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Gerard makes a difficult decision.

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Gerard stood looking down at Anna feeling an acute sense of hopelessness. He needed to help her but how? This situation with Jacob was tearing her apart and he was beginning to think nothing he’d done was helping.

Finally he made a decision he feared. He quickly threw on his jeans and hoodie. Taking one last look at Anna lying on the floor he slipped from the room.

Anna heard the door close and sobbed. He had left her and she couldn’t blame him. This was too much for her to handle so why would she believe he could deal with it?

Gerard quickly crossed the lot to the RV and went inside. He spotted Anna’s cell phone on the table and grabbed it. Going back outside he leaned against the vehicle keeping one eye on the door to their room. His fingers trembled as he searched the call log then pushed the button to connect. It rang several times and he had just began to think there would be no answer when he head the voice.


He took a deep breath, “Jacob it’s Gerard.”

Jacob walked across his study and took a seat behind the desk before speaking, “To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

Gerard reminded himself to stay focused and to control his anger. “I need to talk to you about Anna.”

“And where is Annabelle?” Jacob asked wondering why Gerard was calling and realizing he could not tap into her emotions at the moment.

“She’s inside our room sobbing.” Gerard answered roughly.

Jacob was immediately concerned, “She is sobbing?”

It seemed odd to Gerard that Jacob didn’t ask why. “Yeah, she’s sobbing and it’s because of you.”

Jacob sat back in the chair, “Because of me?”

Fumbling in his pocket Gerard grabbed his cigarettes and lit one. “Yeah because of the talk you two had earlier.”

“I do not understand.” Jacob said slowly, “I can not sense her distress.”

Taking a deep drag Gerard tried to control his anger. “Well believe me she’s distressed. She’s fucking crushed.”

“What you are telling me does not make sense. If Annabelle was truly beside herself I would know.”

“Look I don’t know maybe your radar is on the blink but believe me she’s crushed and we gotta fix this.”

“My radar?" Jacob repeated. “I assume you are referring to my ability as her Maker to tap into her emotions?”

“Yeah that’s what I’m saying.” Gerard answered finding it harder and harder to control his anger.

Jacob sat staring at the photo of Anna on his desk. “I can not reach her.” He said softly, “Why?” He now knew the answer but wanted to hear Gerard admit what had happened.

A chill ran down Gerard’s spine. Claire had warned him that giving that serum to Anna was something that could be frowned upon. How would Jacob respond he wondered? “Uh, well…”

“Tell me what you have done.” Jacob’s tone was sharp.

“Uh I gave her something hoping it would help.”

“And of course it was Claire you gave the substance to you.” Jacob said shaking his head.

“Look, we just wanted to help her. You don’t get it. She’s being overwhelmed by shit and we were afraid she’d just totally break down.”

“Oh I do get it” Jacob answered. “I understand that Annabelle is being overwhelmed because of the decisions she has made. What is happening are the consequences to those decisions.”

“Oh fuck it.” Gerard exploded, “Forget I called. Obviously you don’t give a shit what’s happening to her.”

Jacob flinched. It had been a very long time since anyone had dared to speak to him in this manner. “Gerard you have no idea of the depth of my concern for Annabelle.”

“Fine.” Gerard said shifting from one foot to the other nervously, “Then let’s just cut the shit and help me to help her.”

“But you are the cause of all of this.” Jacob said. “You are the reason this is happening to her.”

Jacob’s words caused the breath to rush out of him. He stood a moment trying to come to grips with those words. Finally he asked a question that broke his heart, “Would she be okay if I wasn’t in her life?”

“You would remove yourself from her life if I said the answer to that question is yes?” Jacob asked.

Gerard tossed the cigarette away and lowered his head, “I would do whatever I had to for her.”

Jacob closed his eyes in relief. Gerard had just given the answer he’d hoped for. “You love her that much?”

“Yeah, I love her that much.” Gerard answered from his heart.

Jacob opened his eyes and looked at the photo of Anna when he spoke. “If you removed yourself from her life it would be the end of her. I can sense this with every fiber of my being.”

Gerard exhaled feeling relief wash over him. “Just tell me what I can do to help her.”

“As much as it pains me to admit this I believe you and Claire have done all you can for her at this time. However I fear you may be in for a long night. I have witnessed this serum’s effects before but that was on one turned correctly so I am unsure how long it will affect Annabelle.”

Gerard’s anger flashed, “You mean unlike Anna. She was turned wrong.”

Jacob understood his anger, “Yes, that is a fact. Annabelle was turned wrong.”

“How the fuck could you have told her that?” Gerard ground out.

