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he will pay

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comment! also i have put about the NME and what they said about MCR

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I heard the ringing from my phone, the sound was killing me. I groaned as I looked at the ID... unknown... I sighed as I flipped my phone up.
“Hello?” I groaned.
“Frank?” said a husky dark voice, I knew it was Gerard’s.
“Gerard? What the hell? It’s a Sunday and it’s six in the morning,” I said rubbing my eyes as I looked at the time, the neon numbers standing out said 6:00am.
“Something has happened,” he said.
“Mikey?” I asked, I was fully awake now.
“Yeah, I don’t know, he went out and when he came back he was crying and ran straight into the bathroom, and I can’t get anything from him except crying,” Gerard said.
“I’ll be right over,” I said down the phone, Gerard said okay before I flung my phone on my bed, I shot up, pulling on anything that I could get on, I felt angry rushing through my whole body, what had happened, if someone hurt him; they were dead; no questions. I felt a urge to protect him, he was everything now, he was someone who brought out the real me, he made me fall in love, fall in love with him. I only saw him on Friday, that amazing Friday, where I made love to him, like I had never made love before, well I never had, it was more like a quick fuck was I wanted to get laid quickly, with Mikey it was different, it was special, I felt a connect with us and we connected together, it felt so right, so amazing, being enveloped inside his sweet, velvet, virgin tight hot ass, God I was getting hard from the thought of it again, but then I snapped back into it when I thought about what had happened, I needed to know, I had to be with him, hold him, comfort him, anything to make him feel better.

I drove my car full speed, trying to get there as fast as possible. I hammered at the door, waiting impatiently at the door, shoving my hands in my pockets where I know they would be safe from breaking down the door. Gerard opened up, he looked tiered, his raven black hair all messed up, his eyes looking like they were going to drop any second.
“Where is he?” I asked.
“Bathroom,” he answered. I nodded and walked in.
“I think… I’m gonna make some coffee, give you two time, and get me awake, want some?” he asked.
“No thanks,” I said, he nodded and went into the kitchen, I rushed upstairs to the bathroom, the door was locked, the sound of sobbing coming from the opposite side of the door.
“Mikey?” I asked.
“F-Frank?” he chocked out.
“Yeah it’s me babe come on let me and we can talk,” I said.
“No, you’ll hate m-me, you won’t want me n-now,” he chocked out on tears.
“No Mikey, nothing could ever stop me from wanting you, nothing, now let me in or so help me I’ll break the door down,” I said.
I heard footsteps, then the lock clicking open, I opened the door, taking in the sight, Mikey letting himself slip against the wall crying, covering his face, the razor blade covered in blood by the sink and the bottle of vodka, a few large swigs took. I quickly went over to Mikey, putting my arms around him in a protective manner, cradling him in my chest.
“Tell me what happened,” I said.
“I-I… I was j-just w-walking home and h-he got me, and he…” he chocked.
“Who? Tell me who,” I said lacing my fingers through his hair, stroking his back gently.
“Bert,” he said.
Bert, the guy who loved to wreck people and their life, he wasn’t the nice thing, I knew how to handle myself with him, I took him like a pinch of salt. He would do it for money, sometimes for fun, he hung around with the same kind of people, the people who hated life, who would hurt others, make fun out of them, belittle them. Hi group did everything, drugs, sex, drinking, prostitutes, gambling, shit like that.
“What did he do?” I asked.
“He…He… raped me…” he chocked out, his tears coming out more violently. He was so innocent, so perfect, and Bert came along and hurt him, hurt my Mikey. What right did he have to touch him? Even look at him? I felt angry rush through my veins, I wanted to kill him, hurt him in every possible way.
“What?” I asked.
“He raped me, that’s why you won’t want me anymore,” he said wiping away some of his tears and pulling away from me.
“Why won’t I want you?” I asked.
“I’ve been used by someone else,” he answered.
“No Mikey, you were forced, and he won’t get away with this,” I said.
“Where have you cut yourself?” I asked.
He lifted his sleeves, showing me the deep cut marks on his arms, the blood had stopped and dried.
“Come on, you need a bath for your nervous and to wash yourself clean,” I said. I got up and started the bath; I turned to see him sit nervously on the floor watching me.
“Come on, clothes off,” I said.
“B-But…” he said.
“Mikey, I love you, and I love every part of you, your body is prefect to me, don’t be scared to show it to me,” I said caressing his cheek. He nodded and slowly slid his t-shirt off, seeing fresh cuts and bruises from him.
“Did he do this?” I asked. He nodded slowly.
I looked at them, tracing my finger across them gently. I kissed down on his chest, just a small gently kiss.
“I love you,” I said against his skin.
“I love you too,” he said weakly.
I undid his belt, flicking the button open and dragging the zipper down on him.
He tugged his jeans down and his boxers, seeing him naked made me slightly hard, he started blushing as he started to get hard. He smiled.
“After you’re bath can we talk?” I asked.
He nodded, walking past me to the bath, I looked at him, seeing the blood on his butt from where he hurt him, I could see Mikey was slightly in pain from walking.
“Are you okay?” I asked helping him into the bath. He nodded, as soon as he was in the water fully he winced at the feeling.
“I’m going to just get you something to wear for bed, you relax okay?” I asked stroking his face. He nodded, smiling softly at me.
I went, I couldn’t stand it, why did he hurt him? What did he have against Mikey? I needed answers but I couldn’t leave Mikey. I pulled out his baggy t-shirt that he wore to bed, I got out some fresh boxers and got a towel for him. I went back into the bathroom. He looked peaceful, his eyes looking at the small bubbles in the water, he looked different without his glasses but he was still beautiful.
“Here we go,” I said.
“Thank you,” he said quietly. He got out and wrapped the towel around his waist, drying himself quickly and putting on the clothes. We went to his room, putting him to bed, tucking him in.
“Mikey, did he tell you why he did it?” I asked.
“He said he was going to hurt you… he said if I didn’t do what I was told then he would make your life hell, and he said that you wouldn’t want me because I was touched by someone else, he said… other things too,” he said gulping.
“Like?” I asked.
“He said I was a good fuck and that I should be a little man whore because of it, he said that that’s all I’m worth,” he said looking like he was going to cry again.
“Mikey, he is a sick little twisted bastard that tries to get to people, you are worth way more than that, you are so special to your family, your friends, your brother, me, I love you so much Mikey, I never felt love till you came along and showed me what it was really like… Mikey you are everything to me, and he will pay for hurting you, it should have never happened to you,” I said stroking his cheek.
“Frank?” he asked.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“Will you stay tonight? I just want you to hold me,” he said.
“Of course I will,” I said. He moved over, making space for me, I took my jacket, my jeans and t-shirt off, leaving me in just my boxers. I climbed into the bed and wrapped my arms around his small little body, holding him close to me. Bert will pay, I will make sure of that.

