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Summary – Hermione helps Harry out with an artistic endeavor. Harry MAY have left out a small detail.

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Summary – Hermione helps Harry out with an artistic endeavor.

Disclaimer – I do not own any of the recognizable characters in this piece of fanfiction. Unrecognizable ones are either mine or owned by someone I can't remember.

Author Note – This is just asilly little drabble that popped into my head for some reason. I have no idea. I don't even read or look at the stuff mentioned in this fic. shrug


Ragthork the wizard stalked towards his bound and helpless prisoner, his mind on the various ways that she would be used by his summoning before it accepted the sacrifice. He stopped at the foot of the sacrificial table, his gaze moving over his prisoners body, still clad in her formal robes, her brown hair spread out upon the table, her eyes glaring at him in defiance.

My friends will come for me, wizard!” She spat at him as she continued to struggle against her bonds.

My dear priestess, your friends will be too late. The ritual starts now!”

Ragthork stationed himself at the foot of the stone table, beginning to chant in an ancient and almost forgotten language. As he chanted, the gelatinous mass under the table began to move and crawl, slowly sliding up the legs of the table until it was surrounding the priestess.

Great Urkthal, please accept this sacrifice!”

The reddish-purple ooze began to cover the priestess' screaming body, sliding under her robes …


covering her arms and legs and moving to the remainder of her body, the motions … stimulating the body of the helpless priestess.


Harry jerked upright, the pencil he was using to sketch with flying through the air as he looked at his model. “Hermione, what's wrong? You know I have to have this done soon.”

“Look Harry, I know agreed to help you with this project of yours.” Hermione said as she squirmed in the gelatinous mass.

“And I really appreciate it.”

“Good, but we have a problem.” Hermione stated.

“Problem?What's wrong? It's not constricting too tightly is it?” Harry ran his wand slowly over Hermione as he asked.

“No… it's not that. This is kind of fun, actually. It's … well, Harry this is raspberry jello.”

“Yeah, it was all that was left in the cupboard. I think we used the last of the lime jello at the dinner party with your parents.” Harry replied.

“Harry, I'm allergic to raspberries.” Hermione told him as she began squirming more.

“Oh shit!”
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