to play the guitar without screwing it up.

Patrick’s POV
I looked at her right at that part. Why the hell did I do that?! Because you do feel that way about her. A voice inside my head told me. I knew my face was red now, but she was already looking at her guitar, still playing. She was smirking a bit though.

“I never thought I'd be the one breaking down. I cant figure it out why I'm so
caught up got me feelin' it. Caught up, I don't know what it is,” I do know why. She was amazing. Her smile was perfect, her hair was so soft and beautiful. Her eyes…I wish she could take out those damn contacts so she could show the world those caramel eyes. Her hands were still playing in perfect time, changing the way I heard this song. Sure it’s a hip hop song, but the acoustic version coming from Grace, I would prefer this than the real version.

“But it seems she's got me twisted. I'm so caught up, got me feelin' it. Caught up. I'm losin' control, this girl got a hold on me.” I then stopped singing.
Grace stopped playing as well.

“Why did you stop? That’s not the whole…”

“I know, but you need too practice singing too.” I smiled.

“What?” She looked around. “But,”

“No buts, besides, I’ve already heard you before.” I said, gesturing for the guitar.

“Fine.” She sighed with a smirk. “Let me see your Ipod.”

We switched our stuff and she began looking for a song.

“Hey, you don’t have it…” She smiled. “Wait…oh ok…you do.”

“Which song?”

“Vegas Skies by The Cab.”

“Yeah, a good song.” I began playing the intro.

“ It's Twelve O’clock and I need your attention. It's like the alcohol making my head spin. Your scent is the rum, the room is a bottle keeping me hopeless 'til I wake tomorrow. If tonight ever makes a difference the way that I feel the way that I'll remember it. I'll take this down until the glass remains swallow the words that I was meant to say.” She sang.

Wow. I cannot describe her voice. It was beautiful. She had so much passion behind her voice and the words that she sang. It was like she was the girl the song was talking about.

“It's a long drive back to Vegas Skies. So why don't I make one more wrong turn tonight? So say goodnight, our first goodbye. I've only got forever and forever is fine. Just take your time. We'll stop the clock together and know that the timing was right. All of these guards they stand tall and defensive, putting up walls around what once was innocent. They won't let me in, but I'm stronger than that 'cause you stole my eyes and I've never looked back. Girl, last night I forgot to mention the way that I feel, the way that I'll remember this. When we're this young, we have nothing to lose. Just a clock to beat and a hand to choose. It's a long drive back to Vegas Skies, so why don't I make one more wrong turn tonight? So say goodnight, our first goodbye. I've only got forever and forever is fine. Just take your time. We'll stop the clock together and know that the timing was right. It's a long way down, just fall into place and you'll fall into me. We'll make it out, you'll see. So say goodnight, our first goodbye. I've only got forever and forever is fine. Just take your time. We'll stop the clock together and say goodnight, our first goodbye. I've only got forever and forever is fine. Just take your time. We'll stop the clock together and know that the timing was right .”

Grace’s POV

Patrick didn’t say anything after I finished. He just looked at me. He had the most amazing smile on his face. I felt myself go red.

“Umm…” I didn’t know what to say really.

“I think you earned a prize.” Patrick said as he left the room. He was gone for a few moments and then he came back with his hands behind his back. He closed the door and passed me a can and kept one for himself.

“Hell YES!” I said as I opened the Monster. “Where did you get it?”

Patrick was about to answer when Pete’s voice rang from the other side of the door.

“Who the hell took my monsters?” Pete yelled.

“You didn’t!” I almost spit out my drink. Patrick looked at me innocently and took a sip.

Then Pete stormed in, quite pissed off and looked right at Patrick.

“Did you see…” Pete looked at the cans in our hands. “Trick, you didn’t.”

I sighed. “No Pete it wasn’t him. It was me. I knew that you had a stash.” Patrick totally owed me. I looked at Patrick and made sure to tell him with my eyes. He nodded sheepishly in understanding.

“Damnit, you owe me more monsters!”

“Let’s not forget who’s wearing MY pants.” I stuck out my tongue.

Pete grumbled and left to practice his bass.

“Thank you.” Patrick stood up.

“No problem, you sir do have a problem though.” I giggled as I stood up too.

“What’s my problem?” He asked.

“You, my good sir, are addicted to monsters.”

“Hey but who gave me my first fix?” Patrick laughed as he put his hand on my head and turned the hat around, messing my hair up.

