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The guests go exploring the house.

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Author's Note:
Now that things have been established, expect a lot more of the 'horror' element to come in starting in the next chapter =]

Yes the characters are based on real people. No I do not own them or any of the trademarks used.

Chapter Two: Swoon

“You trained these lips when they were champs And now they're itchin' for a comeback”

Everyone drifted off to explore the house after Pete disappeared. Brendon had gone up to bed, too tired to really care about what was going on. Rachelle, Gabe, and William had gone to find the Conservatory and Lila was left by herself, Ryan had disappeared shortly before Brendon and without a word.

Lila wandered through the halls of the mansion, astounded that someone she knew lived in such a wonderful and expensive place. Paintings adorned the walls and antique furniture adorned all of the rooms. She had come across the lounge, the study, the library, and the ballroom and run into no one since dinner.

She decided to check out one more room before she headed to bed. Using her favorite trick of ‘eenie meenie minie moe’ she picked the door at the end of the hall. She walked up slowly, the sound of her heels clicking against the floor echoed with every step. Her hand fell softly on the knob and she twisted the metal ball slowly in her hand until the door opened with a loud ‘CLANK’.

Big band music filled the room and Lila immediately spotted an old phonograph with a record spinning on it. She took a few steps into the dimly lit room and saw a figure hunched over the pool table, taking a shot. She distinctly heard the cue stick hit the cue ball which in turn clanked into another one of the balls followed by the sound of one falling into one of the pockets.

“Nice shot,” Lila said.

The figure stepped into the light, it was Ryan Ross. He had a sly smile on his face as he responded, “Thanks.” He laid the stick down on the felt green tabletop and pulled the candy colored orbs out of the pockets, “Care to play?”
Lila shrugged, “Sure,” she said. Lila had never been too good at anything that could be construed as a ‘bar game’. She was horrid at darts, billiards, and even Pac Man. Especially Pac Man.

She sauntered over to the wet bar in the corner of the room and grabbed a glass, “Want a drink?” she asked.

“What’s to drink?” he asked back.

“Good question,” Lila said. She took out a second glass and set them next to each other on the counter top. She reached for the large glass bottle and removed the crystal stopper. She held it to her nose and took it quickly away, “Whiskey,” she said quickly, “And definitely not the cheap kind.”

“Well then I’ll have some,” he said with a smile. Lila poured two glasses and brought them to the pool table. She handed one to Ryan after he finished racking up the balls. “Ladies’ break,” he said simply and handed her a cue stick.

Lila placed her glass down on the rim of the table and leaned to take her shot. She went to shoot and to her amazement, hit the cue ball. However, to her expectations, she hit no other of the balls. She laid her head on the table and laughed a little before standing, “Maybe you should break,” she said.

Ryan couldn’t help but let out a laugh, “I can honestly say I’ve never seen that happen before.” He walked over to where Lila was now standing and stood behind her. “Try it like this,” he said. He gestured for her to hold the cue stick and put his arms on either side of her. He guided her hands how to hold the cue and shadowed her as she pulled the stick back and pushed it forward. This time she hit the triangle and balls went spinning in all directions. “Just like that,” he whispered in her ear.

Lila was thankful for the dim lighting as she was sure her face was turning a bright beet red. She stood and Ryan moved, “Thanks,” she managed to sputter out before she reached for her drink.

“So you enjoying your time in California?” Ryan asked as he took his shot.

“More or less,” Lila said, “Full of bad drivers though.”

Ryan laughed and handed Lila the pool cue. She moved to take her shot and she missed. Not by as much as she thought she would though, “So much for beginners luck,” she muttered.

The game went on and the whiskey continued to flow for what seemed like hours. They made conversation about everything from Lila’s job to Ryan’s favorite food to what they would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Teetering on the edge of being fully inebriated Ryan spoke, “Let’s make this interesting.”

“Interested how?” Lila asked, intrigued.

“If I make this next shot, you let me kiss you,” he said simply as he lined up his shot.

“And if you don’t?”

“If I don’t…” his sentence drifted off as he thought, “Then I give it a good honest try later when you’re completely wasted.” Lila laughed, just giving him a nod as she took another sip of whiskey.

He drew the cue stick back and hit the ball with full force, sending it flying into the pocket in the corner of the table. He put the stick down and walked over to Lila who was leaning against the bar. “Come to collect?” she said smoothly.

“You know it,” he said putting his arms on either side of her, on top of the bar. His face hovered in front of hers for only a moment before he kissed her. Lila didn’t know if it was the whiskey or Ryan that made her lips feel like they were conducting the electricity from the room but in that moment she didn’t care.

Ryan had put his hands around her waist when the door to the billiards room flew open. “Helloooo any one hoommmee??” a very drunk Gabe Saporta asked. “Ohh sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt,” he said quickly. The drunk singer took another look at the pair next to the bar and scoffed. “Really?” he asked.

Ryan tilted his head down and turned to face Gabe, his eyebrow raised, “Looking for something?”

“Not in particular,” Gabe said, “But really Ryan? Lila? You can do better. She’s… she’s not a very nice person!!” he slurred.

Ryan shook his head and laughed, “You are so gone Gabe,” he said. Ryan turned to Lila, “I’m gonna help him to bed. But I’ll be right back.”

Lila let out a deep breath, “I think I’m just gonna hit the hay myself. See you tomorrow.” With that, Lila made her exit and went to her bedroom.


“Hey has anyone seen Rachelle?” Gabe asked the next morning at breakfast. Everyone shook their heads as the filled their plates with waffles, eggs, bacon, and muffins. “How about you Beckett? I left her with you.”

William looked up nervously, “Nope,” he said quickly, “I went to bed a little after you left.”

That morning had been jolting for everyone. They were all woken up by the butler at eight o’clock sharp and were told before breakfast that Pete would not be back until later that evening. “Well this breakfast is delicious,” Brendon said shoving forkfuls of waffle in his mouth, “She’s missing out.”
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