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Don't Speak.

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expect the unexpected...

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A/N: Well I'm more than certain this story isn't the greatest, I'm actually proud of how much I have written into it. I'm thinking at least 4-5 chapters left before I decided to complete the story. Thanks for reviewing bloodless souls, for most of the chapters, you are awesome. Silent readers, don't be shy to put down what you're feeling. xo

"So the bitch drugged me and is going to try to frame me. Perfect." he muttered as Mikey shrugged at him. I pressed myself against the wall to hear them better.

"I don't know man, maybe she's lying about the whole thing. You said you think you may have slept with her?" he asked as Bob nodded.

"What if you didn't?" Mikey asked curiously.

"What do you mean?"

"Well think about it. When you take a roofie, you're down for the count. There's no way you could've been able know. Maybe she made you think you slept with her." he replied as Bob widened his eyes.

"I think you're right. I couldn't remember shit. I've never been that fucked up before, it just didn't make sense."

"You don't think she..." he trailed off.

"Think she what?" Bob asked confused.

" don't think she raped you?" he asked with a slight hint of amusement as Bob glared at him.

"I hate to say it man, but she's one crazy bitch." Mikey put in as Bob shrugged and nodded.

"It'll be alright man." Mikey added in a sincere tone.

"Can you to tell that to Tissa?" he replied.

"Just give her some time. It's just the gravity of the situation, women take this stuff to heart. We both know you wouldn't hurt her like that." Mikey responded while patting Bob on the shoulder as I sighed while going to the balcony and putting my index and thumb finger to the bridge of nose.

So maybe he didn't sleep with her. I can live with that. I should've known she wasn't going to accept the fact Bob had moved on. Was obligated to just sit back and watch it happen?

"I really screwed this up didn't I?" I heard Bob say as I looked up from my place on the balcony and turned my head to him. He stood by the door as I looked at him before turning back to my view of the city.

"I don't know." I replied softly. He stepped closer, despite his fear of balconies. The scent of grilled burgers and hotdogs lingered in the air as I chewed on my lip.

"I didn't mean for it to happen." he whispered once more as I exhaled a deep breath.

"I know." I replied.

"I just hope you still believe me when I say I love you." he said after a few minutes of silence had been exchanged. I twiddled my thumbs and only nodded. I tried to speak, but no words would come out...

"And one time Uncle Gerard was on stage and his pants fell down!" Frank grinned to Asia as she looked at him with her eyebrow raised.

"Rweally?" she asked as he nodded.

"Just don't tell him I told you that." he replied with a nod as she smiled.

"Unca Frank you silly." she replied as he ruffled her hair.

"What are you teaching my daughter now?" I laughed while cutting up celery to put into the salad for our monthly 'get together' dinner with everyone. I think this ritual still lies in us from high school. We always got together at someone's house to either bitch or complain, or just to be around each other. Despite the good vibes from everyone around, I had a nervous feeling in my stomach again. He raised his arms up in defense.

"Hey, learning with Mr. Iero is FUN." he clarified as I nodded in sarcasm as he smiled and picked Asia up.

"Come on, I think I can sneak you some Skittles." he whispered into her ear as I rolled my eyes.

"I heard that Frank." I told him.

"You were meant to." he sang as I shook my head while looking at Jamia as she shrugged at me and smiled.

"Alicia, have you decided where you're going to marry?" I asked curiously. She smiled at me and shook her head.

"I don't know really. Me and Mikey were thinking we could just have our friend who's a minister do it. With the tour coming up, it's going to interfere with our plans. Alot." she sighed. I felt for her. If she only knew the half of it.

"What about you and are you guys doing?" Alicia asked softly as I looked at them and looked down.

"We're sorry, we just overheard from the guys..."

"It's okay, I'm not surprised." I answered honestly. Secrets just didn't exist in this little circle of life. I didn't know if that was a good or bad thing.

"I don't know, but if I were you, I tell that bitch where her place is." Alicia put in as I half smiled at her.

"I can't even specify how I feel right now. Mad, sad, angry, hurt, not surprised it happened." I answered.

"How so?" Jamia asked wiping her hands with a dish towel.

"Come on Jamia. You know you saw it too. The relationship Bob had with Meena, he loved her. He really loved her. Do you think he'll ever be able to just not interact at all with him? She's doing this on purpose and I don't know if I'm supposed to stand here and take it or let her win again." I replied with a crack voice. Jamia stood up straight and her soft face had turned cold for the first I had ever known her.

"You will not let her win again. Because this time you have the power. You have more than she ever dreamed of and she can't take that away from you. That's what probably irking her the most. You can't runaway from it anymore, you need to defend what's rightfully yours and to hell with her." she replied with a scoff. "Tell me why you're really scared Tissa? Is it because you fear that if she really really tried, she could have Bob back?" she added as I looked at her speechless while she looked at me softly as if saying 'It's the truth.'

"I do..." I whispered.

"Then don't. You can't stand back forever while you hand her your future on a silver platter. It's yours. Not hers." she replied while I nodded. I swallowed hard and bit my lip. She wrapped her arms around as I fell into her warm embrace before she pulled back. In a way I never realized how much Jamia was there for me.

"Thank you." I smiled at her and wiped my eyes as she nodded.


"Hey has anyone seen Ray? I need him to finish up a few songs. I can't find him or his fro anywhere." Gerard said peeking his head in as we looked around.

"We haven't seen him, but now that you mention it, I haven't seen Tephira around either..." I replied as I he looked at me curiously while he left the room.

