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part 7

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Patrick’s POV

I laughed. “Why don’t you trust him?”

“Um because he might not open them and we will crash into the door” Grace continued to hold her hands out in front of her.

“Your worried about Joe? What about the asshole holding my eyes closed!” Dani pointed out.

“Hey! I’m not that much of a dick!” Pete defended himself.

“Umm Pete? If I remember you did that to me and I ended up with a bruise on my forehead.” I said.

“But that was different…you stole my pants!” Pete retorted.

“No…I keep telling you that those were the guy version of your pants…they were mine!” I laughed now.

“So the whole stealing pants and other things has always been a part of the band?” Grace commented.

“Yes…very much so.” Joe said as he opened the backdoor to get outside of the building.

“So where are you taking us?” Kris asked.

“Oh god, they’re going to take us to a dark alley and kill us all!” Dani joked.

“Maybe…but Pete would open his mouth and spill.” Andy laughed.

“God everyone is just out to get me!” Pete whined.

“Well you did help kidnap us.” Dani pointed out.

“Fine…I guess you don’t get these if we let you go.” Pete said cueing the rest of us to un-blind them. From the look on their faces, they were excited.

“Holy SHIT!!!!!!!!!!” Grace yelled. “We have the FUCKING TOUR BUSES HERE!!!!” We laughed as they all headed to the buses. We had two. One was black and silver which was the one that Pete, Dani, Kris and Joe were going to stay in, and the other one was red and gold. That one was where Andy, Grace and I were going to be in. We all headed into the black one and went inside.

“Oh my GOD! It’s freaking amazing!!”

Dani’s POV

“Oh my GOD! It’s freaking amazing!!” I yelled, jumping around. “I call the top bunk!!” I ran to the back of the bus and climbed up into my new bed for the next few months.

“I get the other top bunk!” Joe also yelled and followed me and climbed into the other bunk.

“Damnit!” Pete yelled. “I want the….” He stopped and smiled. “Nevermind, go ahead and get the top bunks…I’m going to get…” Then he ran past the bunks and opened the door in the very back, revealing a master bedroom type thing. “THIS ONE!!!”

“HEY! Not FAIR!” I yelled jumping down from my bunk.

“Yes it is!” Pete stuck his tongue out at me.

“Way to be mature!”

“Being mature is knowing when and where to be immature…and that moment is now!” He said as he chucked a pillow at me. It hit me square in the face. I bent down to get the pillow and went to throw it back at him.

“Dani, violence isn’t the answer!” Grace chimed from the couch in the living room area.

“But it’s a lot more fun!” I finished the quote and chucked the pillow right back at him and walked away, heading to where the sane people were. I sat next to Grace who was munching on a bag of chips. I grabbed the chips from her and began munching as well.

“HEY! I thought you were my friend!” Grace pouted.

“Yes I would die for you, and yes I’m your best friend. How else would I get amazingly good tasting chips?” I laughed munching on a chip.

“It’s nice to know that our friendship is based on chips.” She laughed as well, grabbing a chip from the bag.

“Ok, so what are we going to be doing tonight?” Kris said as he sat down at the little dining table.

“Well, we are going back to the hotel, pack our things into the buses, and park somewhere else in the city…stay for another day, than we head our asses to California for another little surprise.” Joe explained.

“Really?! Tell us! Please?!"

"Nope...that one, your not going to get out of us." Andy said proudly as he got a popsicle out of the freezer.

"Please?" Grace and I made puppy eyes.

"Heh...a no." Pete reached around me and grabbed a handful of chips. "Your going to wait till we get there."

"Damnit..." I said.

"Oh and before I forget, here is your guys first gig check." Pete said, passing me a paper.

"Holy crap...already?" I said as I opened it. I almost screamed bloody murder.

"Dani? Are you ok? What does it say?" I barely heard Kris talk to me. "Dani?"

"Dani...what the hell is up?" Grace got up and took the paper away. "Oh my GOD!!!!!!" She screamed. "ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!"

"Eh...pretty good for a first concert like this." Pete shrugged.

"But its like 2100 bucks!! Thats only pretty good to you guys?" I said. "Oh guys are famous...thats right." I felt like slapping my forehead.

"I didn't know that! We are?!" Joe jumped up and down as he too grabbed some chips.

