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11/18/10 = BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

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Please Read? :)

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Ok, so I've been posting this everywhere....decided to post it here :)


I met my heroes :)

As I stood there, about to go up to Ray, Mikey and Gerard were staring at us and my mom pointed and said "aww poor things, they look so tired" earning a smile from Gerard.

As I walked up to Ray, handing him my Kerrang Magazine, Frank and Ray both smiled at me and Frank, excitedly, said "HI!" so I kinda freaked, but eagerly replied "hi!" back. As Ray signed my magazine, after shaking his hand I looked at him and said "you are one of my favorite guitarists and I can only wish I was as half as good as you." And he smiled and replied "aww thank you."

Then I went up to Frank, and he smiled as said "okay, now say the same exact thing you said to him...but to me." Both he and I laughed and as I shook his hand, I told him "you're one of my favorites too!" (I mean, I did marry him for our marriage project for religion class back in high school xD )
And before I left, I told him "and congratulations on your twins!" He had a huge grin on his face and thanked me.

Next was Mikey. I shook his hand and as he grabbed my magazine, my "Bullets" lyric book fell out (I forgot I left it in there xD) and both he and Gerard kinda went like "oh" and laughed before I grabbed it really fast and apologized. As Mikey was signing, I told him that I really loved his solo on "The Kids of Yesterday" from their Jimmy Kimmel Live performance and he replied "oh yea, aw thanks!." Then before I went to Gerard, I told him "oh, by the way, my mom over there, you're her favorite." And he chuckled. (My mom wanted me to tell him that before she went up to him and freaked).

Finally, it was Gerard's turn. He was in his own world drumming along to their CD playing over the PA system in the store. And when I went up to him, he shook my hand and signed my magazine. He looked really exhausted, but I don't blame him. After their performance, they did the meet n greet. They had been signing for 2 hours before I got to them...and they still weren't done! I told him "thank you for everything you have done for me." And he smiled and nodded and thanked me.

Sadly after that, I was practically pushed out of the store. I met up with my mom outside and hugged her before letting a few tears roll down. And them I looked down at my hands....I don't think my hands have ever shook so bad before that night. The shaking lasted for a good 5-10 minutes.

They are so fucken nice, even when they're incredibly exhausted :)

That will definitely be a night I will never forget....

Thank you My Chemical Romance. I love you guys

Their performance in Jimmy Kimmel Live was amazing too!

They played:
Na Na Na
Planetary (Go!)
I'm Not Okay
The Kids From Yesterday

and I got to watch their soundcheck just by peaking in through the hole in the fence ^_____^

And I saw lyn-z and bandit :D


PS...can't wait for May 27 at the Palladium!

PSS...these are their signatures :)
I love how Mikey signed his face xD
I had to order this magazinr via ebay since they don't sell it here =(
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