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The Sound

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The band arrives in Vegas for Hudson's party.

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The days passed quickly and the tour was moving along smoothly. Gerard was pleased that Anna seemed to be back to normal but deep down he still worried. Tonight was Hudson’s party and so far she had refused to discuss it with him.

It was early morning and the band had a few hours before heading to the airport where they would board Hudson’s private jet that would take them to Vegas. Gerard took a sip of his coffee and looked over at Anna.

“Wanna head outside for some fresh air?” He wanted to speak to her alone without Bob and Claire listening in.

Anna nodded, “Yes. Let me pour a cup of coffee first.”

He waited patiently as she filled her cup.

Bob looked over at Gerard. “I talked to Alan and he’s gonna drive the RV to the next venue.”

“Cool.” Gerard answered. The plan was for the group to stay in Vegas tonight and then be flown to Albuquerque in the morning once again in Hudson’s jet.

“Man, this is so fuckin’ exciting.” Bob said taking a sip of his coffee. “Wonder who’ll be at the party? Hudson’s parties are pretty legendary. Ray said he heard Bono is gonna be there.”

Gerard tried to act interested, “Yeah, I heard that too.”

“So you think he was bullshitting about doing a project with us?” Bob asked. While he waited for Gerard’s answer Claire sat down beside him.

“No idea.” Gerard shrugged.

“Man, it would be fuckin’ awesome if we got to record with him. I’ve heard his private recording studio is over the top.”

Gerard stood when he saw Anna was ready to go. He was glad because sitting and talking with Bob about Hudson Evans was something he didn’t want to do.

Once they had taken a few steps away from the RV Gerard balanced his coffee in one hand then put his arm around Anna. The day was cloudy and rain threatened. Sadly he realized it matched is mood. He knew it was going to be hard for him to look Hudson in the eye and pretend nothing was amiss so he could only imagine how hard it was going to be for Anna.

“Why are you worried?” Anna surprised him by asking.

Gerard gave a small laugh, “Am I that obvious?”

They sat down at a small table set up by catering. Anna took a sip of coffee then spoke, “To me you are. I am sorry you must deal with Hudson again so soon.”

“Sugar I’m more worried about you having to deal with Hudson. I know this has got to be fuckin’ hard on you. I just don’t get why he’s doing it.”

“He is doing it because he loves to remind us that we must play by his rules.” She looked down, “We both belong to him, Gee.”

“The only person I belong to is you.” Gerard answered feeling his temper rise.

Anna sighed, “Thinking like that will only lead to problems for us.”

“Hey I promise to be on my best behavior. You know I will.” He was regretting his words. The last thing he wanted was to cause Anna anymore stress.

“I honestly do not anticipate any problems. When surrounded by mortals he will act the part of Hudson Evans.”

“So you’re okay with going to the party?” He asked softly.

“I would rather not see him again.” Anna admitted, “But I understand the others are very excited and I am trying not to let my true feelings show.”

“So you think him inviting the group is really just to get us there?”

Anna took a sip of coffee before answering, “With him it is very hard to know for sure. He seems to truly enjoy the life of a musician. It is very possible that he is interested in the group because of your music.”

“Yeah well I can’t help but think he’s really more interested in you.” Gerard said looking away, “And that fuckin’ bothers me.”

Anna reached over and took his hand in hers, “You have my heart. Please remember that always.”

“And you have mine, Sugar.” Gerard said meeting her eyes. “Always.”

The flight to Vegas aboard the private jet caused everyone to be in exceptional high spirits. Everyone that is except for Gerard and Anna. Even Claire and to a lesser degree Christa, who understood Anna’s reluctance, seemed to be excited about the party.

When the band arrived at the Bellagio, where Hudson had rented the Fontana Bar for his party, they discovered he had booked each couple their own private villa for the night. Alicia had been absolutely giddy when she’d heard.

As soon as they were alone in their villa Gerard looked around shaking his head, “This fucker is huge.” He said hearing his words echo in the spacious marble foyer. “What the hell? I thought we were gonna stay in suites tonight.”