“Damn it.” I laughed as I tried to fix my hair. He laughed and left the room.

I looked into the mirror and fixed my hair.

“Dude, he has such the crush on you.” Dani’s voice came from behind me. I laughed.

“No he doesn’t. We are just good friends, that’s all.” I said, shaking my head.

“Really?” She looked at me skeptically. “He just stole from his best friend’s stash of Monsters for you.”

“He’s addicted to them.” I said.

“Yeah, but he got one for you as well.” She retorted.

“He’s just a gentleman.” I smirked.

“You just keep thinking about that.” She laughed as she sat down on the couch and began practicing her bass. Whatever…he doesn’t feel that way at all. We seriously are just friends. I thought to myself. I do like him though. What Dani just said had just brought my hopes up. She can read people really good, but still…I didn’t want to jinx myself.

“Hey guys, Fall Out Boy is going on right now, lets go say our good lucks and all that jazz.” Kris said, poking his head into our room.

“Holy crap! Already?!” Dani said, as she shot up.

Patrick’s POV

“Dude, you totally owe Grace.” Pete said to me as we got ready to on stage.

“For what?” I asked. Oh shit I thought. Pete laughed and patted my back.

“Trick, here’s how I can tell…one, you can’t lie for shit.”

“But I didn’t say anything.” I said. How the hell did he know?

“You didn’t have to, that’s the beauty of it, and two, she doesn’t know I even have a stash. You do.” He smiled at me. Damn…I do owe Grace for taking the blame. “And you can relax, I’m not angry. I’m just shocked you would even do something like that for a girl in the first place.” He winked at me.

“I know where your going with this, we only like each other as friends, that’s it.” I said. This time Joe laughed.

“If that’s the case, then I will run around the stage in nothing but a trench coat for a whole concert.” Joe said. I punched his arm. Just then, Grace, Dani, and Kris came over.

“Hey guys, just wanted to say to break a leg out there.” Dani said smiling. Then she looked at Pete. “Not you though, because I know you would given the chance.”

“Can I at least jump off the amps?” Pete gave Dani the puppy dog face.

“Yes, but only to one song got it?” Dani laughed.

“WOOO!” Pete yelled.

“But I pick the song!” Dani smirked.

“Damnit!” Pete pouted.

“Oh but I think you’ll like the song…A Little Less 16 Candles ok?” Dani nodded.

Pete smiled back. “Hell yeah!”

I turned to Grace. “Hey, can you finish my monster for me? We have to go on in a few and I won’t be able to finish before the show.”

She smiled. “Yeah sure, thanks!” She answered as I passed her the can. I noticed Pete and Joe giving me a wink. Damn them.

“Fall Out Boy, your on in two minutes.” One of the set crew said.

“Well guys, time for our tradition.” Kris said.

“What?” Andy asked a little worried.

“Relax, it’s nothing bad, we just give the band that’s going on before us a hug. That’s all.” Grace smiled.

“Ohhh…gotcha.” Joe said.

Grace’s POV

“Ohh…gotcha.” Joe said. Immediately, Pete hugged, well more like tackled Dani, and Andy and Joe gave Kris a hug. I hugged Patrick, when he whispered into my ear, “What song you like to hear? Because I do owe you.”

“Play Homesick at Spacecamp, please.’’ I whispered back and we parted. He nodded. We passed the rest of the hugs around, and they went on. Dani left to go somewhere backstage. I was about to ask her where she was going when the screams that came from all the fans reached our ears. This was definitely a bigger crowd than we were used to. There was probably a good couple thousand people. We were waiting at the side of the stage, so we could see FOB and the rest of the people.

“Where did Dani go?” I asked Kris. Right as I said that, Dani came back with a monster and one of Pete’s hoodies.

“Hey.” She smiled.

“Nice.” I laughed.

“Hey, you have Patrick’s hat, so I get a hoodie, besides, I’m cold.” She said as she began to drink her Monster.

“So? What about the Monster?” I gestured at the open can.

“Meh.” She smiled.

We just began talking about random things, slowly getting more and more hyper. They played Homesick at Spacecamp, and they then announced that they were going to play one more song. A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me. Dani began to freak out. This was her favorite FOB song of all time I think. We were laughing having an awesome time backstage, and we went wild when Pete jumped from the amps. We felt like those girls in the front row.

