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Marry Chrismas

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heh btw it's hard writting about chrismas because im Jewish:D

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"Oh deary, I'm so sorry to hear!" Mrs. Wealsey huged me and tryed to cover up how thrilled she really was.

"Yes, very sad, and why did you two break up again?" Mr. Wealsey asked me.

"He's a death eatter. And don't deny it for him. I saw the mark." I say quickly. He just stared. He"s shocked by the dark lords choice, and his. He doesn't believe me still. I'm just a foolish little girl that doesn't know the world. I know more about it than they'll ever know. I could find all the horcruxes right now and go to the dark lord and kill him. But no, that's harry's job. Not mine. Why was I brought here? Why was I brought to have only pain?

"Well," He began. "That's very unfortunate for the young man, sucked in at such a young age like that. Poor boy."

"Yeah well, he's the one who just screwed up his life. I have no controll, so screw him!" I try to sound chherful but really, I'm broken.

~~~~~Chrismas Morning~~~

The light in Ginny's room shines. I pull the covers over my eyes and hear the gifts shift and one fall. I moan and sit up. I look around and every ones gone already, so I just went to my gifts. They make every thing better, right?

The first one was from Harry. He got me a bucket full of honeydukes (Same as Ron). Hermione got me a book on study tips (Um, who gives books?!). Mom and Dad got me My Chemical Romances new CD. Carly got me the new Bayside CD.

That was it for the ones on my bed. I throw my legs over the eage to stand. With a crack I step on something. I look to see what it is. A small box, that was now disformed, lie on the floor and the light seemed to shine brightly on it. I try to look away but I can't. I pick it up and shove it under my pillow. I can't look at it now.

I move down the 5 flights of stairs it takes to get to the bottom leavel. When I get there I find the whole Weasley family, Hermione, And Harry around the table.

"Took ya long enough." George said.

"Yeah! And mum wouldn't let us heat your pancakes." said Fred with his wand raised.

"Because you'll burn the house down in the mean time. Marry chrismas dear. Have a seat." Mrs. Weasley cut through.

"Heh. Thanks." I smile. I take pancakes from the stack.

"After you eat wanna play Quidditch in the yard? It's not Chrismas without Quidditch!" Ron said down the table.

"Why not? I'll just have to take a shower first."

*After the shower*

I pull my new MCR T-shirt over my head and fix the bottom. I shift all my clothes to make room for the ones I wore last night. I'm tying my converse when Hermione walks in.

"Hey! What's up?" I ask looking from her to my sneakers every 5 seconds.

"Nothing. I just wanted to check if you were okay." She confused.

"I'm fine, why?" Theres a shocker but not a 100% lie. I am better for an odd reason.

"Because I saw the little black box on your bed. I didn't know if that just made you more upset or not." She looks scared to ask. As if I would blow up in her face at the mention.

"No I'm good. I didn't even open it yet." I gave a 'I don't care' kind of shrug.

"Okay, well thats good I guess. I have a question thats been on my mind since the night you well, you know what I'm talking about." She bit her lip after her words.

"Yeah? Shoot."

"If you hate him so much and so heart broken, why do you still wear the necklace he got you?" She ask pointing to my window* I put on moments ago.

I look down. Why was I wearing this?

Little note: The window is the type of necklace. It shows your hearts true desire and/or looks into your mind to show a good memorie. Unless you close it, like she did. This is all mine. I made it up:) My friends were amazed that I could think of such things^^
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