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How Will I Laugh Tomorrow?

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Moral of the story: Tie Your Fucking Shoes!

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I arrive home after about an hour of walking. Of, course my mother isn’t there. She works the night shift so I’m usually home alone. I throw my backpack on the ground and jump onto my bed. I lay there for a few moments until a hear a familiar voice come from outside. it’s Amy. Along with someone else. She lives right next to me, only on the bottom floor. I peek outside my back porch to find Amy and some girl with long dark hair.

“So, there’s was this chick at school today,” she looks up at me, knowing of my presence, she continues. “I beat her up before I got on the bus!” She and her friend start laughing their asses off. For some reason, I decide to stay there and listen to the rest of their conversation.

“Really? Why?”

“I dunno, ‘cause I felt like it.” What a liar.

“That’s awesome!”

“I know, right?! Y’know, she lives in these apartments.” I begin to sweat, and my anxiety goes back to it’s peak.

“Really? Well, let’s go over to her house and fuck with her!” shortly after the words spill out of her mouth, I go inside and lock all the doors. I quickly run back to my patio. Turns out I missed the rest of their conversation…

I stand by the door, hoping, even praying that they don’t knock. Twenty long ass minutes pass by and my anxiety settles down. I remember the list of chores my mother always gives me. Let’s see…

-Make both beds

Ah, lovely… So, I start with the easiest of the chores. Trash. I pick up the big white plastic bag and carry it outside. It’s incredibly heavy. It’s filled with about seven empty wine bottles. It takes me a good five minutes getting down the stairs without tripping. The dumpster is about 100 feet away from the bottom of the stair case. I look down at my feet to make sure my shoes are still tied, which they aren’t…

“Fuck…” from behind me I hear a door open. Thinking it was Amy I decide to start walking anyway. I manage to get there without tripping over myself. I lean over to tie my shoe, as I stand back up I see Amy’s friend sitting on the curb outside Amy’s apartment. I try walking by her really fast, but I noticed her crying. I stop and turn around. Me, being a good person, sits next to her.

“You okay?” she lifts up her head enough to look at me.

“Obviously not.”

“Oh… yeah, I’m sorry… I’ll leave you al-”

“No, wait,” she quickly lifts her head up “My boyfriend cheated on me.” my eyes widen. “I just broke up with him, and Amy isn’t making me feel any better.”

“Awe, I’m sorry… Well, you going back in there?”

“No, I told my mom to come pick me up, but she’s not going to be here for another hour.” We sit there in silence for the longest time before I break the silence.

“So, do you wanna come to my house?” She looks up with me and nods her head. I stand up and offer my hand. She grabs it, her hands are cold and wet from her tears. As soon as she stands up I wipe the remaining tears off her face, and motion her to follow me. As we head upstairs I look down at my feet to notice that my other shoe is untied.

“Fuck…” She doesn’t notice my comment, or my untied shoes. I try to ignore it and pray that I don’t trip.

“Your shoe is untied.” she mentions as we get to the final step.

“Yeah, I know. They never stay tied…” we reach the dark blue door, and I open it, I motion for her to go in first and she does. I follow close behind. She looks around for a little bit until entering my bedroom. I plop onto my bed, she mimics.

“I like your room.”

“Thanks. So, you wanna talk about the boyfriend thing more?” she frowns.

“Not really… I wanna talk about you.”

“…Really? Well, what about?” her eyes wonder around the room.

“You have a boyfriend?” I giggle at the thought.

“I’m a lesbian.” her eyes widen.

“Really? How far have you gone?”

“Heh, all the way.” I smirk. Her eyes get wider. Anymore and they might pop out of her head.

“Wow. Well, I’ve always been curious…” she looks down.

“Well, you wanna try?” It takes a few moments to answer.

“I don’t know… maybe….” I take her head and lift it up. I lean in, but she backs away slightly. Our lips meet, hers, very cold. Our kiss quickly turns into a full blown make-out. My hand goes from the side of her neck down to her side. She takes her hand and places on my chest and pushes me down, and crawls on top of me. Our tongues battle for dominance. My hand slides down her shirt and lift it up slightly. Her kisses start to travel to my neck. She bites down, not too hard, but hard enough to make me moan. I move my hand back down until it’s greeted with the fabric of her pants. I gently tug at her zipper until it becomes loose and unzips. As soon as I reach down her pants her phone goes off. She quickly gets off of me and fixes herself, and answers her phone.

“Hello?” I barely hear the person on the other line, definitely not enough to make out what they where saying. “Okay, I’ll be outside… Bye.”

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah, she said she would be here in five minutes.” We both frown.

“Oh, well, that kinda sucks,” I look down at my still untied shoe. “Did you like it?” She smiles.

“Yeah, I did… But, did you tell me your name yet?” she giggles.

“Um, no… It’s Taylor.” Her facial expression drastically changes.

“Taylor? Like… The one Amy beat up?” I scoff.

“Well, she didn’t ’beat me up’, she pushed me… that’s all.” her face doesn’t change. “What does it matter?”

“Well, she’s kinda my best friend… and she really doesn’t like you.” I feel myself get warmer. My anxiety rises again.

“Some fucking best friend she is. If she was your best friend she wouldn’t leave you to sob right outside her fucking house!” The volume of my voice above anything I’ve experienced before. Her face reads confusion, frustration, and surprise.

“I have to go.” She quickly leaves my room but stops when she reaches the front door. She turns around and looks at me curiously, but doesn’t say anything. A car horn sounds and she leaves.

A few moments after she leaves I decide to go outside. Me being the idiot I am, forgets my shoe is untied and I fall. The staircase is concrete, not the smooth kind either. The kind where if you fall, you’re totally fucked, and that’s exactly what I was… totally fucked. I fall forward, but manage not to land face first, but on my right shoulder. I hear a few cracks and pops, then nothing at all, except for my breathing, which made everything else inaudible. The sharp pain in my shoulder soon travels into my entire body. My vision starts to blur. I see a figure above me, coming closer. I try swatting it away, but it wouldn’t work.

“Ah, stop hitting me, Fuck-face!” I hear a familiar voice. I try rubbing my eyes, and when my vision finally improves, it’s fixed on the loathsome face of Amy.
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