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Chapter 2

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The second verse of Soundless Voice. I know it's rather a strange way of doing this but it's mostly time restraints.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Ayame,Ritsu - Published: 2010-11-27 - Updated: 2010-11-28 - 792 words

Snow like light piles up without a sound
you gather it and smile
"What does my voice sound like now?"
Even if I reply you can’t hear anything anymore

Happy laughter rang around him and filled his head. Ritsu couldn’t help but laugh too. A flash of shining silver flittered past his vision and he felt long fingers curl around his wrist. Before Ritsu could react, he was dragged somewhere bright, white and icily cold. He blinked his caramel pools as they drank in his new surroundings Ayame had dragged him to. It was very different from the warm colourful surroundings of Ayame’s beloved shop. The first thing his mind registered was snow. So much snow. He was outside. He shivered as the chilly wind bit into his body and turned to Ayame, whose golden eyes were bright with a childish like excitement and almost seemed to be seeking Ritsus approval.
‘Ayame wants to play in the snow!’ Ritsu realised. He giggled at the playful nature of his boyfriend but it was cut short when he remembered what Hatori had warned them a few days ago.
“It’s getting very cold now. And Ayame can’t handle it. It would be better for him to stay indoors as much as possible or he will get sick.” Ritsu heard Hatori’s warning as if Hatori was standing right next to them. He opened his mouth to tell Ayame to get back into the shop, but he realised Ayame had wandered off across the road to a small patch of snow covered grass. Scolding himself for letting the snake slip away so easily he raced across the road after checking for traffic. Once he had reached his destination, Ritsu noticed huge flakes beginning to fall from the sky thickly. He watched it as it gently floated to the ground and made small mounds on the uneven ground. Ayame began gathering snow, his overly cheerful smile on his face. Ritsu was so immersed in Ayame’s smiling face he didn’t realise the ball of snow had been hurled at his face until it contacted with his skin leaving a sharp stinging cold. Ayame laughed at Ritsus adorable bewildered expression.
“Aaya, I think we should-“ Whack! He was cut off by more snow, this time hitting his shoulder. “Aaya you could-“ Whack! “Ayame! Just-“ Whack! After the third snowball, Ritsu stopped trying and stood still. He let out a frustrated sigh as he tried to figure out how to get the playful adult back indoors where he would be safe and warm. Ayame seemed to sense Ritsus unhappiness and stopped hurling snow at him, instead busying himself with making a snowman. Part way through this, a thought struck him.
“Ritsu!” The monkey looked up to show Ayame he was paying attention. “How do I sound now?”
Ayame had to stop himself from either laughing or squeaking at Ritsus extremely confused face.
“What do you mean?” Ayame huffed and turned his whole body to face Ritsu, flicking his silver hair over his shoulder.
“In the shop. You made a comment about me sounding serious and boss like.” He frowned obviously not happy with these adjectives describing him. Ritsu almost laughed. So that was what this was about. He didn’t want to seem too serious.

Ritsu opened his eyes and vaguely wondered when he had fallen to his knees in the dimly lit cold street. He thought of the happy memory from only last year. A year ago. The realisation of the short time it had been since happier days brought a sharp pain in Ritsus heart. Thinking of what had happened that day, Ritsu realised he had never answered Ayame’s question. Just smiled, took his icy hand and led him back inside where he proceeded to make hot chocolate. Ritsu knew the answer. Of course he didn’t sound serious. Ayame was never a serious person, the comment was more of a joke. Of course if Ritsu knew it would make Ayame react like that he never would have said it. He would never want Ayame to risk his health just to prove he was fun loving.
“I’m sorry Aaya...So sorry...”He mumbled to the snow melting and leaving his knees and lower legs soaking wet. He couldn’t feel it though. He had gone numb hours ago. “I can’t answer your question...what’s the use? You can’t hear me anymore. You can’t hear anything anymore.” Ritsus vision blurred with more hot tears. He couldn’t remember crying this much in his life. He hugged himself tightly. Ayame couldn’t hear him anymore. And Ritsu couldn’t hear Ayame. And it was tearing him apart.
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