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planning pay back

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frank plans, Mikey wants... comment!

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I flicked my cigarette, then took another long drag from it, I told the guys to meet me at mine, I left Mikey, he looked like a lost little child when I left him but I promised him I’d be back soon.
There was a loud knock at the door, I went to answer it, it was the guys.
“So what’s up?” Matt asked.
“Mikey,” I said.
“What about him?” Jimmy asked looking puzzled.
“Come inside,” I said opening the door more so they could come in.
“So what’s wrong? You broke up or something?” Zacky asked.
“No, something happened, I mean…” I said, I sat down hold my face, covering my face with my hands.
“Come on Frank, just tell us,” Jimmy said putting a hand on my shoulder.
“It’s Mikey, he got raped,” I said, I wanted to just kick out, kill Bert, anything to get rid of this pain inside of me that was crushing me deep inside.
“What? By who?” Matt asked looking shocked.
“Bert,” I said, that name that sent shivers down my spine.
“That little fucking dick, we’re gonna kick his ass, show him not to mess with Mikey,” Pete said.
“No, I’m kicking his ass, maybe a bit more, I mean kill him, I feel like shit, I feel that I can’t protect Mikey,” I said feeling my eyes well up.
“Dude you do everything for Mikey, how is killing him going to help?” Matt asked.
“I’ll feel better, he hurt Mikey, he’ll pay,” I said clenching my fist.
“Well, we all like Mikey, and we don’t like that little bastard so we’ll help you,” Brian said.
“Seriously?” I asked, I mean here stands a guy who wasn’t happy about me being gay and now he wants to help me? I mean all of them?
“Of course,” Matt said.
“We’ll get him at school, tomorrow,” Brian said.
I nodded.
-------------------------------------------Mikey’s P.O.V----------------------------------------------
I sat in my room, alone.
Frank said he was going to sort some business. I didn’t want him to go. I wanted him here, with me.
I felt so dirty, I felt used. I mean I had Frank who made love to me on Friday night, it was so special, so perfect then Bert came along and did this.
I hated it…

I walked down the road alone, thinking of going to the latest Anthrax concert, I wanted to get the tickets so bad, it was near my birthday soon maybe I can get it for a birthday present.
Suddenly I was grabbed from behind, being dragged into a dark alley way, my face shoved against the wall, the scraping against my skin.
“Good thing I caught you at the right time, isn’t it?” a low husky voice growled into my ear.
“W-Who are y-you?” I asked.
“Your worst nightmare sweet cheeks,” He growled, I could feel his cold breath against my ear, sending shivers down my spine.
I then recognized the voice, Bert, the guy who loved to make everyone’s life a misery.
“B-Bert?” I asked.
“You are good aren’t you?” he asked.
“Now I know why Frank has you as a boyfriend, a good fuck and a brain, his doing well isn’t he? But I get to feel what he feels, I want to feel that tight little ass of yours,” He added. I could feel his erection against my butt, making me feel sick.
“N-No,” I chocked out.
“I think yes, your not getting away till I’ve finished with you and your ass,” he said.
“Please don’t,” I sobbed.
“Listen, if you don’t give me what I want, I’ll make sure your little boyfriend gets it, I will make his life a living hell,” he growled into my ear.
He yanked down my trousers and boxers.
“He won’t want you when you’ve been touched by someone else,” he chuckled. He didn’t even use spit, he rammed himself inside of me making me scream out.
“Shut up bitch,” he growled. I bit my lip.
“God you’re so fucking tight and warm… so good,” he moaned as he thrusted in and out of me, ripping my inside walls, making me bleed.
I cried as I thought about Frank, I loved him so much and now he won’t want me, he won’t want to touch me. He grunted and groaned as he carried on pulling in and out of me.
“Shit!” he yelled as he came, filling me with his disgusting seed, I felt so dirty and used.
“You know you’d make a good man whore, you’re a good little fuck, that’s all your worth sweet cheeks,” he said patting my ass as he pulled himself together and went leaving me crying and feeling worthless.

I heard and knock at the front door making me jump slightly, I rushed downstairs hoping it would be Frank. I opened the front door and there he stood, more beautiful than ever, he looked slightly angry or upset but he still looked beautiful, I wanted him so bad. I pulled him inside and dragged him upstairs.
“Whoa what the hell?” he asked as I slammed my bedroom door shut and shoved him against the wall, attacking his beautiful tanned tattooed neck with my lips kissing violently, letting my tongue slid along his jaw line and then back down to kissing his neck.
“Fuck Mikey… stop…” he moaned, I didn’t listen I carried on, sucking at his neck, letting my hands roam up his t-shirt, feeling the soft toned muscular chest that I wanted to be all over. Suddenly I was pushed off him.
“What the hell Mikey?” he asked.
“I…I want you…” I stuttered.
“No Mikey, we can’t,” he said with a frown. I knew then I had made a mistake, he doesn’t want me, just because I was touched by someone else he doesn’t want me, why would he? I nothing special, I’m some geeky guy who no one likes, I felt tears well up in my eyes as I thought about it, I loved him and he doesn’t want me anymore. Is this why he came over? To tell me he doesn’t want me?
“Mikey?” he asked placing a hand on my shoulder, I jerked away, he looked me straight in the eye, I quickly ran to the bathroom, locked the door and slid against the wall sobbing all my tears out.
“Mikey!” He yelled as he hammered at the door.
I carried on crying.
“Mikey! Let me in now or I’ll break this door down!” he yelled.
“N-No,” I croaked.
“Why? What have I done Mikey?” Frank asked with anger in his voice.
“Y-You don’t want me a-anymore,” I sobbed.
“Why do you think that?” he asked, his voice softer now.
“Y-You pushed me away,” I answered trying to stop the tears.
“Mikes, how can you even think that? Of course I want you, I love you with all my heart, I just don’t want us to do that yet, you aren’t ready babe, I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.
“Can I come in?” Frank asked.
I unlocked the door, he stood there, he looked at me, then wrapped his arms around me.
“Do you ever think that Mikey, we just need time baby, you’ve been hurt, Bert has ruined your trust and has hurt you, we need to wait till you are really ready,” he said then kissed my cheek.
I nodded.
“I love you,” he said.
“Love you too,” I said, wrapped my arms around him and resting my head against his.

A/N: Okay sorry this has took so long, I have been trapped at school with exams and homework and shit like that… Well MCR new album is out on Monday can’t wait! Hopefully I can get more updated soon!
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