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Thank You For The Venom

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Avril is struggling against a stopable force. Will he brothers come to save her?

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My helpless body collided with the wall. I just laid there wishing it would stop. When I didn't hear anything more I began to relax my tense body. That's when her foot collided with my stomach knocking the wind out of me causing me to gasp for air.
"You little bitch." She spat "That will teach you not to fuck with me."
She stumbled away as I laid there a bit trying to get over the gasping fit. I finally regained breathing and pulled myself off the floor which caused me to wince in pain. My whole body was in agony. I pushed myself to climb the starts to my room where I went straight to my bathroom to inspect the damage. I looked into the mirror and winced. The gash that I had stitched up yesterday had been split open again I had a black eye and my lip was split. I sighed and started to get to work stitching myself up again. My life hasn't always been like this. My mother never used to be abusive like she is now. I used to have it all, a wonderful loving family, the best friends a girl could ever ask for, and the best grades in my class. It was all changed though, about two years ago my father died in a car accident. My mother was devastated but she coped because she had me and my brothers. I have two brothers Gerard and Mikey; they're in a band called My Chemical Romance. They left a year ago for a year long tour of the UK. Shortly after their departure she took up drinking to numb the pain of her loss. She now blames me for everything, I'm the reason dads dead because he was on his way to get me from a friends house and it was storming and he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. It's my fault my brothers are gone because they're just disgusted with me because they to think it's my fault daddy's gone. It's just a bunch of lies my mother has been trying to feed me on a daily bases but I refuse to believe the one about my brothers, since I talk to them almost everyday. But they're oblivious to my pain. Everyday I wonder if my Dads death really is my fault. It hurts to have my mom tell me these things. I became distant from everyone close to me, I no longer hangout with my friends and I skip school often. All I want more than anything is to have my old life back. To have my family and my friends back. I want my brothers to come home and take care of me. To come protect me from danger and to tell me everything will be alright.

~Next Day~

I awoke to voices downstairs. I climbed out of bed rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I headed out of my room. As I descended the stairs I realized the voices were familiar. My heart fluttered and I ran into the kitchen to find Mikey, Gerard, Frankie, Ray, and Bob. I ran up to Gerard and hugged him and started to cry. I was so relieved to see him finally.
"Avril?" He asked
"Yeah Gee?" I asked puzzled.
He spun me around so that I was looking in the mirror. I looked horrible with my black eye and stitched up face.
"What are those?" He asked
"Those? They're nothing." I said not looking into his eyes.
Mikey walked up to me and lifted my chin. Me and Mikey are twins so we share a tighter bond than Gerard and I.
"Av?" he said quietly
I looked into his eyes and saw the pain they held within them. I looked away and looked a my feet.
"Who did this to you?" He asked
I looked into his eyes again and took a deep breath
"Mom did it Mikey." I said and then burst into tears.
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