A/N: Oh-La-La! What shall happen next?! Well I know and you don’t sweet cheeks, so I can rub it in your little faces, no I wouldn’t do that! I love you all to much… okay who has heard about what the NME have wrote about MCR? Well I have a copy and trust me it isn’t nice… it’s says stuff like “Up close, Gerard Way and Frank Iero are so irritatingly pretty you want to stretch a bin liner over their heads.” Commenting on how Frank calls his two little twins “awesome” (P.S. their names are Cherry and Lily-SWEET!) They also comment on Gerard Way’s weight, saying how Gerard wants to look starving and on-the-run but saying other shit but then commenting on his drugs, saying “emo meat loaf” then saying he looks more like Christina Ricci now… then saying this: “In the background lurks the guitarist Ray Toro- the archetypal heavy metal nerd, with corkscrew hair and a wheedling voice. He doesn’t look starving and on-the run: when he takes off his Randy Rhodes, I noticed doughy love handles spilling over his belt. There’s Mikey too, a silent, bookish presence, and the new drummer, Mike Perdicone, who doesn’t reveal himself. He replaces Bob Bryar, who parted with the band in February (a week before my b-day I found out, I was so sad!) Way is quick t point out: ‘My chemical Romance is the four of us.’” Then it starts to go on about the emo cult and stuff. I looked at something and Ray isn’t happy about the comment with the love handles, he says “NME go fuck yourselves and your shit magazine. I may have lovehandles, but try writing about the music.” believe me I was shocked and upset/ angry that someone could say that about them, Does it really matter about their looks? They are back, they are rocking out and then some shit face comes and comments on their weight and looks, there is more, showing Gerard through out the years. I really wasn’t happy with it too, I mean they are m favourite band, they saved me from the shit I was going through, I mean I was in depression bad, they saved me, showing me that anyone can get through it, they are everything to me, words can’t express how much I love them… so I just don’t like it. But they have cool pics on them! I just really wasn’t happy about shit faces making it look like they are bad when they are amazing.

Anyway hope you like! Please comment!
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