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Chapter 4

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Martin gets shot

Category: Without a Trace - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Danny Taylor,Jack Malone,Martin Fitzgerald,Samantha Spade,Vivian Johnson - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-12-01 - Updated: 2010-12-01 - 609 words

Martin wakes up in a happy mood as the night before he and Becca found out that they were gonna be parents and Martin looks at Becca who was still asleep unaware of what was gonna happen later that day as it was gonna be revealed and Martin kissed Becca then left for work at FBI and a few hours later Becca went to FBI and bumped into Danny and so Becca says to Danny "Heard you were looking for me?" and Danny was shocked and hugged Becca tightly and Becca tells Danny " Not too tight" and Danny laughs then leads Becca into meet his friends and when it came to meeting Martin but Becca just couldnt hide it and Martin kissed Becca in front of everyone and Danny asked " What the hell is going on?" and Becca tells Danny " I've been seeing Martin for ages and i love him" and Martin keeps both arms around Becca and rests them on her stomach and Danny reaches for his gun and shoots Martin in the shoulder and Martin falls to the floor and Becca kneels down to Martin and begs him not leave their baby without a father and Danny asks Becca " You're pregnant with his child? and Becca tells Danny " I am pregnant with Martin's child and i hate you for shooting him" and Jack called the paramedics to come and within 10mins Martin had been put on a stretcher and Becca going with him.

At the hospital Martin was taken straight into surgery to remove the bullet from his right shoulder while Becca waited for news and Danny showed up and tried to speak to Becca but to no success and the doctor came to talk with Becca and told her " We managed to remove the bullet" and Becca asks " Is Martin gonna be ok?" and the doctor nods which was good for Becca who decided to have a scan on their baby and everything was fine and then the doctor asks Becca " You wanna be with Martin?" and Becca nods and the doctor takes Becca down and into Martin's room and leaves them alone.

Becca sat down next to Martin and took his hand and after a bit,Beccca fell asleep and Martin opened his eyes and saw Becca there and Martin squeezed Becca's hand and she woke up and saw Martin looking at her and Becca asked Martin " Can i get a hug?" and Martin nodded and Becca leaned into Martin who gave Becca a hug which was seen by Danny who had now realised how stupid he was for shooting Martin and then Martin's workmates arrived and saw Martin with Becca and seen how much in love they are and Jack tells Danny " Leave them alone now" and Danny tells Jack " I know and i dont want Martin near Becca" then Vivian tells Danny " Becca clearly loves Martin and is having his child and Jack's right".

Martin asked Becca " Is our baby ok?" and Becca tells Martin " Our baby is fine" and Martin smiled knowing that his child was ok and then Martin told Becca to look in her left hand and Becca did and she found a 24carat engagement ring and Martin looked at Becca and said " I love you so much and will you marry me? and Becca tells Martin " I love you too and course i'll marry you" and Martin puts the ring on Becca's left hand and Martin smiles at Becca who leans in closer to Martin who keeps Becca close to his body and then Danny spots the ring on Becca's finger and sees how happy Becca is with Martin.
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