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The Only Hope For Me Is You

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...there should be a warning for self-love haha

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So there's a part in here towards the end that's rather's an idea me and "katm288": had talked adds some humor ^_____^

"Luv Ya 5":



Kaitie and Eric have now been together for just about three years now, and their lives couldn’t be any better.
Although she feels bad about it, Kaitie can’t help but to compare her life to her best friend’s.
Chris is never home, always touring.
Eric works, but he’s home almost every night and pretty much every weekend.
That’s the main thing for Kaitie, being there.
Eric is always there. And Kaitie is as happy as could be.

This week, Chris is home and Toni kicked Kaitie out of their apartment so Eric wouldn’t show up and ruin her time with him.
So Eric decided to take Kaitie out. He had a surprise for her.
Kaitie sat in Eric’s car, confused to where they were going…he wasn’t telling her.

They ended up at the backlot of Universal.
“Holy Shit! We’re in the backlot!”
“I hope you don’t mind, I had to come into work for like 20 minutes. The director wants me here for something.”
“I don’t mind at all.”
The two walked onto the set. It must be a romance film ‘cause the actors were sitting on a bench, in a park setting, going over the scene...something about cuddling and revealing feelings.

While watching, the director suddenly yelled, “CUT!! Eric get in there, please show them how the scene is supposed to go.” “Okay.”
Kaitie stood there confused, “what’s going on Eric?”
“He likes me to act out the scene sometimes.”

Eric walked onto the set…then frowned, “I need a partner.”
“Oh yes…”
The director cautiously looked around till his eyes fell in Kaitie and smiled, “you, get in there, sweetheart.”
“Me? Umm, okay.” Kaitie reluctantly replied before walking over to her fellow actor.
“Okay, action!”
“WAIT! What are we supposed to be doing?”
“Just…go with it sweety.”
She rolled her eyes at the director’s lack of directions.

Eric and Kaitie sat on the bench, Eric’s arm around her, doing his thing.
“You know I love you, but this just isn’t working. I think we should—“ he abruptly stopped before yelling “cut!”
“What!? That was perfect!”
“I just don’t feel comfortable with this line. Can I do the opposite instead?”
“Um, yea, go for it. As long as you’re showing the paid actors how to properly act with the opposite sex.”

All of a sudden, Eric gets off the bench and down onto one knee.
Now Kaitie was really confused.
“Eric, what are…”
Eric grabbed Kaitie’s hand and began to speak.
“Kaitie, I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to spent the rest of my life with you. I love you and can’t imagine my life without you. Without you, there would be no reason for me to stick around in LA. You are my life and couldn’t imagine what I would be doing right now if I never met you on the bus that one day. And yes, this is real…will you marry me?”
“asdfghjkl……I don’t know what to say…..YES!”
Eric stood up and took Kaitie in his arms and spun her around…thus earning claps and cheers from the whole room.
Eric soon put her down and kissed her with the utmost excitement.

He couldn’t wait for the next step…

The two drove over to the girl’s apartment to tell the others about their news. They hoped to God that the two were finished getting acquainted….wouldn’t want to ruin the amazing felling they were both feeling.

As they entered the house, Toni was sitting on the couch laughing.
Eric asked where Chris was and Toni pointed upstairs.
As Eric left to get him, Toni realized and screamed “WAIT!”
…Eric didn’t listen…

Kaitie and Toni ran upstaires and as they got to the top, they heard a scream and “put it away!”
Toni laughed even harder as Eric pretty much flew down the stairs.
Kaitie was confused…yet again.
“How can you be here knowing he’s doing that!?!?” Eric asked. “I’m used to it…he likes his alone time.”
“Oh God.” Eric shook his head.
“WAIT! What’s going on??”
“Kaitie, I’m scarred.” Eric whines as he threw himself on her.
“I walked in on Chris…having fun.”
“Oh God! That’s why you were laughing!” To which Toni enthusiastically replied “yup.”

Shortly after, Chris came sauntering down, laughing at what happened.
Ignoring Eric’s death glare, Kaitie threw out her hand and shouted “LOOK!”
“Ahhhh oh my God!!! You’re getting married!!!!”
Chris was about to hug Eric after hugging Kaitie when Eric said “I hope you washed your hands.”
Kaitie slapped him, “shut up, I know you do it too...all the time!”
Eric shrugged, “I was just messing.”

The four gathered in the living room, and Kaitie told the story on how he did it.
They couldn’t wait for the journey to continue…

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