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Chapter 5

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Martin at home/work and some happy news

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Chapter 5

Martin was out of hospital after 5 days and Becca was glad to have Martin back home again and so Martin hugs Becca the best way that he can cause of the shoulder injury and Becca tells Martin " I'm glad that you are home again and i love you" and Martin tells Becca " I love you too and i'm glad to be back home with you again", then Martin touches Becca's stomach and smiles that he is gonna be a father. Martin wasnt up to seeing anyone and then Becca admits to Martin " After Danny shot you, i was scared that i was gonna lose you and our baby would grow up without a father".

Becca was crying as she told Martin who wrapped his arms around Becca and tells her " Aww and you will never lose me and i'm gonna be here for a long time and you are very special to me" and Martin softly kisses Becca while wrapping both arms around Becca, holding her close to his body and Becca goes to make a cup of coffee and Martin takes his meds for the pain and then Martin asked Becca " When should we get married?" and Becca replies " Not sure hun but maybe when your shoulder feels better".

( 3 Months Later )

Becca's baby bump was growing and Martin had recovered from the injury and was back at work since the shooting and Martin wasnt speaking to Danny not after what he did and even Becca wasnt speaking to Danny either and Martin was glad to get back home again and relax with Becca who had felt movement with their baby and Becca tells Martin " Our baby moved" and Martin puts his hand on the bump and feels the baby move, Martin hugs Becca who returns the hug.
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