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Dirty Little Secret

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Friends share secrets

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This chapter is complete shit! I’m sorry Kaitie, I tried, but I am not happy with it at all. I hope you like it a little at least haha. It’s too random, not enough romantic stuff, ha.

Luv ya 5:


“Noelle! Answer your damn phone!
Kaitie came to the room, confused as to why Toni was yelling into at her phone.
“What’s up?”
“I need to tell Noelle that the whole “might be preggers” is a no-go and it was just a scare. But she doesn’t answer her damn phone!”
She said that last sentence to her phone rather than to Kaitie.
“You know her, she never answers.”

Today, the guys and girls were at their own apartments for the day…for the first time in a long time.
There was a scare in the relationship and both sides decided to chill for a little while.
Toni took this opportunity to ask Kaitie a personal question.

“So Kaitie, have you and Eric…you know.”
She giggled, “yeah…”
Then Kaitie got curious, “so obviously, you guys enjoy…being together. Just asking ‘cause it might be helpful, what do you guys do? And spare the details please, I just ate.”
“Well—sparing the details—he likes to lift, if you know what I mean. That’s one thing he definitely, erm, likes to do. I don’t know why though.”
“Well now I know why he has such a fit body…he gets his exercise!”
“Haha shut up! So, when was it? How was it?”
Kaitie blushed just thinking about it, “about a month ago. And I gotta admit, it hurt at first…a lot. But I got used to it. I just loved how it made us closer.
“Ahhhhh that’s why you guys have been so lovey dovey….’honey bunched of oats’.” Toni said mockingly.
“Shut up! Only my Eric-pie could call me that!”
They both broke out into a fit of giggles.

What they didn’t know is that the guys were talking about it at their apartment.
“Chris, now that the girls aren’t around, I can tell you …we finally did it.”
Chris dropped his game controller he was holding, squealed, and jumped on the couch to hear what Eric had to say.
“When when when!?!?!”
“Calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.”
“… … I know I was just trying not to act crazy!!!”
They both sat on the couch acting like girls.
“OKAY! Enough. You were right, I felt so bad ‘cause it was her first time and she was in pain. But she got through it, so that was good.”

“Was it how you imagined it? All romantic and stuff?”
Eric smiled, “yeeeeeah.”
“Well tell me! I wanna know details!”
Eric looked at Chris, “really dude?”
“Nah. Just tell me what you feel necessary.”
“Okay, so while you and lover-girl where out doing god knows what, he were at her house, watching Zombieland.
I don’t know what made us start considering Zombieland isn’t much of a romantic movie.
So one thing lead to another and he ended up in her bedroom, nothing but the covers protecting us from being discovered.
So basically, we created our ‘romantic closeness’ in a matter of half-an-hour. God I love her.”
“Awwww, you guys are no longer virgins of each other!”
“Shut up!”

So as the day went on, they shared their secretes of likes and dislikes. Both groups learned a whole lot that could make things 10x more enjoyable.
Their lives are gonna be even more crazier…if that’s even possible.

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haha Kaitie…..”that mean’s he could lift” x)
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