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It's Not The Life It Seems

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The brothers arrive.

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"What do you mean Mom did this?" Mikey asked after I calmed down.
"She blames me." I told him
He looked at me with a puzzled expression.
"What do you mean she blames you?" He asked
"For everything." I said starting to cry again.
Gee put his arms around me and started to rock me.
"It's okay Av. We're not going to let this happen again." He said "Now explain to us what you mean by her blaming everything on you."
"You leaving. She said it's my fault you guys left her." I said not making eye contact.
"What?" Mikey asked
"She says it's my fault you guys left her." I said again
"Av you know very well that that's not true." Gerard said.
Mikey lifted my chin. 'Shit' I thought he's going to use it on me again. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to look into his. Mikey has this power to tell when I'm lying or when I'm hiding something. He also has the power to get me to spill everything to him by just looking into my eyes. It's the connection we share between us; of course I have a power against him myself. I can read Mikey's expressions. It's like I can almost read his mind. I can also influence him to do just about anything. It's like we share a sixth sense.
"Avril please open your eyes." He pleaded
"No." I said quietly
"Please?" He asked
I opened my eyes to meet his and instantly lost it.
"She blames me for Dads death." I said all at once and then burst into tears.
They all gasped. Gee looked as if he"d be sick and Mikey looked zoned. I just kept crying.
"I'll be back." He said and walked out of the room.
Mikey looked at me "Why?" he asked
"Mikey, where was he going that night?" I asked
He just stared at me with a puzzled look.
"Where was I that night?" I asked hoping that would trigger it.
Mikey's expression changed to understanding
"So let me get this straight, your Mom blames you being at a friends house for your Dad's death?" Ray asked
I nodded at Ray.
"So since you couldn't walk home because of the storm that night, it's your fault?" Mikey asked
I nodded. "But it's a lot worse." I said
They all looked at me waiting for me to continue.
"She took up drinking after you guys left. It used to be very small amounts and she would just stay locked up in her room all day, but it started to get worse." I said "She started drinking more and more. She leaves as soon as she wakes up and doesn't come home till late in the evening and start bitching at me."
Mikey stared at me in disbelief. He continued to stare a bit longer before asking.
"When did it start to get physical?" He asked
"About six months after you left." I said
"So this shits has been going on for almost six months?" Gerard asked walking back into the kitchen.
"Yes." I said in a whisper.
"Well it ends today." Gerard said as he looked at Mikey for support
"Yeah. We won't left her hurt you anymore." Mikey said
Just then the front door burst open.

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