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Gerard's the General

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Gerard searches for Hazel, hoping for the best but thinking the worst.

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“Gerard!” Frank called to me as I stormed my way toward the wooded area that bastard had dropped Hazel in. “Gerard! You have to slow down!”

“No, I won’t!” I yelled as I ignored him, still going at my fast pace.

“Gerard.” He appeared in front of me. “Please, I’m begging you. Some of us can’t keep up with you.” He nodded in the direction that Ainsely, Violet, and Elle were in, panting to keep up with us.

“We should have left them home.” I stated, trying to push him out of the way.

“How can you say that?” Emma was now beside of him. “They care about Hazel as much as you do.”

“No one cares about her as much as I do.” I stopped struggling against Frank. “Don’t say that.”

“Think about it.” Emma glared at me. “Would Hazel want you to be going psycho like this?”

“If I knew,” I returned the glare. “That you were going to be all preachy like this, I would have made you stay back if we left the mortals at my house.”

“You’re an ass.” She grumbled, baring her fangs. Bob grabbed her from behind.

“I should let her tear you limp from limp right now.” He glared at me as he held Emma. “Come on,” I heard him say to her as he lead her away. “He’s just upset right now. Let him be.”

“Gerard.” Ainsley ran up beside Frank, clearly out of breath. “Are you sure she’s alive?”


“But,” Violet drug Ray up beside of me. “How did she survive?” She looked at all the trees we were making our way towards.

“She did.” I rolled my eyes, fed up that we were losing time. I continued to walk, hoping everyone would follow me.

“You’re not just sending us on some wild goose chase, are you?” Frank whispered to me as he walked beside of me.

“No.” I told him. “She’s alive. I heard her.”

“How did you possibly hear it when you were fighting with Cole?” Frank asked. “And even if you did,” he stopped and sighed, “that was hours ago. The sun is getting ready to come up.” He motioned to the sky, which the stars were starting to fade from.

“I know what I’m doing Frank.” I yelled at him as I pulled ahead of him, into the woods. I was like a general with my troops following close behind me. I kept Hazel scent on my mind.

I also kept in mind that her blood could now be cold. That I may not be able to smell it. I shivered at the thought of her lifeless body, laying in the woods somewhere.

“Are we there yet?” Ainsley asked for about the thirteenth time.

“Ains, please.” Frank begged.

“Well, sorry that my legs are not at strong as you all mighty vampire ones. “She threw her arms into the air. “But, if I did have vampire legs, I-”

“I am not turning you into a vampire.” Frank sighed.

“You and Hazel are almost too much alike.” I laughed as I remembered her constant begging. “Frank, she’ll probably ask you about twenty more times.”

“Yeah, I know. And the answer,” he said, loudly, “will still be no.”

“Hey! No-”

“Hazel!” I exclaimed as I say her body lying under a tree, facing away from us..

“What? That’s not what I was going to say.” Ainsley sounded confused, of course, that was nothing unusual.

“Oh God,” I ran over and kneeled down beside of Hazel, ignoring her best friend’s stupidity.

I was afraid to touch her. Her hood was pulled up over her head. The hoodie itself was zipped up half way, reveling her zebra striped tank top. I didn’t want to turn her over, to see her face. I feared the worse. Every single bad thought that ever existed, made their ways into my head.

“Gerard!” Bella exclaimed, snapping me out of my gaze. “We have to get her to a hospital.”

“I know.” I sighed.

I reached for her small frame, bracing myself for what could be the worse. I took her in my arms and gently rolled her over onto me. There were a few small cuts on her pretty face. The cold air had turned her lips a shade of blue. I leaned down and laid the side of my head on her chest and held my breath. She was still breathing and her heart was beating.

“Is she okay?” Violet asked me, breaking the silence.

“I…I think so.” I said softly. “She’s freezing though.” I carefully scooped her up in my arms and cradled her. “Come on. Let’s hurry.” I stood up and started walking out of the woods.

There was a sigh that came from Hazel’s throat. I looked down at her.

“Gee?” Her voice was soft and weak. She opened her eyes slightly.

“Yeah, it’s me, Hazel.” I told her. Tears sprang into my eyes.

“Gerard.” A shiver jolted her body. “It’s cold.”

“I know.” I brushed some of her hair out of her face. “We are going to get you to the hospital and they are going to fix you up. You are going to be all better.”

She sighed again and her eyelids slowly fluttered shut.

I let a few tears fall from my eyes as I got Hazel and myself situated in the back Frank’s car. I hoped everything was going to be alright, as we made our way to the hospital.
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