"Excuse me." I told Alicia and Jamia as I put the knife down and looked around before I walked down the halls and checked the rooms. I heard a small noise come down from the basement as I looked at it before walking down the stairs and opening the door. I scream when I see Tephira and Ray making out with each of their hands wrapped around each other as they widen their eyes at me.

"What the hell?!" I asked in surprise as Tephira stuttered and pulled away.

"Tissa...umm...we were just..."

"Making out in Frank's basement?" I laughed. "Are you or something."


"You are! It was you!" I shouted as I pointed at Ray. He looked at me nervously.

"You're the one she was talking to! Since when?" I asked them with a smirk as she flushed.

"Can we talk about this later?" she shushed me as I shook my head.

"Not this time sugar bear." I replied as she glared at me while I held my hands up.

"Fine. Fine. I'll pretend I didn't see my best friend making out with RAY." I clarified as they both blushed.

"Upstairs now!"


"You know I really feel like we're accomplishing something here? Like by basking in the ambiance, we're able to get closer." Gerard nodded as Mikey rolled his eyes.

"That's great Gee. Would you like us to all hold hands and sing Kumbaya?" he asked as Frank giggled while Gerard laughed sarcastically.

"Har har, you're so funny Michael. You should be a comedian instead of a bass player." he retorted as Mikey smiled.

"It's like watching TV." Frank grinned as he chewed on a piece of broccoli. Asia turned to Gerard and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Unca Gee?" she asked.

"Yes sweetie?"

"Unca Frankie says when you were on stage, your pants fell down." she told him as Bob sputtered on his drink while I held in my laughter as Gerard glared at Frank.

"Did he now?" he asked as Asia nodded.

"Why did your pants fall down? You didn't have a belt on?" she asked curiously while Gerard stuttered.

"Asia." I told her.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"Finish your dinner sweetie." I told her as she shrugged while getting back to her chicken. Frank and Gerard exchanged smirks and glares at each others as Frank stuck his tongue out, assuming no one was watching their 'Frerard' moment.

A knock interrupted my train of my thought as I looked up. Frank raised his eyebrow.

"I wonder who that could be?" he asked curiously as he threw his napkin on the table and went to answer it. I felt Bob's eyes on me as I stared back at him, Jamia's words repeating themselves in my brain. He smiled sadly at me and that still tore at my heart.

"Well that's weird. Someone left a magazine on the porch. I'm not suscribed to anyone else?" he asked flipping through it as a chorus of no's had filled the room. He shrugged and looked at it, stopping suddenly as his eyes went wide.

"What the fuck?" he asked as I covered Asia's ears subconciously.

"What's wrong?" Gerard asked.

"I can't believe this." he said throwing the magazine on the table as Gerard took it and read it.

"What the hell?" he asked, his hazel eyes contorted with anger as I looked at him.

"What's going on?" Ray asked.

"It's about Bob and Tissa." he replied as my head shot up.

"About what?" I asked taking the magazine from his hands as I read the article. It was about him and I. It talked about the night the band went out and how Bob cheated on me with her and that they've been seeing eachother for a month and that I'm pregnant with second child, which was the only thing true. Can't forget the mentions of Bob paying her to keep quiet. Everything was distorted. It wasn't true. It was nothing but lies and strangely I felt the nervous pang come back to me as I slammed the magazine down. It could be only one person to do this. Create something so ridculous.

"It's her. It's Meena." I whispered.

"But why would she...?"

"Why else do you think?! Bob turned her down, now she's trying to create more lies so it'll get back to me. Everything is to get back at me." I hissed.

"But everyone will know this is bullshit. Why would we suddenly be in a magazine like this? And you said someone dropped it off, so maybe it was meant to get directly back to us." Mikey put in.

"She needs to stop." Frank added as I looked at the magazine before walking away as I didn't want to be within a mile of it. It was just rumors, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. But it was to me. Because she was still messing with me. She wasn't going to let this go. How much could I take?

"Tissa." I heard Bob call.

"She's not going to stop." I tell him when he gets to me.

"I'll make her stop. This is going too far." he replied while stepping closer.

"I'm sorry." he whispered as I shook my head and looked at him.

"I didn't ask for this." I whispered as I began to cry and walked away.

"Where are you going?" he asked grabbing my arm as I shook him off.

"I just need a minute to think." I said coldly while grabbing my keys out of my pocket and getting into my car before turning it on and driving off without a second thought as I didn't even know where I was going. At this point, I didn't even care anymore.

I was mad. At Bob, myself, that bitch, everything. Four years ago I never thought things would end up this way. I was content keeping the truth from him, and everyday that passes I wonder...maybe I shouldn't have ever told him in the first place. I pull over and park the car as a streak of lightning whips across the sky, followed by thunder and water dropping down. I hold a hand to my heart and before I can stop it, I'm sobbing and gripping the streering wheel until my knuckles turn white.

None of this was right. None of it.

I feel pressure in my stomach as I looked down and know it's the baby kicking me. Probably telling me I should grow up.

"I was fine before all this. I was at peace with myself being alone and now look what's happened. Why did I think I could trust myself with this?" I ask as if the baby would reply to me. I only feel a kick again before I lean on the steering wheel and sigh. The rain comes down harder and I turn the car back on before deciding to go back home, even if that's the last thing I wanted to do. I just wanted one person and one person only.

I turn my windshield wipers on to see through the rain as I chew on my lip. Another crack of thunder erupts across the night sky, headlights blinding me. Too late to realize they were heading towards me before I swerve the car, only to be met with a terrifying sound of metal breaking and glass shattering. Enough to make my conscious blurry until I can't hear it or see it anymore...
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