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I think It's Better If I Stay

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Mom comes home. And Avril might have found love. By the way my chapter names might not always make sense but I'm trying to use MCR lyrics.

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"You little bitch who's in my house?" she slurred
I looked to Gerard with pleading eyes. We listened as the foot steps came into the living room and we braced ourselves I stood holding Mikey's hand and being held in Gee's arms. She finally stumbled into the the kitchen and stopped. She stood there staring at us all with wide eyes. Then started to cry. Gee was about to let go of me but I stiffed and tightened my grip on Mikey's hand. I knew just what was going to happen. She would turn her crying into rage in a matter of seconds. It was then that she turned and yelled out.
"How fucking dare you waltz into my home like your still part of this family!"
We all just stared at her. Mikey let go of my hand and walked over to her.
'No Mikey please don't' i thought
He turned and met my eyes.
'I have to.'
He turned back to our mother and looked her in the eyes.
"What family, doesn't look like that!"He yelled
Mom looked outraged, she looked angrier than I have ever gotten out of her.
"How dare you speak to me like that!" She yelled striking him across the face.
Gee moved but I tightened his grip. I understand Mikey's intentions.
"Look at you. Throwing your life away to alcohol and abusing your only daughter." He said turning to look at me.
"I don't give a rats ass about that little slut. She can rot in hell for all I care." She spat.
That was the last nail in the coffin I thought as I lost consciousness.

I awoke to screaming and stuff being thrown. I felt a presence so I opened my eyes to see Frankie sitting cross legged on my bed beside me staring at the wall. I looked around but didn't see anyone.
"Your brothers are downstairs fighting with your Mom. Ray and Bob are down there ready to interfere if need be. They asked me to stay with you." He said then turned to look at me. I saw the pain within his eyes as I did Mikey's.
"Are you okay Frankie?" I asked starting to get worried.
"It just reminds me of a time." Was all he said but I understood what he meant.
We've been friends with Frankie for years. He had an abusive father growing up, but he ran out on his mom when he turned eighteen hasn't seen him since.
But I know he'd often come to stay with us and we'd all sleep in the living room under our fort made out of blankets, pillows, and we also used the couch and some chairs.
"Awe. Frankie..." I started but he cut me off.
"No. I'm fine, but I have to make you feel better." He said "Just like you always did me."
I looked at him with a confused expression.
"What do y.." I was cut off by Frankie's lips colliding with mine.

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