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Bob Has Arrived

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Bob meets Frank at the hospital.

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A/n: Eh, it's a short update. I'm having trouble sorting the story out in my notebook. I wrote this at least three years ago. Back when I was an idiot. I'm straining myself to get it fixed up, more than I'm straining on my school work. Fuck school. (JK, education is important, I just don't give a damn, atm.) Anyway... Please don't shoot me for it being a small update. :)

“Where is she?”

I looked up to see Bob bursting through the doors of the emergency room. His eyes found me and he quickly walked in the direction of the chair I was sitting in. I stood up as he yelled.

“What happened to my sister? Is she okay? Where is Paige?” He asked, his voice reaching levels of hysteria I’d never heard from him before.

“Bob.” I said calmly, placing my hands on his shoulders. “Paige is just fine. She has a slight concussion, a sprained wrist, and a few other cuts and stitches on her face. Other than that, she is going to be fine.”

“Where is she?” He demanded. “I want to see her.”

“They’re working on her in her room.” I told him. “Once they’re done, we’ll be allowed to go in.”

“Are you sure she’s going to be fine?”

“Positive.” I sighed, giving up on my attempt to comfort him.

I sat back down in the uncomfortable chair in the waiting room and motioned for Bob to take a seat next to me. He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair.

For the next twenty minutes or so, I watched Bob pace around the waiting room. He kept mumbling to himself and shaking his head.

Bob is a funny person. He is normally the calm one. So quiet and reserved. He could be so straight forward, but then again he could never say a single word. It was hard to tell what was going on in his head. Seeing him in this kind of shape was very rare for me.

Then, on the other hand, there was Paige. She was a very loud person, I don’t think there was a quiet bone in her. She had a tendency to be very awkward around new people. She was also very sweet, but could kick your ass in three seconds or less.

“Mr. Iero?” Echoed into my ears and cleared my thoughts. I glanced up as a doctor approached the two of us. “And you are?”

“Bob Bryar.” He told the doctor, outstretching his hand. “Paige Bryar’s older brother.”

“Oh yes,” He said, shaking Bob’s hand. “Mr. Iero said that you would be joining him. Paige is stable now. Both of you may go see her. She is very tired, and is in a fair amount of pain. I would advise you to not wake her if she is sleeping.”

“Thank you.” We chorused at the same time, then made our way back to Paige’s room on the first floor.

She looked awful. I had to blink a few times to make sure I wasn’t imagining anything. There was a long line of stitches across her forehead. Cuts were scattered across her face. Her right wrist was wrapped in a few tan colored bandages. She had dark circles surrounding her eyes.

However, at the same time, there was a sense of peace. Her had hung just below her shoulders. I watched her chest rise and fall as she continued to breath steadily.

“I wish she was awake.” Bob halfway whined. “It seems like years since I last saw her.”

‘I know.” I mumbled. “But, she’ll be up soon enough. And hopefully back to her normal self.”
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