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Chapter 2

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Martin realises that his friends are close to finding out his secret but do they know what they think it is?

Category: Without a Trace - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Danny Taylor,Jack Malone,Martin Fitzgerald,Samantha Spade,Vivian Johnson - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2010-11-29 - Updated: 2010-11-29 - 614 words

Martin knew that his secret would come out and Martin wondered what his friends would say when they found out about Becca and even tho Martin knew it would come out soon but the last thing Martin needed was it to all come out now and it had been kept secret for over 6 months and it wasnt what Martin wanted in no shape or form but Martin knew that it was gonna come out sooner or later, then Martin gets a personal text from Becca asking him to come over after work and Martin texts back saying " I'll be over after work xx" and sends the text and locks his phone but Jack was watching Martin and wondered why Martin would need another apartment and Jack told Martin to come into his office.

Martin enters Jack's office and so Jack asks Martin " Have you got a girlfriend?" and Martin tells Jack " No i dont" and Jack accepted this for now but a few hours later when it was time to leave, Martin headed over to see Becca and Martin tells Becca " I think my boss is starting to suss about us" and this shocked Becca that their secret relationship could be revealed and this scared Becca and Martin could tell and so Martin gave Becca a comforting hug and told her " it will be ok".

Becca knew that Martin was right and Becca hugged Martin who returned the hug and whispered in Becca's ear " I love you" and so Becca tells Martin " I love you too" and Martin was surprised that Becca loved him too, Martin takes Becca in his arms and tells her " You have made me the happiest guy in the world" and Becca smiled at Martin who was happy that Becca loved him and Martin knew that it had to be kept secret for even longer but Becca knew that it would come out soon and Martin asked Becca " Should we try for a kid of our own?" and Becca tells Martin " I'd love to try for a baby of our own honey" and upon hearing Becca's answer, Martin kissed Becca lovingly and flashed her a cheeky grin.

Martin was happy that he and Becca would be trying for their first child together and that night Martin asked Becca " How about we try tonight? and Becca tells Martin " Yeah i'd love to" and Becca starts taking off Martin's white shirt to reveal his toned chest and Martin knew that tonight would be special and Becca grabbed Martin's hand and lead him into their bedroom and Martin took off Becca's top and they each removed their jeans and crawled under the duvet and once they got comfy, Martin put on their ipod and picked a ballad for their romantic night and the lyrics meant a lot to both Becca and Martin.

Martin heard a certain lyric that made him love Becca even more and when Martin heard the lyric, he knew that it summed up how much he loved Becca and so Martin told Becca " My Love Is Never Ending" and then Martin got on top of Becca and they had unprotected sex and Martin was very gentle with Becca and after a while Martin came inside Becca who smiled lovingly at Martin who enjoyed every single minute of it and rolls over and pulls Becca into his arms and kisses her on the head and tells her " I love you so much sweetheart"and Becca tells Martin " I love you too with all of my heart sweetheart" and Martin held Becca closer to him and within a few short minutes they both fell asleep wrapped up in each other's arms together.
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