“I simple spoke a truth that she understands. You can not understand, Gerard. Annabelle needs to be reminded from time to time of the brutal truth. It is not done to hurt her.”
Gerard pulled out another cigarette and the flame from his lighter flashed, “Oh shit you gotta know how much hearing you say that hurt her.”

“Of course I understand. Do not forget I can tap into her emotions except for rare times such as tonight. I understand Annabelle far better then you want to believe. What I said was done with her best interest in mind. She must remember who she is at all times. To forget could cause dire consequences.”

“Oh like you destroying her.” Gerard sneered.

Jacob’s control was strong but the anger he felt at being spoken to in this manner was beginning to wear on him. “I have gone against our ways, I have gone against all that I am to shelter her. To believe I would suddenly harm her is ridiculous.”

“Then why is she saying you hate her?”

“The part of her that retained human emotion is speaking. That part of her must remain silent. I can not stress this enough. Annabelle was hurt by my words even though she understands I spoke the truth. Another Pure would have destroyed her without pause.”

Gerard was fighting to regain control of his anger. “So maybe since you are not like any other Pures that is why she’s like she is.”

Jacob pushed back from his desk and stood, “Of course that is why. Do you honestly believe I do not understand that fact?”

Suddenly another thought occurred to Gerard, “You don’t protect her out of guilt do you? I mean if you think she was turned wrong because of the way you are..”

Pacing the room Jacob stopped gripping the phone tightly, “I do not feel guilt. That emotion does not enter into this.”

“Then the only answer is because like Anna you feel love. Not just the deep caring you have because you turned her. You honestly love her.”

“I grow weary of this conversation.” Jacob said.

Gerard shook his head, “Fuck, I’m right and you know it.”

“What I know is this. You do not know your place. The lack of respect you have shown me speaks to this fact.”

Gerard heard something in his voice and suddenly it all became clear. “I am sorry, Jacob. I didn’t mean to disrespect you and I know Anna would be horrified if she knew that I did. But the fact is we both love and want to protect her.”

For several moments there was only silence.

“Gerard you are doing well for one with such a fresh blood bond. I do understand you have tried to temper your words to me. I also understand that your apology has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Annabelle. Your love for her makes you try to control your anger.”

“Yeah the same love that made me watch while Hudson took her.” Gerard said softly. “I did it because I understood I had to for her.”

“You did well.” Jacob said, “For the two of you to remain together you must be willing to endure things that go against your nature. He was impressed with you, by the way.”


“Marcus, or Hudson as he is known to you, was impressed with your commitment to Annabelle. Having a Pure as old and respected as Marcus will serve you well. He spoke rather highly of you.”

Gerard closed his eyes, “Yeah, well whatever. I’m just fuckin’ happy he’ll help me protect Anna.”

“Gerard do not fall into a feeling of false security where Marcus is concerned. He will help you protect Annabelle that I am sure. However a word of warning, you must remember who he is at all times. If you were to do anything to incur his wrath you would be deeply sorry. Do not anger him.”

“Yeah, I know.” Gerard said running his hand over his face. “I get that.”

Jacob could hear how weary the man was feeling. “Gerard let me speak to Annabelle.”

The request shocked him. “Uh you think that’s a good idea?”

“It is not your place to question my request.” Jacob answered shortly but then relented, “I understand your concern however I believe taking into consideration the state she is in at the moment I should speak with her.”

Gerard pushed off the hood of the RV and started walking slowly towards the motel. “I’m kind worried she might be pissed I called you.”

“You did not tell her?”

“Nope she was so upset I just didn’t know that to do and since I knew mostly she was upset about you I came outside and called you.”

“I am sure that was not an easy decision for you.”

Gerard laughed softly, “No, not at all but I had to do something.”

As soon as he opened the door Anna’s head shot up. “You came back?”

He realized she had honestly believed he’d left her. “Of course I came back.”

Jacob was listening to the exchange while shaking his head sadly.

Gerard crossed the room. “Uh, here.” He held out the phone.

Anna stared at it.

He squatted down by her. “Jacob’s on the phone.”

“Oh no.” Anna scooted back shaking her head wildly. “I can not talk to him now. Not while I am like this.”

“Anna, Sugar.” Gerard said softly, “He wants to talk to you.”

“He called?” Anna asked trying to make sense of it all.

Gerard shook his head, “No, I called him.”

“Oh hell.” Anna sputtered then quickly clasped her hand over her mouth.

“Annabelle.” The voice from the phone in Gerard’s hand was so loud they both flinched.

“Oh.” Anna whispered. Slowly she took the phone from his outstretched hand.

Gerard stood up and walked across the room. He realized he was holding his breath hoping the conversation would bring her some peace.

“Yes.” Anna whispered several times in response. Her head had dropped and her eyes were closed as she listened to Jacob speak.

