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Soundless Voice

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AyamexRitsu. Based on the song "Soundless Voice" By Kagamine Len.

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Hey there! I'm back but with a whole new type o story! This is my first Fruits Basket story. Based on the song "Soundless Voice" by Kagamine Len (Although I prefer the Valshe version.) I just really wanted to write something with the RitsuxAyame pairing because I think it's adorable! The song is cut up into little chapters. Sorry if this annoys anyone. Also it doesnt exactly follow the soundless voice video for those who have seen it. I'm just using the words as insperation. For those interested this is the video (And also where I got the english translation): .com/watch?v=zdD9aq4u2Nk

Anyway enjoy the story! :)

Disclaimer (for the entire story): I do not own the song "Soundless Voice", Fruits Basket or Kagamine Len. No profit from this story is being made.

In the night everywhere is dead silent
snow falls down
on my palm I hold up
Snow falls and melts in a moment
What a transient life.

The silence of the night surrounded the one single figure walking home, his eyes downcast, long, caramel hair being whipped about in the wind as he pulled his coat tighter around his thin body. The streetlights illuminated him in regular intervals, bathing him in an unnatural orange glow. His body language suggested his lack of confidence. From huge brown eyes nervously darting around, glancing here then there to the way he seemed to shrink away as soon as a stranger came near him. Ritsu Sohma had always been this way. Brimming with undeserving guilt and apologies for things that simply weren’t his fault. Most people had tread nervously around the high strung monkey, hardly daring to speak to him or even near him for fear he would freak out. Well that is all but one. Then again this might have been due to his arrogant confidence that made him almost as undesirable to talk to than Ritsu. This confidence is what drew Ritsu to Ayame. Ayame was never afraid of what people thought or said. He would be himself no matter what the consequence. And when it came to consequences, Ayame would simply laugh it off. Ritsu had longed to be like that since he had met the silver haired snake. Over time Ritsu’s want to be like Ayame turned into a want FOR Ayame. He kept his crush hidden, not wanting any more to apologise for, not wanting to insult anybody else. Especially Ayame, for his love would probably be the most insulting thing to give to him. He had managed to hide it successfully for nearly 2 years. That is, until a certain dog found out. Ritsu couldn’t think of a worse person to find out. He expected to be mocked and made fun of. However the inu just laughed. Softly at first then quickly ended up laughing so hard tears were rolling down his face. Ritsu stared at the floor, vision blurred by tears, his cheeks burning bright red. He opened his mouth to apologise but before a single “gomen” had been uttered the door behind him swung open. Startled, Ritsu whirled round, nearly falling over. He felt a hand wrap around his wrist. Without thinking he grabbed hold of said hand. Unfortunately instead of keeping him from falling, it just resulted in two people plummeting to the floor. When Ritsu opened his eyes he was alarmed to find his eyes covered with white. At first he thought he had gone blind. Then the white slipped down a bit and he realised it was hair. He shook his head free of the long hair.! NO! Ritsu felt a hand on his cheek and his head was turned. His eyes fell directly into the hypnotising golden gaze of Ayame. He then wanted to die. Or to be swallowed up by the earth. Anything to get him away from this angelic looking being. The snake smiled down at Ritsu.
“I apologise if I startled you. It’s just, I couldn’t help hearing your heartfelt confession.” Ritsu tried to look away but Ayame’s hand kept his head in place. “Now my dear Ritsu, we need to determine why in the world you would keep this from me. I would have had a better couple of years, had I known.” Ayame grinned down at the confused monkey. Before Ritsu could place his thoughts in order and work out what Ayame meant, he felt a pair of soft lips on his own. He was frozen in shock as Ayame took his first kiss. Ritsu found he rather enjoyed it and couldn’t believe his luck that his first kiss was shared with Ayame. He nervously attempted to join in with the kiss. Upon feeling the encouragement from Ayame he became bolder and kissed him harder. At that point Shigure coughed loudly and hit Ayame in the back, clearly telling the two zodiacs to cut it out and leave if they intend on carrying on. And that was how it started. That was what changed Ritsu for the better. Ayame would constantly reassure and encourage him, never getting tired or bored of doing it a hundred times a day. As a result Ritsu grew in confidence. Through Ayame’s confidence Ritsu could be bolder and stronger.
So what was Ritsu going to do now his only source of confidence was gone?
Ritsu was pulled out of his thoughts by the sudden cold spot on his nose. He reached up to brush at it when he noticed the spots of white gently float to the ground below him. Snow. Instead of pulling his coat back up around him and hurrying home like most people would, Ritsu just stopped still and watched the peaceful snowstorm, a total juxtaposition of the storm going on inside him. He raised an open palm up to the sky and watched as the snow clung to it for seconds before melting from existence.
“Such a transient life.” He commented sadly to no one. A transient life. Like Aaya had been given. “Ayame,” Ritsu found himself thinking, “is just like the snow. So beautiful to look at and brings with it so much joy.” He watched as cars began to slowly turn white and would ultimately give their owner a lot of hassle in the morning. “and hassle. Being around Ayame is a tough job but can easily be made fun.” He swiped some snow off the nearest car windscreen and patted it into a ball. He threw it at no one. He sighed as the snow connected with a lamp post. As soon as they connected bits of snow flung everywhere or seemed contented to just cling to the metal post and slowly slide down. Parts just instantly melted. He raised his hand again and watched the snowflakes melt at the contact with his hand. “But snow, and Aaya, both go too quickly.” He felt the hot stream of tears run down his face again. He brushed them away. He looked at the empty, dark street filling up with pure white snow. Ayame had always loved the snow. Ritsu decided the snake would’ve been happy with being compared to the seemingly glittering white on the ground. Yes....Ayame had always loved the snow....

A/N: And thats the first chapter! Yes. I'm sorry to say Ayame got killed off. :( Please PLEASE! Tell me what you think! The more demands the more likely I am to update! Writer gets pretty lazy!
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