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And We All Fall Down

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What you least expected. Love this part of the story!

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His lips felt nice against mine, after about a minute we parted and my head was spinning. He put his hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes and I smiled. I always had a crush on Frankie growing up, so the whole kiss is still a shock to me.
"Frankie?" I asked
"Yeah Avril?" He answered not looking into my eyes, but watching his hand as it smoothed my hair.
"What was that for?" I asked
He smiled at me. "To get you to smile." He answered
"Theres something more." I told him looking deep into his eyes.
I heard another crash downstairs and my mom started to yell again. Frankie looked down at his hands and shook his head.
"It's nothing." He said
I was about to ask him to just tell me when my door burst open. I turned and looked to find my mother in the door way looking at me. I grabbed Frankie and held on tight.
"Avril honey, It's okay mommy won't hurt you ever again" She said but it was the way she said it, it was her mother voice. It sounded loving and caring.
"How can I be so sure?" I asked her.
"Avril I'm your mommy can't you trust me?" She asked
"Not after six months of abuse." I said looking into her eyes. I could see them change. I stiffened but the body holding me had changed, it didn't feel like Frankie anymore. I looked up slowly and my eyes widened. I was looking into the eyes of my father.
"Daddy!" I said
"Yes Sugar I'm here." He said with a smile and tightened his grip. I tightened my own and started to cry.
"Why are you crying Sugar?" He asked me.
I wiped my eyes and looked at my dad. "I just can't believe it's you." I said sniffling.
"Sugar I've always been here with you. When you were born I promised I'd always protect you."He said kissing me on the forehead.
"But mom..." I stopped because of the look in his eyes, he was in pain.
"Yes Sugar." He started "I've been trying to get her to stop, but each time I say something to her she just gets more angry." He said.
I looked at his blankly. "She can hear you?" I asked
He smiled. "Yes Sugar."
"Why couldn't I?" I asked
"Well Sugar. I have to focus on you, I present myself to only the person I am focusing on at the time. Which is usually your mother." He said
"I understand now." I said "So since your mostly focused on me I can see and hear you."
He nodded.
"I love you daddy." I said tightening my grip again.
"You bitch!" She screamed.
Oops forgot about her, I turned around to my mother to see her filled with rage. My eyes then spotted something shiny and my eyes widened, she was holding a knife.
"Daddy!" I screamed
"Daddy's not here to save your slutty ass." She spat and then rammed the knife deep into my chest.
"Daddy save me!" I screamed
I couldn't see, all i saw was blackness. I heard her evil laugh and i felt all the blood running out of me.
"Daddy please!" I screamed loud not knowing where he was in all this blackness. Finally I felt his touch again.
"Calm down Sugar, everything is alright." He said assuringly.
"Alright?!" I screamed "I'm bleeding Daddy."
"Just remember Sugar, I'm always here watching over you." He said
"Daddy don't leave me now!" I screamed becoming worried.
"I love you Avril." He said "Give my love to the boys also."
"Daddy please don't leave me!" I pleaded looking for his reaching out into the darkness. he grabbed my hand.
"Everythings alright Sugar." He said
"But daddy the knife the blood." I said crying.
"Wake up Sugar." He said as my eyes fluttered open.

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