“Hey…” I giggled, being extremely hyper from the two monsters I finished. “I want that hat that Patrick’s wearing.”

“I was thinking the same thing about Pete’s hoodie…let’s go get them!” Dani agreed.

We ran on stage, joining the band for a moment. The fans screamed louder, if that was even possible. The boys, kept playing, but looked at Dani and I. I ran up to Patrick and grabbed his hat which was the one that had the cute little monkey on it and switched it with the beanie I had on. Dani’s was a pure miracle. She took off the hoodie she was wearing, placed it on the ground and managed to take Pete’s off and put on the hoodie she just took off of herself, all without messing Pete up. After the mission was completed, we smiled at the boys, who just gave us this WTF look. We just laughed as we walked off stage.

“They are going to kill you guys.” Kris laughed at us.

“But we have a reason…” I said.

“We are under the influence of energy drinks and caffeine.” Dani finished.

Just then, we noticed the song ended.

“OH SHIT!” Dani and I yelled as the boys came our way. We ran to the other side of the stage, and hid behind the amps. “Dude, we have to go on in a minute.” Dani laughed.

“I know. We just have to lay low till the time comes.” I said, trying not to giggle. We heard the fans holler with excitement and noticed Pete and Patrick up by the microphones.

“Okay so during our last song, you met the headlining band New Face of Failure’s lead singer Grace and bassist, Dani.” Pete smirked, looking in our direction. Patrick looked as well, but his smile was a little scary believe it or not. He was planning something, and Pete was in on it.

“Shit” I whispered to Dani. “They know where we are.”

“Damnit Kris. What good is a twin brother when you can‘t even count on him.” Dani grumbled as a smiling Kris joined Pete and Patrick and waved us up. We got from our hiding spot and walked on stage, smiling while we were scared shitless at the same time.

“Hey guys, nice to see you again.” Patrick said, taking his hat off my head and putting the beanie back on me. Dani laughed as Pete came behind her.

“I’d like to have my hoodie back.” He smiled.

“Uh no…it’s mine now…you don’t get it back.” Dani stepped away from Pete. “Kris, Grace, tell him no!!”

Pete sighed and Joe and Andy joined on stage, handing Dani and I our guitars. After that we waved goodbye to them as they walked off and we began our first show of the tour.

The show went amazingly. The fans yelling and screaming along with every song we sang. For our last song, Dani sang Know your Enemy by Green Day, but not before we had people create a mosh pit around Laura, Leah and Britney. It was the funniest thing to see these preppy posers trying to survive the pushing/punching/violence that is the mosh pit. After we ended, we ran backstage, sweating and wanting some sugar to refuel our energy.

“I want a coke.” Dani said, looking in the mini fridge backstage. FOB and Kris were hanging out just laughing and talking. “Where’s the soda?”

“There were some in there just before the concert.” I said, looking in there as well. Only bottled water.

“Wait, I have an idea.” Dani said as she ran to where I believe was Pete’s dressing room. “WHERE IS THE CAFFIENE!?” Dani yelled. Pete and Patrick looked up smiling. Dani came back looking worried. Kris was just playing with his drumsticks.

“You guys are grounded from soda and monsters.” Patrick said simply. Kris immediately looked up.

“What?!” Kris dropped his drumsticks.

“For what? If it was about Laura, come on you don’t like her either!’’ I whined.
“No, it’s for the little stunt with the hat and hoodie.” Pete smiled evilly.

Oh shit. They have no idea what they just did.

“But, but, but!”

“But nothing…its not our fault that you guys decided to play that game.”

“Meh!!!” Dani said.

“Are you guys sure you want to do this?” Kris said nervously. “They turn into mean people without their caffeine.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we can handle them.” Pete just continued to smile.

“Besides, Kris, if you’re really scared, you shouldn’t have told them why we did it…” Dani glared at Kris, who shrunk back.

“Calm down Dani…we can get through this…” I said, kinda glaring at Kris as well.

“But! No soda! You know how I get!!!” Dani panicked.

“And Kris will have to deal with that…as well as Pete and Joe.” I smiled. Dani smiled when she remembered she was bunking with them.

“Well now that this is settled, we have a surprise for you guys.” Patrick smiled. Right as he said that, Pete covered Dani’s eyes, Andy covered Kris’s and Patrick put his hands over mine. “Joe, get the doors.”

“Wait, I don’t trust him!” I said sticking my hands out in front of me as we began walking to wherever we were going.
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