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Anna tries to remember last night.

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Anna opened her eyes and saw Gerard was sitting at the table across the room talking on his phone. She heard him assuring someone that she was fine ending the conversation with “we’ll see you in a few hours.”

“That was Claire?” She guessed.

Gerard turned to her. “No, actually that was Christa. She’s worried about you.”

Anna sat up with a frown on her face. She was trying to recall memories from last night that were disjointed. “Gee, I really talked to Jacob?”

He crossed to the bed and sat down. “We both talked to Jacob.”

“I am glad that memory was not a dream. Thank you for calling him. His words gave me peace.”

“So what else do you remember?”

Suddenly her eyes grew wide. “We jumped on the bed?”

Gerard laughed, “That we did, Sugar. It was fun.” He wanted to make sure that she understood she did not need to be embarrassed about anything that had happened. “Remember anything else?”

Anna was struggling. “I am not sure.”

“Well for one thing you made sure you use a lot of contractions and swear words.”

“Oh my.” She whispered.

“Sugar, it was great. You let go just like you were supposed to do. You needed to do that.”

“Did I do anything embarrassing?” She asked in a small voice.

Once again he laughed, “Not really. I mean I’m kinda beginning to like this shade” He lifted his hand to reveal his light pink nails.

“Why are your fingernails painted pink?”

“Cause you wanted to paint them and you chose the color. Uh it’s not the best job.” He moved his hand closer so she could see that there was a lot of polish smeared around the nails. “But you did pretty good considering.”

“Oh hell.” Anna said sitting up. “You let me paint your nails? Why?”

“I told you. You wanted to.”

“Gee you have to get that off.” She said shaking her head.

“Well see there’s a problem. I looked in the RV a few minutes ago but I couldn’t find any remover.”

Anna groaned, “Oh we ran out. Claire was supposed to pick some up.”

Smiling Gerard laid down on the bed then ran his fingers over her bare arm. “We’ll pick some up on our way to the venue. So remember anything else?”

“Stop teasing me.” Anna said with a frown. “Just tell me what else I did.”

“Well” His fingers moved from her arm to her chest.

Until now Anna hadn’t looked down. “I do not remember putting this on.” She said spying the red teddy.

His grin was mischievous. “I guess the means you don’t remember what you did after you put it on.”

Anna sat up and narrowed her eyes, “What I did?”

“It was totally hot.”

“Gerard.” Her voice raised a notch. “Just tell me.”

“You danced for me Sugar.” He said recalling the memory with a smile.

“I did not.” Anna said crossing her arms. A moment later she relented, “Did I?”

He nodded happily, “Yep.”

Anna fell back on the bed. She had to know, “Did we make love?”

“Uh, no.”

She rolled her head over on the pillow to look into her eyes, “No?”

“You sorta passed out.”

“Oh please tell me we were not in the middle of making love.”

In truth that was what had happened. After the sexy dance Anna had fallen to her knees in front of him and had began to give him one hell of a blowjob. That was until her eyes had closed and she’d slipped to the floor.

“Nope, we were just talkin’ when you passed out.”

Anna was staring into his eyes, “You are lying.”

“It’s not important, Sugar. Once you talked to Jacob and felt better about things it was a great night. Like I said, you needed it.”

“I am sorry.” She said softly.

“Well I’m not. I got to jump on the bed, I got my nails done, I got a sexy dance…it was a great night.”

Anna sat up again. “When must we leave?”

He shrugged, “There’s really no hurry.”

“Good.” Anna said throwing back the covers and rolling over to straddle him. “That means I have time to make it up to you.”

Gerard smiled, “Well Sugar, if you insist.” He said right before her lips crashed down on his.

Unfortunately things didn’t go quite as planned. Anna spent so much time making up for last night that by the time they left their motel room they had to hurry to the venue. At one point Gerard pulled into a convince store but the establishment didn’t sell fingernail polish remover. They were preparing to stop again when Ray called with an urgent message, Gerard was needed at the venue for a moved up Meet and Greet.

