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Chapter 1

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Martin has been visiting someone in secret but can Martin let his feelings shine through and finally be happy? Does Martin succeed? Will Danny find out Martin's secret?

Category: Without a Trace - Rating: G - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Danny Taylor,Jack Malone,Martin Fitzgerald,Samantha Spade,Vivian Johnson - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2010-11-28 - Updated: 2010-11-29 - 431 words

Martin Fitzgerald had been hiding a secret from those closest to him and Martin had been going somewhere in New York for the past few months in secret and this started to worry Martin's friends, mainly Danny who had no idea where Martin was going straight after work for the past few months and this has even been noticed by Jack as well as Danny who really wants to know where Martin has been going off to everyday.

Martin had finished work for the day and travelled to see someone unbeknown to Martin but Jack and Danny were following Martin to see where he was going and all they seen was Martin going inside an apartment building and once inside Martin took the lift up to where he wanted to go and Martin stepped out of the lift and knocked on the door and it opened to reveal a young girl called Becca and then Martin entered Becca's apartment and so Martin hugged Becca who returned the hug and Martin asks Becca if he can stay over and Becca tells Martin " Of course you can stay here tonight" and this made Martin smile and couple of hours later both Martin and Becca went to sleep in the same bed together and Becca rests her head on Martin's chest.

Martin and Becca woke up at 7am the next morning and Martin knew that he would have to confess his feelings to Becca but Martin was scared of how Becca would take it and Becca knew deep down inside that she really loved Martin but she couldnt say in case she got her heart broken and before Martin left for FBI, he had a cup of coffee and a silce of toast and was ready to leave and Martin kissed Becca softly before leaving.

Martin arrived into FBI's Missing Persons Unit and found Samantha there after Danny had told her what both he and Jack saw and this surprised Samantha who also had no idea what Martin was up to after work hours and Martin knew that Becca was in his mind and Danny asked Martin " What have you been up to after work as you gardly come with us much?" and Martin tells Danyy " I just wanted to relax at home and recharge my batteries and just do nothing for the evining why? then Jack speaks " Martin uh me and Danny saw you go into an apartment block that wasnt your's" and Martin replies " I was looking to buy a place there".

Does Martin's secret come out or will it be hidden?
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