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Night Drive

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A little trip to Universal's Haunt

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This chapter is based on true events (haha sounded to professional xD)

Luv ya 5:


“No no no!” “Eric stop being a scaredy-cat. We’re going in and that’s final!”
Eric slumped over in defeat.
Where was the group having their next adventure? Universal’s “Halloween Horror Nights”.
Chris and Eric were freaking out…which was not helping ‘cause Toni was nervous as hell too…at least she wasn’t throwing a hissy fit.
They stood in line for the first official maze, (they went on the backlot one…but that one was outside. The inside ones are different…scarier) Saw.
Kaitie suggested that Toni stick with her, “let Chris and Eric be girls and hold onto each other.”
As they went in, the girls couldn’t stop laughing at the boys screaming and jumping at every single thing, yelling “ewwwww” at all the traps. They couldn’t be scared with those lunatics up front.
The only time Chris showed another emotion other than fear was when they were in the freezer section and Toni told the worker guy he was cute…even if he was supposed to be frozen.
When they got out, Chris let go of Eric and attached himself to Toni…”I’ll show you cute…”
While heading to the next maze, Eric gave Kaitie a piggy back ride, making Toni want one, starting a race between the guy.
Granted, this got many looks from everyone…including the monsters. And they tried to scare them, most of then successful.
“HA! I win!” “No I did!” …
When they go to the next maze, an argument broke out over who won, and the girls kept their attention on them.
Because they were so distracted, they didn’t notice a monster coming up behind them.
[vroom vroom vroom]! A chainsaw went off right next to Kaitie, making them both scream and duck…bumping heads…and then running to their men for protection.
“And you tell us we’re scaredy-cats...”
“Shut up! That was a legit reason!”

As they got closer to the entrance of the maze, they guys bombarded Toni with questions…since she was the only one who’s seen the newest “Nightmare on Elm Street”.
“Is it scary!?” “Is there a lot of blood!?” “Should I never sleep again!?”
As Toni took a hold of Chris to try to calm him down, Kaitie took Eric.
“Are you sure we’re gonna be okay?” “Yes, Eric, you’ll be fine. You’re not gonna die.”
He stood there, puppy-dog eyes forming, “I’ll tell you what. When you make it out, I’ll give you a prize.” “What is it!?” “A surprise.”
The rest of the time waiting in line was spent singing along to Sweeny Todd, My Chemical Romance, Never Shout Never (Chris sang those songs perfectly…I wonder why ^___^), and The Foxboro Hotubs.
Then they entered the maze.
At one point, they stopped. The line stopped moving. They stopped in the bedroom, right by a door.
As a Freddy popped out, he headed right towards the guys, ‘causing them to scream and Chris jumped on Eric yelling “save me!”…well he attempted to jump on him.
As they walked through the hallway, the group was focused on the floor. “It’s so squishy!” And they didn’t notice when the arms were pushing through the walls, scaring them all.
As they walked, the guys would not shut up, causing everyone to laugh.
“Oh shit! He came out of the wall!”
“It’s not a door! It’s not a—ahhhh it was a door!”
Then Toni panicked, “oh fuck, it’s the dream!”
Eric looked back at her, fear and anger spread on his face.
As they walked through all the hanging dead bodies, Eric and Chris were yelling “don’t touch me you, you, dead people!” And like if they were playing a game, they ducked and tried to dodge each one.
Chris failed at one and screamed like a little girl as he practically danced with one and ran out, Toni following him being sure not to lose him.
When Eric and Kaitie got out, Eric went up to Kaitie…”I want my prize.”
She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist.
As their lips moved in sync and Eric pulled Kaitie closer, their moment was ruined by a monster…who scared Eric. “Damn you!” The monster walked away laughing.

The next maze they went to was the Friday the 13th maze.
While in line, while Kaitie and Eric were in their own world, cuddling and sharing a few kisses, Chris and Toni were busy staring at the dude in from of them…his feet in particular.
And seeing that they were confused, Eric and Kaitie decided to ask what they were staring at.
“Are those shoes or feet??”
They looked down to where the two wackjobs were looking, only becoming confused themselves.
They spent about ten minutes debating whether or not to ask before one of the got the guts and asked, finding out that they were shoes.

Soon the night was drawing to a close. But, of course, they couldn’t end it without watching the sliding monsters.
They were rating every slide/scare occasionally going “ooooooohhh!” and clapping.
When they were chasing the teenage girls who were always scared as fuck and it would end in a victory, they’d yell out “10!”
But then they decided to leave. They were there for about 45 minutes and decided enough was enough.

At the girl’s apartment, they found out that the boys were too afraid to go home in fear that Freddy Krueger would get them. So the decided to spend the night.
Later, the girls learned that they were afraid to sleep in the living room by themselves, so they slept with their girlfriends…and I mean actual sleep!
Well, at least real sleep with Eric and Kaitie…who knows what the other two were up to.
While lying in bed, Eric turned to Kaitie and smiled.
“Kaitie, I know I’ve said this a million times, and I’ll say it a million more…I love you.”
Kaitie blushed.
“You’re beautiful, smart, have an opinion for every little thing, take shit from no one, you’re weird…which is awesome ‘cause we all are! You’re just the one I’ve always been looking for.”
Eric leaned in and the two shared one of the most passionate kisses that have ever had.
When they pulled away, Eric smiled and grabbed her to spoon. “G’night my love.”
And then drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
Kaitie stayed up for a a little bit, thinking of how the night turned from hilarious to romantic, and she loved every minute of it.
Definitely a night I will never forget she thought before sleep, too, succumbed her.

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Haha PS Kaitie, “pew pew pew” “ew”
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