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A Car Wreck and Shocking Discovery

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Frank Iero stumbles across a car wreck late one night. He finds some shocking evidence that stirs up a large amount of trouble.

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A/n: I'm starting a new story :) Well 'tis not very new to me, but will be new to you I found this story in a notebook in the back of my closet. It's rather interesting and is probably posted somewhere else under one of my various stupid screen names. But, none the less, it is mine. I can show you hand written copies of it.
As you know, I don't associate with My Chemical Romance in anyway. I wish I did, but there you go. Disclaimed.
Reviews are welcome and much appreciated.
Edit: Some how, this story ended up the Velvet Revolver catagory, even though it was orginally in the My Chem section. I think ficwad is wiggin' out just a little bit.

I drove down the vacant highway. It was a little foggy out, but I could still see my way. I looked down at the clock on my dash. It read 1 a.m. It had been nearly two months since Paige had left.

‘I just can’t stay.’

Those had been the last words she’d muttered to me as she walked out of her apartment. No one had a clue where she was now.

Paige was Bob’s younger sister. It broke his heart when she left. However, his wasn’t the only heart that broke. I think Bob was more hurt when she left, than I had been. He barely concentrated on anything. Whether it was shows, band practices, or just making it through the day. It was really starting to bring the whole band down.

Now, everyone, even Bob, had given up on looking for her. Well, everyone but me, that is. Every night I went out searching for her. It didn’t matter if we had a show or band practice. I would search for hours, driving everywhere, just hoping for a glimpse that she was doing fine. I missed her more than anyone.

‘She’ll come back when she’s ready to.’ They kept telling me.

I wasn’t giving up on her. She’d already given up on herself. She had to be around somewhere.

Then, tires screeched as they slid across the damp pavement on the interstate. It snapped me out of my own little world. I braced myself for the worst, then heard a crash from a few yards away. I quickly flicked on my high beams to see if I could tell what was going on.

There were two cars, in what looked like a head-on collision. One of them sped off, quickly making it’s way back across the median. The other car stayed idle. It started to smoke slightly from under the hood.

I pulled my car a good while away from the other, then slowly opened my car door. Cautiously, I approached the car.

The windshield had been shattered; chunks of the glass were missing. The front of the car was smashed in. I continued to make my way to the driver’s side door. A woman was in the front, her head resting on the steering wheel.

“Hello?” I tapped the glass on the window. “Can you hear me?”

She didn’t move or make any kind of response.

I jerked my attention to the front of the car as I started to hear a low crackling noise. Flames were starting to peek their way out from the hood.

I ripped the car door open without any hesitation and unbuckled the driver. I pulled her out of the car and dragged her over towards my own. Carefully, I placed her on the ground, then ripped out my cell phone.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“I’ve just witnessed a hit and run. I pulled the victim out of her car, it was flaming from under the hood. She’s injured and unconscious.” I explained frantically.

The operator asked my location and told me to hang up only when the police and ambulance arrived. I laid the phone down and looked over at the woman that was now beside my car.

I kneeled down beside her and studied her face in the street light from above me. It completely bloody. I took her head in my hands and attempted to wipe away some of the warm liquid. I looked into the unconscious face in horror, recoiling my hands almost instantly.

It was Paige.

“Oh my God.” I gasped. I felt a knot form in my stomach. Fear started to take over me.

She had pieces of glass lodged into her pretty face. A rather large gash stretched across her forehead.

Sirens echoed in the dead of the night. Soon, two police cars and an ambulance were screaming next to me.

I picked up my cell phone and thanked the operator before hanging up.

I stood up beside Paige as the paramedics approached her. I turned my back on them, fearing that they would tell me the worst, and dialed Bob’s number into my phone. There was an answer, but no one said anything.

“Bob?” I asked.

“Yeah?” He sounded groggy.

“It’s Frank.” I told him.


“I found Paige. She’s been in an accident.”
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