"As we decide what we do with our new found riches, we need to get back to the hotel and get our stuff." Kris said.

"Yeah...we do..." Patrick said.

"We are staying in Vegas for another day right?" I asked.

"Yep...we are leaving the day after tomorrow." Andy said.

"YES!! SHOPPING SPREE!!!!!!" I yelled.

3rd POV

The bus started up and began heading back to the hotel. When they got back, they all headed to their rooms to pack up. Dani, Kris, Joe, and Andy were done in no time, but Grace, Patrick and Pete weren't.

"AWWW But I want to swim too!!" Pete whined as Dani was getting ready to go swimming.

"No...your not done can meet us there when your done." Dani scolded him as she headed out with the rest of the group.

"No fair..." Pete pouted. Grace and Patrick snickered at him.

"How bout this...I'll finish your packing and you get to go swimming." Grace smiled at him.

"YAY...wait...what’s the catch?" Pete asked.

"Nothing, just go and pour this over her head." Grace said as she handed him a ice cold water bottle from the mini fridge. Pete smirked evilly and ran to go swimming.

"Your evil." Patrick laughed at Grace.

"Hey...she stole my chips!"

"Wow...someone holds grudges." Patrick said as he shifted around a bit. Grace noticed.


"Yeah?" He answered.

"Do you want to join them?" She giggled.

"Yeah..." He replied shyly.

"Then just go, I will finish for you as well." Grace smiled.

"But I don't want you to do it all by yourself!"

"Hey, It's fine...besides..."

"PETE YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!" Dani's scream interupted Grace.

"You need to make sure Dani doesn't kill Pete please." Grace smiled as she passed Patrick his swim trunks and shooed him out of the room.

"Fine..." He smiled as he went to the other room to change. Grace got back to packing and getting the stuff picked up around the room.

Patrick ran to see a very pissed off Dani pushing Pete into the pool and him yelping from the cold.

"That’s what you get!!" Dani yelled triumphantly, until Pete pulled her in, but didn't let her sink. He held her, letting her get a taste of the cold water. "Ha, asshole...the pool feels warm!"

"Damn it...Grace owes me..." Pete mumbled.

"Who owes you what?" Dani asked suspiciously.

"Nothing..." Pete said as he carried Dani to the shallow end of the pool so she could walk.

"LIES!" Dani said. She of course, didn't believe him and tried to splash him, only to have him go under water and the wall of water hit Patrick right in the face as he came into the pool.

" if it wasn't cold enough..." Patrick smiled as he cleared his face of the water.

"Oh shit dude, Dani tell him your sorry." Pete came back up from under water.

"Pete it was all your fault, but I do say sorry on my small behalf." Dani said as she dunked Pete when he wasn't looking.

"It's fine..." Patrick laughed as Kris's screams and Joe and Andy's laughter interrupted him. Kris was lifted up, Joe at his hands and Andy at his feet, and tossed into the water. After Kris landed, Joe and Andy jumped in as well.

"What the hell is with you guys and throwing us into the pool?!" Dani said.

"You guys have the best reactions." Pete answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yeah...nothing like watching a poor girl drown while you laugh your ass off..." Dani glared at Pete. "You dick."

"Hey! In my defense, you didn't say anything about the fact that you couldn't swim! And this time, I remembered!" Pete said. Dani was just about to fight him again when;

"Will you two just kiss and make up already?!" Joe yelled from the other end of the pool. Dani and believe it or not, Pete, both blushed a deep shade of red and just shut up.

"There will be no kissing my sister in front of me!" Kris yelled as Joe dunked him.

"Anyways, continue." Andy said.

"You guys are just something else..." Patrick grinned. They were having a great time till a very familiar voice rang out.

"PATTY CAKES!!!" Laura's voice emerged from the opposite side of the gate opening. "I found you! Honey we need to talk."

"Son of a bitch!" Patrick cried out as he jumped out the pool and somehow jumped the fence and began running back to the room.

"Patty cakes, wait!" Laura began running after him.

"I didn't know he could even jump that high..." Andy said...shocked like everyone else at what had just happened.

"He didn't even lose his hat..." Joe said.

Pete looked at Dani. "I know he's my best friend, but it's seriously too fucking cold to get out."

"It's ok...he'll be fine...he'll get to Grace and I hope Laura isn't stupid enough to try and get in Grace's face."
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