Anna glanced around the sunken living room, her eyes settling on the 40 inch plasma TV. To say the villa was opulent would be an understatement. Slowly she walked over to the full service bar complete with a water feature. “Hudson is one of the highest paid entertainers in the world.” She reminded him.

“Yeah, but damn.” Gerard said in awe. “This place is fuckin’ amazing and I’ve stayed in some nice places before.”

Anna sat down on the huge sofa while Gerard wandered around. Soon he was back still shaking his head, “Shit you gotta see the marble his and hers bathrooms. Fuck there is a whirlpool bath, Swiss steam showers…” His voice trailed off as he moved towards the private courtyard.

Leaning back Anna closed her eyes. She wished she could share his enthusiasm, if only Hudson wasn’t involved.

“Anna, come here.”

She got to her feet and followed his voice.

“Look at this.” Gerard said when he spotted her.

Anna glanced around the courtyard noting they had a small private pool, spa and fireplace for their own private enjoyment. “It is nice.” She said softly.

Her voice caused him to temper his excitement. “Sorry.” He said moving to stand next to her. “Guess I got carried away.”

“I understand.” Anna answered giving him a small smile.

Gerard put his arm around her, “Hey, lets enjoy this. We got all afternoon to be here alone. I get that we’re here because of him but let’s not let that ruin it for us.”

Anna nodded, “I agree. The party is not for hours. We should enjoy this time.”

“That’s my girl.” Gerard said pulling her into a tight hug. “Hey, wanna take a dip?” He asked gazing back at the pool.

Anna followed his gazing noting that the day was still overcast so the direct sunlight would not present a problem.

“You do know how to swim, don’t you?’ He asked.

“Do I know how to swim?’ Anna laughed, “I was raised a farm girl. My daddy taught me how to swim before I could walk. We had a small creek on our property and while the water was always ice cold we still loved to swim.”

It touched his heart when she spoke of her childhood. “Well good.” His eyes suddenly filled with desire, “You know since this is our own private pool…” His voice trailed off.

Anna smiled, “You want to skinny dip?”

“Fuck yeah, Sugar.” He nodded. His fingers moved down her back then slid under her blouse.

“I will be back in a moment.” Anna whispered trying to move away. The desire flooding her body reminded her she hadn’t feed since last night.

His arms tightened, “Don’t.” He breathed into her ear. “You have me.”

“Gee.” She shook her head.

“Sugar, you haven’t taken from me in a long time.” He reminded her. “I want you to.”
Anna’s eyes flashed at his words making Gerard’s body sing with desire.

“Please Sugar.” He begged.

Still she tried to resist. “I do not want….” He silenced her with a kiss.

Their lips still pressed together Gerard’s fingers began to work on the buttons of her blouse. Soon it slid to the stone covered ground. Anna moaned when his fingers carefully slid down the zipper of her body hugging jeans. As soon as he helped her out of them Anna wasted no time pulling his hoodies over his head and helping him out of his jeans. Now they stood facing each other in only their underwear.

“Oh Anna.” Gerard’s voice shook. His eyes narrowed with desire as he watched her slowly reach behind to unclasp her bra. His body began to shake as she slithered out of her panties.

“Now you.” Anna said her voice husky and low.

Gerard stepped out of his boxers then moved towards her but she quickly dodged his advances. She ran towards the pool and as he watched the water welcomed her body. Quickly he ran to the pool and dove in after her. When they emerged from the water they were wrapped in each other’s arms.

“Oh Sugar.” Gerard said looking into her topaz eyes. “What you do to me.”

“Me too.” The voice shocked them both.

“Marcus.” As soon as she saw him standing at the pool edge she lowered her body further into the water to hide her breasts.

“What the fuck?’ Gerard ground out.

Hudson laughed, “I just stopped by to see if you two needed anything but obviously not.” He squatted down and placed the two drinks he was holding near the edge of the pool. “I took the liberty of fixing you both a drink.” He glanced at Gerard, “No reason you can’t enjoy one when you two are alone.”

Anna glared at him, “How did you get in here?”

“Annabelle Honey, I am Hudson Evans. Not much I can’t do.”

Gerard’s anger was building. He moved slightly so that Anna’s body was hidden from view behind his own.

Once again Hudson laughed, “Uh, Gerard it’s not like I haven’t seen both of you nude before.”

