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Chapter 3

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Martin is the luckiest guy to have Becca but Martin knew that Becca was related to one of his workmates. But who?

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Martin knew that Becca was related to one of his workmates and Martin knew that it might not be taken well by Becca's cousin Danny who had no idea that Becca was in a serious relationship with his best friend Martin and even tho Martin knew that Becca was Danny's cousin but yet Danny hadnt seen Becca for years and didnt even know Becca was in New York and in love with Martin who dreaded how Danny would take it as Martin thought Danny would ban Becca from seeing him but Martin had a plan to take pressure off Becca about the whole Danny problem.

Becca and Martin were spending the day together as Martin had a day off and they were alone until Martin got a call from Danny asking him what he was doing and Martin told Danny " I'm just about to eat and watch a dvd" and Danny asked Martin " Do you want me to come over?" and Martin tells Danny " No it's ok and i want a night on my own" and after Martin ended the call then Martin pulled Becca into his body and kisses her neck softly and they watch a romantic film together with both their mobiles now switched off so they can get some peace and Becca tells Martin " I um threw up after you left for work" and Martin knew that Becca would be taking a test soon to find out if they will be parents.

Martin was enjoying spending personal time with the one that he loved with all his heart and also their relationship was strong and Martin was excited to find out if they were gonna become a family together which Martin hoped they would and it was beginning to get late when Martin picked Becca up and carried her into their bedroom and Becca got changed and into bed and then Martin crawled into bed as well and Becca snuggled into Martin's warm body and Martin kept a close hold of Becca in his arms.

Becca and Martin slept close to each other and they remained that way until the next day when Martin woke up and looked at Becca who was still asleep and Martin knew what he had with Becca was special and a few minutes later Becca woke up and saw Martin sitting on their bed with a smile on his face and Becca knew how happy Martin was and so Becca pulled Martin into her and Becca kissed Martin and told him " You will be a great father to our child" and Martin knew that he would be a great father and Martin leant into Becca and gave her a passionate kiss and Martin crawled back under the duvet and had a lovely moment with Becca who had already met both of Martin's parents and they approved of Becca and this was great news for Martin and Becca.

Martin went to work and noticed that Danny was in shock and Martin asked Danny " You ok?" and Danny tells Martin " I just found out that my cousin Becca is here in New York and i wanna see her" and Martin knew deep down that Danny would be angry if he found out that Becca was with someone and this put Martin in a strange postition and Danny asked Martin " Do you know where Becca is? and Martin tells Danny " No sorry mate i have no idea" but secretly Martin did know where Becca was but kept it to himself and decided that he would tell Becca later.

Martin left work and headed to Becca's where Martin would tell Becca what happened and Becca noticed that Martin was quiet and asked " What's up?" and so Martin tells Becca " Danny got a call telling him that you were here in New York and he wants to see you" and this shocked Becca who didnt know what to do and Martin walked over to Becca and wrapped his arms around her stomach and told her " It's gonna be ok" and Becca knew that Martin was right and told Martin " I dont want to see Danny yet as i wanna find out if i'm pregnant" then Becca showed Martin the test that she was gonna take and Martin nodded, then Becca went into the bathroom to take the test and afterwards Becca returned and told Martin " Have to wait 10mins for the results" and Martin hugged Becca until it was time to find out and Becca walked back into the bathroom and looked at the test and saw the results and started crying and came out of the room still crying and Martin put his arms around Becca and asked " What did the test say?" and Becca looked Martin straight in the eyes and said " The test said 6weeks postitive" and Martin held Becca into his body and told her " I love you and our baby" to which Becca tells Martin " I love you too and baby Fitzgerald" and Martin smiled that their baby would take on the Fitzgerald name.
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