As he pulled the RV into the lot he grinned. “Hey, I’ll just slip on the bus and you grab some remover.”

“I am really so sorry.” Anna said frowning.

“Sugar, don’t worry about it.”

They walked hand in hand to the tour bus and were met at the door by Bob.

“Hey guys. I was starting to think you wouldn’t make it.”

“Why the hell did they move the Meet and Greet up so early?’ Gerard asked.

Bob shrugged, “No clue.”

They all entered the bus. Claire smiled and greeted Anna. Christa resisted the urge to walk over and hug her.

“I’m so glad you’re back.” She said softly instead.

Anna smiled, “Um do you have nail polish remover?”

Christa gave her a puzzled look. “Yeah, sure.” She looked down at Anna’s unpolished nails.

Frank had wandered to the front of the bus. “Hey we need to get over there.”
Gerard nodded, “I’ll be right there.”

Ray sighed, “Dude you need to come with us now.”

“I’ll be right there.” Gerard said again before glancing over at Anna. He saw that Christa had returned with the remover.

“Gee” Mikey said. “We all want to go together.”

Anna decided to own up to what she’d done. “He will be ready in just a moment.” She said uncapping the bottle.

Gerard gave her a sheepish look and held out his hand.

“What the fuck?” Mikey, who was standing closest to Gerard uttered. “Pink? You have pink nails?”

Frank scooted over to get a look. “What the hell?”

Anna worked on removing the polish. She didn’t look up but grinned, “I painted his nails last night but we did not have any remover.”

“Oh man, don’t tell me that’s some new kinky thing.” Frank said laughing.

Gerard shot him a silencing look.

“No, I had a bit too much to drink and wanted to paint his nails.” She glanced up into Gerard’s’ eyes, “He was nice enough to let me.”

Her comment was met with a strained silence.

“I know it was wrong of me to drink in front of Gerard.” Anna said softly.

“Sugar, I told you last night. It didn’t bother me at all.”

Anna had finished his left hand and was now working on the right.

Ray and Frank exchanged a look that was missed by the others. They both wondered if Anna was the only one who had drank.

“There.” Anna said. “The pink is gone.”

“And I was just starting to like it.” Gerard kidded. As soon as Anna replaced the lid on the remover he pulled her into his arms.

“Come on Gee.” Frank said shortly, “We gotta go.”

Reluctantly Gerard gave Anna one more kiss then followed them out.

Anna decided to take the opportunity of being on the bus with the other woman to do what she considered damage control. She had sensed her comment about drinking had upset some, especially Frank. She sat down on the sofa by Alicia and Jamia. Christa and Claire also took seats.

“I do feel badly about drinking in front of him.” She said easing into the conversation.

Jamia shrugged, “Hey the rest of us drink in front of him.”

“I understand that. Gerard knew I was very upset and suggested that a few drinks might help me relax.”

Alicia frowned, “Why were you upset? Did something happen?”

“I had a very bad argument on the phone with my uncle.” Anna answered. Christa and Claire both nodded, understanding that statement was the truth.

“Bummer.” Alicia said, “That’s the uncle who was sick, right?”

“Yes. My uncle Jacob.” Anna answered. “It was really a misunderstanding but it still upset me badly.”

“Maybe you should just call him and try to get it straightened out.” Jamia suggested.

Anna smiled, “Actually Gerard called him last night and we spoke.”

“Gerard called Jacob?” Claire asked shocked at the idea.

“Yes.” Anna said looking into her eyes, “He did.”

Christa spoke, “So it’s all straightened out?” She hoped that was the case. Anna had been so upset after that phone call.

Anna looked over at her, “Yes, things are fine now.”

“Well that’s good.” Alicia said. “But hey, I wanna talk about Hudson’s party. I don’t know about the rest of you but I need to go shopping before Friday.”

