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Because even though everything was perfect, he still had his faults. Zuko/Mei

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Everything was perfect.
He was happy, even - happy. When did that happen? Ever?
From his spot, looking over the Fire Nation - his nation, oh, and how much it was his nation, he couldn't even say.
Looking over his nation, with Mei at his side, with his... friends... (Yes. Friends.) somewhere off in the universe, somewhere where they'd come running the second he needed them - everything seemed perfect, even though it wasn't.
Because Zuko still had his faults, his thick scars that ran through him, showing the world what he really was. And their were days - months, years - that he thought he could never be a leader, thought it would have been better if he died.
But then Mei told him, "I don't hate you," and he was okay again.
It was stupid. He knew that. It was stupid that those simple words, spoken by that voice(usually so angry, so hateful,) - it was stupid that it could ever make anything better for him, ever make anything perfect inside.
They pressed closer together, lips locked, and he could feel the fire that's always growling inside of him burst into a blaze that maybe's brighter than anything. He was flawed, but this moment was perfect. He was finally one with his nation again, one with his people the way he'd always meant to be.

Yeah, I know. It's pretty bad - but I needed to write something, and Zuko was getting restless inside my head. XD And I'll leave it at that...
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