Anna moved closer to Gerard’s back and placed her arms around him. “Do you require something?’ She asked Hudson.

He shrugged, “Don’t suppose you’d want me to join you?”

Gerard started to respond but Anna tightened her arms around him in silent warning. “We would like to be alone.” She answered.

Hudson grinned, “Can I at least watch you feed from him?”

Gerard tensed, “Go away.” He ground out.

They both waited for Hudson’s response nervously.

Much to their surprise he bust out laughing, “Oh okay.” He gave them both the smile that had made him famous, “I’m in a good mood today so I’ll be nice and honor your request, Gerard.” He took a few steps back. “Have fun kids. See you at the party tonight.” With that he left.

They both listened until they heard the door close.

“Fuck.” Gerard said letting out the breath he was holding. He was about to say more when he felt Anna’s hands slid down his chest to grasp his penis. Any words he had planned to say were forgotten as her fingers began to stroke his hardening member.

He closed his eyes letting the feel of the warm water and her touch take over. Suddenly she stopped and his eyes popped open.

Anna smiled as she backed away and moved through the water towards the edge. “I would like a drink.” She said then turned to pick up one of the glasses Hudson had delivered.

Gerard moved towards her, “Uh, guess I’ll have a sip too.” His eyes never left her breasts, which were just above the surface of the water.

Anna look a long sip of the drink then smiled, “Lean back against the wall.” She urged.

Desire was fueling him. “Uh sure.” He swallowed a sip of his drink then leaning back placed both of his arms on the edge of the pool.

Anna grinned mischievously, “You know having a girlfriend who does not need to breath does have its advantages.”

He gave her a puzzled look.

Taking another drink Anna suddenly turned and disappeared under the water. A moment later Gerard moaned out loud when he felt her mouth, filled with ice from her drink, captured his dick. The feeling was overwhelming, the warm water, her tongue and the ice. “Oh fuck.” He cried out.

Under the water Anna continued to suck and tease his engorged member. Her fingers cupped his balls gently pulling them.

Gerard’s head fell back and he closed his eyes. Minutes passed and she continued her assault on his dick never stopping because she required no air. As her tongue swirled and teased he felt like he’d explode any minute and he didn’t want it to happen just yet. Moving his arm from the side he reached down and gently tugged on her hair.

Anna surfaced smiling.

“Oh fuck that feels good.” He ground out.

“Then why did you want me to stop?”

“Cause I don’t wanna cum yet.” He answered trying to catch his breath while gently pushing the long strands of wet hair from her face.

Anna slid her body up his. “What do you want to do?”

He pushed off the edge and grabbed her hand. They moved through the water to the steps of the pool. Gerard sat down on the bottom step so that his body was still under water leaving his chest exposed. He pulled Anna on to his lap so that her legs straddled him. With one thrust he was inside her.

“Oh” Anna moaned as he filled her.

“Yeah, Sugar.” His fingers tweaked her nipples. “This is what I want.”

The hunger Anna had been holding back threatened to take over. When she looked into his eyes he understood. He continued to move inside her, caress her breasts, and look directly into those topaz eyes. “So beautiful.” He whispered.

Anna began to use the leverage of the steps to thrust against him burying him deeper and deeper inside her. Around them the waves crashed against the side of the pool.

Gerard let go of her breasts and reached around to cup her ass pushing her against him, keeping time with her thrusts. “Yeah, Sugar.” He moaned, “So good.”

Anna felt her control slipping. She opened her mouth exposing her fangs.

His dick was throbbing as he turned his face away exposing his neck. Anna fell on him, her fangs cutting into his soft skin. As his blood filled her mouth they both orgasmed together in a frenzy of lust and love.

Finally when she’d taken enough she forced her mouth away first licking the wound to stop the blood. Gerard’s arms were around her holding her tightly.

“Thank you.” Anna whispered placing her face against his wet chest.

“No, thank you.” Gerard said while caressing her back. “That was fuckin’ amazing.”

They held each other close for several minutes before he spoke again. “Uh and yeah it’s pretty fuckin’ cool having a girlfriend who can stay under water that long.”

Anna giggled.

He loved the sound.
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