They all laughed. Alicia always wanted to go shopping.

“Well I do.” She pouted. “Oh, Anna. You weren’t here but it’s all set for Friday. Hudson is sending a private plane to fly us to Vegas.”

Anna tried to appear happy at the news. “Oh, that is nice of him.”

Jamia laughed, “Very nice. A private jet. I can’t wait.”

“Yeah, I’m stoked. I was just in Vegas and how I get to go back there and I’m getting to go to a party hosted by Hudson Evans.”

Christa had grown silent. Now that she knew the truth about Hudson she wasn’t sure how she felt about the man. To her it seemed Anna was not pleased Hudson had invited them.

Alicia noticed Christa didn’t seem as excited as the others. “Hey, come on. Hudson Evan, how cool is that?”

Christa smiled, “Very cool.” She lied.

Anna was struggling to appear the party sounded like it would be fun. “I too will need to shop for something.”

“I can’t believe he’s sending his private jet for us.” She glanced over at Anna. “I’m kinda thinking it has something to do with you.”

“With me?” Anna asked fighting the urge to shudder. If only Alicia knew how deeply Anna did not want to see Hudson again.

“Well, I mean he just met the rest of the band but he’s known you and Claire a lot longer. Sure there isn’t something you aren’t telling us?”

“Alicia, Anna already told you she met Hudson because he’s her uncle’s friend.” Christa’s comment came out a bit harsher than she’d intended.

Anna understood Christa was trying to protect her. She gave Christa a small smile then turned to Alicia. “No, there is really nothing to tell.” She lied perfectly. “Nothing at all.”

It was after the concert that Bob got a chance to talk to Claire alone. They had arrived at the RV before Anna and Gerard and took a few minutes to cuddle on the sofa.

“So I’m guessing Anna must be a drinker like you.”

Claire gave him a puzzled look.

“I mean you don’t drink much and I’m guessing she doesn’t either.”

“Oh.” Claire said understanding he was speaking about last night and Anna’s story about drinking. She really wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Anna about how the evening had gone. It was still hard for her to believe Gerard had actually called Jacob. Claire understood that meant that Jacob knew they had given the serum to Anna. Had be been angry? She forced her thoughts back to Bob. “No, Anna rarely drinks.” She tried not to lie to Bob whenever possible and that statement was true.

Bob nodded.

Claire could tell by the look in his face that something was bothering him. “What is it? Are you upset that Anna drank while with Gerard?”

“No.” Bob answered, “It’s just that ..”

“Just that?’ Claire asked.

“Well Frank asked me before the show if I thought Anna drank often. I think he’s concerned about Gee.”

“But he drinks in front of Gerard.”

“Yeah, I know. I think Frank’s just been kinda concerned because Anna and Gee seem to wander off a lot by themselves.”

“Oh and he believes that they are drinking together?” Claire asked.

“Hey, don’t get mad at Frank. He’s always worrying about Gee. I think it’s because Gee’s moods have been kinda strange lately is all.”

“Well you can assure him that Gerard is not drinking. Anna was telling us today how badly she feels she drank in front of him.”

“She was upset about her Uncle, right?”

“Yes.” Claire nodded, “She was very upset.”

“Well I’m glad they got away and she let loose for the night.” Bob said. “There ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

Claire was still bothered though, “Does Frank not like Anna?”

“No Hun, he likes Anna. He just worries about Gee. The guy has really been through hell because of his addictions.”

“I know that and so does Anna.” Claire said softening her attitude slightly. “It just hurts to think that Frank would believe Anna would do anything to hurt Gerard.”

Bob hugged her to him tightly, “Well we know the truth.”

Sadly Claire realized that Bob really didn’t know the truth at all. He had no idea of the depth of love Anna held for Gerard. Time like this just made her feel very sad. It was hard, loving Bob like she did yet knowing there were things she could never tell him.
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