Gerard’s back was turned to her when he suddenly heard her begin to sob. He turned and saw that she had closed the phone.

He crossed the room and sank to the floor beside her. “Sugar?”

She continued to cry.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I called him.” He said believing he had only made things worse.

“No.” Anna said raising her head. “Thank you. I am just…I mean I am shocked. Jacob admitted he loves me. Not in the way I had always believed but he loves me as I love.”

Gerard pulled her into his arms. “Then me calling him was good.”

“Yes.” Anna smiled through her tears. “Oh yes. Thank you.” She hugged him tightly still feeling giddy from the serum. Happiness filled her heart and soul. “And he said that I was right. He knows now you are my soul mate.”

Gerard hugged her tightly then gently kissed the top of her head, “Yeah, that’s what I am.”

“I can not believe you called him.” Anna whispered.

Gerard laughed softly, “Well I didn’t really wanna but I didn’t know what else to do. I knew that what went down between you too was tearing you up inside.” He paused a moment then added, “I just figured that like me he loved you so together we could maybe figure something out to help you.”

Anna nuzzled the side of his neck sighing contently. “I hated for him to think I had turned my back on him. I love him so much.” She pulled away slightly so she could look into Gerard’s eyes, “You understand that?”

“Don’t worry I’m not jealous. I get the bond between you too.”

Anna smiled as she swiped away the remaining tears. She was now feeling incredibly happy. “He was not even angry about my” she giggled and mimicked Jacob’s deep voice “Condition.”

“I was sorta worried about that.” Gerard admitted. “I thought he might be pissed because I gave you that shit.”

“Me too.” Anna giggled. “But he said he believed it was necessary and that I should just allow it to take effect.”

“So how is it making you feel?” Gerard asked.

“Goofy.” Anna answered with a grin. “It was scary at first because I realized I could not control my emotions or thoughts. Well not that I do that so well all the time anyway.” She laughed.

Gerard loved her laugh. Sadly he realized it was something she didn’t do nearly enough.

Excitedly Anna went on. “ And he said he trusts you can care for me.”

“He said that?” Gerard secretly felt pride that he had Jacob’s trust.

“Yep.” Anna nodded, “He did.”


Anna threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. “I am so happy.” Once again she nuzzled his neck inhaling his scent. “You smell so good”

Gerard thought the same of her. For the last few minutes he’d been fighting the wave of desire that hit him as he held her close.


“Yeah, Sugar?”

Anna giggled, “Wanna do it?”

Gerard burst out laughing but stopped quickly when he pulled away and saw she had a hurt look on her face. “I’m not laughing at you. It’s just fuckin’ cute to hear you say something like that.”

“Cute?” Anna repeated, her bottom lip in a pout. “I was not trying to be cute.”

“You know what I mean. I wish you’d say stuff like that more often. And hell yeah I wanna do it. Holding you this close is torture.”

A smile lit her face. “Really?”

“Yeah, really. Shit Anna you gotta know that.”

She giggled, “Go out to the RV and get that bag.”

For a moment he was confused, “What bag?”

She rolled her eyes. “The bag with that thing I bought the other day.”

“Thing?…oh” He suddenly remembered the red satin teddy.”

Anna nodded. “Yeah, I wanna put it on.”

“Yeah.” He agreed jumping to his feet.

When he returned a few minutes later he walked in and came to a complete standstill. Anna was now standing in the middle of the bed jumping up and down. As good as she looked he was worried in her present state she’d lose her balance and fall.

“Sugar, be careful.” He said closing the door and moving towards the bed.

Anna continued to jump. “Why? Not gonna hurt myself. Hell I can’t and you know what?”

Gerard’s head was bobbing as his eyes followed each jump, “What?”

“I have not..” She started again, “I haven’t” she corrected. “Done this in over one hundred years. How funny is that?”

Gerard realized Jacob had been right; he was in for a long, strange, night. “Pretty funny.” He answered realizing she was waiting for his answer.

She took one bigger jump then landed flat on the bed. “That was fun. Mama let me and Clarrisa jump on the bed when we changed the bedding. It was our reward.” Suddenly her smile faded. Gerard realized she was remembering her past.

He didn’t want her to fall into sadness again. Throwing down the bag he quickly undressed down to his boxers again then moved to the bed. “Hey my ma never let me and Mikey jump on the bed. She got pissed off if we tried.”

Anna looked at him sadly.

“So I think maybe I wanna try it. That looked fun.” He knelt on the bed next to her. “Wanna jump with me?”

The smile returned to her face as she took his hand and he helped her stand again. Together they held hands as they bounced up and down. Gerard’s heart filled with happiness with each jump seeing the smile on her face and hearing her laughter ring in his ears.
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