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Taylor, a very shy 13yr old, an average teenager starts to rebel.

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So, this is what i got so far. i was planning on adding more, but i need your oppinion:)

There I was. A thirteen year old blonde hair, blue eyed girl in my second quarter of seventh grade currently waiting for the school bus. So far, this year hasn’t been all that bad. I don’t get picked on, I’m average looking, average grades, average friends… Just you’re average teenager.
The girls at the bus stop are talking about the lyrics they had just printed out for a Panic! At The Disco song. Since they won the VMA’s “Best Music Vid Of The Year” they’ve got majorly popular. The girls start dancing around singing. Strange, there’s usually another girl at this bus stop. She’s actually quite frightening to be honest. She’s VERY tall. She looks like she could be a Sophmore in high school.
I wait longer, my anxiety rises. It stays at about a 6/10 until the bus arrives. I’m usually the last person on. As I’m walking up the tiny steps of the bus, I see that really tall girl running towards us. Me being abnormally shy, I don’t say anything about it, which results in the bus driver quickly shutting the door behind me and taking off. I look back to see the disappointment in her face. She drops her bag on the floor and looks down at her feet. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was crying.
Today’s bus ride seemed longer than usual… maybe because I couldn’t get my mind off the tall girl… I feel really bad about not saying anything, but I guess it wasn’t all my fault. Maybe she should have been there sooner, y’know? This brings my anxiety down to about a 2/10, that is, until we reach the school. To my surprise I see the tall girl in the front talking to the orchestra teacher. Usually I wait for everyone to get off the bus first, but this time I got up before we even fully stopped, which earned me a mini-lecture from the bus driver.
I feel a rush of energy as soon as I hit pavement, but as I see the tall girl walk into the Ms. Kloppel’s room. I get discouraged. I approach the door and stand there for a few seconds before opening it. I take a quick peek inside just to find Haylee Poncey staring right back at me. We used to be close friends… until I… y’know… came out.
I quickly walk back out into the bus bay to see a familiar face get off the bus. They aren’t close enough friends with me to get a hug. Getting me to speak is even harder. I just wave and look back at the concrete greeting the bottom of my worn out Vans. The homeroom bell rings and I feel saved. I quickly make it to Mrs. Roger’s room and sit in my chair by the door. The late bell rings and class has started.


Ah, lunch. This is when I stand in the long ass line for most of the thirty short minutes we have, then go sit with my “friends” for the remaining time. I walk slowly to the lunch line. I don’t really feel like socializing today, or ever. The tall girl is at the end of the line talking to Kevin Hill. He’s also really tall, and has a moustache! Hopefully, neither of them try talking to me.

“So, what’s for lunch today?” Kevin asks, obviously already knowing the answer to his silly question.

“Um… greasy pizza as always.” She giggles.

“Man, we should start a food fight!” As soon as the words slip out of his mouth another guy shouts ‘food fight!’ and everyone grabs their lunches and starts chucking them at each other. The girls either duck for cover or run into the bathrooms. A few minutes pass before the faculty fully stops the food fight. It looks like Kevin’s word vomit turned into actual vomit. I’m still standing in the same spot as I was when it all started, with no food on my clothing except for a piece of pepperoni on my shoes. It’s okay though, I need new shoes anyway.


The last class of the day approaches when I’m called into the office. I’ve never been in the office before, and I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty bad ass walking out of that classroom. So, I’m feeling pretty good until I actually reach the office. My anxiety raises to about a 8/10. Oh my god. What did I do? What is my mother going to say? What if I get expelled?! I slowly open the door to find Kevin, the tall girl, and Mr. Minor.

“Have a seat, Taylor.” I sit in the chair to the right of Kevin, on the opposite side of the tall girl.

“Okay, now that you’re all here…” I see Kevin eyeing me. “Be honest with me now, who started the food fi-”

“I saw Austin S. throw food first!” Kevin interjects.

“Doesn’t matter, who said ‘food fight’? Amy?” He turns his attention to the tall girl, as do I, being excited actually knowing her name.

“Uh… Err… I don’t know.” she stutters. Mr. Minor looks disappointed.

“Okay… Taylor? Are you going to tell me?” He says, almost angrily.

“Well,” my anxiety is now at a full 10/10. “I heard K-Kevin say it… but I don’t know if he said it first.” It’s obvious that I’m lying about the last part.. Mr. Minor leans back in his chair, satisfaction written all over his face. Kevin looks at me, jaw on the floor. “I-I’m sorry…”

“Thank you, Taylor. You can go back to your class now.” I quickly get up, a bit to quick. I semi-trip over the leg of the chair. My face turns beat red, and I leave, not looking back to see if they were giddy at my expense. Before the door shuts behind me I hear the word ‘suspension’ come out of Mr. Minor’s room.


The final bell rings. Everyone stampedes out the door, me one of them. I don’t know why I’m in such a rush, my bus doesn’t come until like thirty minutes after schools out. I decide to visit the bathroom before I make my way to the bus stop. Before I enter, I’m greeted by the tall girl, or, Amy. I try to move out of the way for her, but she insists of just standing there. After a few seconds pass I decide to speak… stupid.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to rat him out like that…” She motions toward the bathroom, and enters. I follow.

“Listen, you’re pretty dumb for doing that.” I feel a warm liquid make it’s way down my right cheek.

“I know…”

“It’s okay, though. He didn’t get in trouble.”

“I thought he got suspended?”

“No, Austin did though,” she giggles “Mr. Minor is a sucker.” We both share a chuckle, and I wipe my face.

“Well… I’m sorry about this morning, too.” I look at my feet.

“It’s not you’re fault.”

“It kinda was.”

“Why is that?”

“I saw you, I just didn’t say anything.” I look up to see her facial expression change somewhat negatively.

“That’s pretty fucked up, dude.” My head goes back down. I pretend to look at the time.

“We should go, don’t wanna miss it again.” I try to joke. Didn’t work out all that well though…

“Fuck you, I hope you miss that fucking bus.” she grabs me by the shoulder and puts extreme pressure on it ‘til I fall. She hocks a lougie and spits in right onto my face, then leaves. I just sit there. I don’t cry, I don’t move. I just wait long enough for the buses to leave. I’d rather walk home…
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